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  1. My favorite scene I think was in Chapter 40, from Adelorna Bastine's POV, right as the Captain-General of the Green Ajah is collared by the Seanchan. Her collar suddenly pops free and her captors are fried to a crisp. "Adelorna turned hesitantly. A woman in white stood atop the rubble a short distance away, a massive halo of power surrounding her, her arm outstretched toward the fleeing soldiers, her eyes intense. The woman stood like vengeance itself, the power of saidar like a storm around her. The very air seemed alight, and her brown hair blew from the wind of the open gap in the wall beside them. Egwene al'Vere." That paragraph sent chills down my spine and the subsequent scenes with Egwene blew my mind.
  2. Nynaeve would box all of their ears. lol. Oh, and the aiel wisewomen too. Scary womenfolk there.
  3. I hope he sees his dad again soon. That'll be a special moment.
  4. I always kind of hoped something like this would be created, but I doubt it will happen. Anyway, in regard to the setting, we don't even know what the post-TG world will be like. I always thought maybe something set in the Age of Legends would be cool. That would allow for a lot of creative freedom. Too bad after swearing off my World of Warcraft addiction, I've decided not to play MMOs anymore. I guess its a good thing a WoT MMO is unlikely to happen.
  5. I'm too lazy to do the research myself and draw correlations to relation to Tarmon Gaidin... but I imagine the Fenian Cycle from Celtic Mythology probably holds a lot of answers if you look carefully. I don't think anyone can dispute the influence that Celtic Mythology and culture has played in the development of the WoT series; R.J. drew very heavily from such sources. The Aei Sedai were obviously derived from the Aos Si in Irish Mythology (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aos_S%C3%AD). The Wild hunt and stories surrounding characters, such as Fionn mac Cumhaill, are reminiscent of characters in WoT. William Butler Yeats's epic "Hosting of the Sidhe" contains some interesting depictions of the Wild Hunt. I can easily see our main hero's in WoT being something akin to the fianna bands of Irish folklore, riding forth on the Wild Hunt to the final battle.
  6. Gosh. Its real hard to pick just one. I love Nynaeve, simply for how she's evolved. She use to really annoy the heck out of me and seemed ignorant and pig-headed, but she has grown a lot throughout the series. Her amazing relationship with Lan, her identity as the wife of the last king of malkier, the awesome job she does helping Rand clean the taint (that was sweet), and lastly, her actions at the end of KoD gave me chills just reading. I'm serious, when I read the last few line's from her in KoD I sat the book down, took a deep breath, said "wow........", and a tingle shot down my spine. She is a very strong, likable, and loyal female character. Probably my favorite female in the entire series. I've always loved Moraine, but she "died" too early in the series for me to grow too attached. Mat I've always loved. Great character, hands down, and his interaction with Tuon was up there as some of my favorite stuff to read. Probably my favorite male character. I always enjoyed reading Rand's POV, but thats partially because RJ started to starve us as the series progressed and when you finally reached a Rand POV it was like a long overdue treat. I don't know if it was just the fact that I liked reading his POV, as much as being deprived of it made me more fond of it.
  7. Lol... when I first saw this topic subject I thought it was going to talk about some kind of "phase shift" in reality or something. >_>
  8. I just always figured since its run in with Fain, some part of Fain's hatred for al'Thor impressed itself upon Machin Sin. Perrin went through the ways after it had been behaving oddly and it wasn't waiting at the gate for him....
  9. I don't think Egwene, Elayne, or Avienda will die in the LB because of Nicola's foretelling.
  10. Though as Luckers alluded too... time and time again RJ has said his characters are an amalgam of various mythological characters, as well as part his own inspiration. What he is trying to get at, is that our myths, even in the real world get twisted and warped beyond recognition, and sometimes what may have been one mythological character was actually based on several, and several mythological characters may have been based on one. Besides, it would suck if WoT were one big regurgitated Norse myth.
  11. Maybe the weave is fire and spirit because its like metaphysical soldering! hah...
  12. I think in the case of stilling, there is a "conduit" that is metaphysical in nature that connects the body to the one power. I think stilling cuts the conduit on the metaphysical "side". The body is not robbed of its potential for channeling, we know stilled Aei Sedai can still sense saidar, they just can't touch it at all. So it seems likely that the "damage" is on the side of the soul, not the body. Switch the soul to the new "channeling capable" body, and the soul is still damaged. What I want to know is... what would happen if the DO saved Aginor's soul and put it into Bela's body? Huh?
  13. That could be... it still bothers me though. Why have a black sister restore Cyndane? Isn't the DO capable of doing that himself? If he isn't, or wasn't willing to, why have a female do it, why not get one of the male forsaken to do it and restore her fully? Surely they can't say no to the DO, though I suppose it would have been a simpler matter to have a black sister do it in secret than inviting Demandred back to Shayol Ghul. That still begs the question... Moghedian learned to heal severing from Nynaeve, do you think Moghedian would have taught such a thing to the black sisters or did healing severing become common knowledge (I don't remember). I am also starting to have doubts about how knowledgeable the DO truly is after the encounter with Demandred in the pit of doom where he confesses to himself the number of times the DO's ignorance suprised him.
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