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  1. I would like to make a thread of this statement/question but the forum wont let me. I dont eve post so I am not sure why I cant start a topic but eh whatver. So at the end Rand miraculously gets transfered into Moridin's old body. This is all fine and dandy, but now he can't channel. I know the pattern will bend to his will since he can light his own tabac by thinking about it, but whats the deal there? I thought channeling was a thing of the "soul" and not the body. All I can think is he was burned out when he resealed the bore. Any thoughts?
  2. It really wouldnt matter if you finished EotW first or opened newspring now. It really just kind of sets the story for the rest of the books. Eotw kind of leaves your beginning in the dark and you dont really understand the reason why moiraine and Lan are traveling or what they are looking for you just kind of sense it. New Spring give you the background on moiraine and Lan. I dont think i would have liked moiraine as much as a character if it hadnt been for reading new spring first. I started off with new spring before i read eotw so it was nice to go that way for me. I warn you though that New Spring is kind of slow but it shows you how lan and Moiraine met and a lot of Lan's background and some of the Aiel war. I still though it was a good read though and i jumped right into the rest of the books. I wasnt able to really put them down i finished all 13 in about a year. I hope you get hooked lol i thought it was an awesome story, it might not be the best written series but i would say its my favorite.
  3. First things first i havent read Twilight but eragon>twilight... and i say this because eragon was written by a teenager... he started the books when he was like 14 or something and actually wrote a soon to be four book series. As far as i can tell i couldnt manage that at his age. So naturally the story and material is a little more immature and not as well written. Overall though a good read and well put together for someone of that age and maturity. I have quite a bit of respect for christopher Paolini... and i have no arrangement to ever touch twilight like i have no arrangement to ever go out of my way to watch the notebook. okay now thats said... After Aviendah went through the columns she said she tried to feel the energy there again and the energy was gone. The life force or whatever power was there had left. Unless thats what happens every time after it kind of sounded like that was it. The columns are used up and the last of their energy went to predicting the outcome of the pattern. This further shows what i originally stated, the only way for the Aiel to truly meet their "Toh" is to once again follow the way of the leaf. THey think they will meet it by fighting in the last battle, but that is only a part of it. They have renigged on their vows as a people to follow the way of the leaf and in order to fully regain their honor they will have to once again revert to their old ways and stop being a warrior society and fully respect and love others and live life in a more transcedental peaceful manner. * still how is she supposed to get pregnant and have four kids before the last battle.... if the last battle is about to start i dont see how she is gonna pop out four kids in 3 months when her and Rand stil have to get it on, unless gestation period for the Aiel or the people of the WOT is much shorter than 9 months or that they have somehow discovered artificial insemination at one the universities rand started. She would have to survive the last battle so wtf wtf wtf.!!!!
  4. I wonder where they would leave to and why wouldnt they come back after the fighting broke out. Would be a dick move for Rand to actually leave the Aiel in those circumstances, and I just dont se Elayne giving up Andor quite so quickly. having to deal with the Carhienin lords that she just set up and all that other jazz that comes with running a kingdom.
  5. She is definately the only forsaken with enough lust for power to actually suggest taking on the dark lord. So I mean thats saying something. Kinda seems like it would be a horrible idea to date her though, she might brashly decide to kill you if your late for supper. And i hope the dream occurence is not a trap it would be quite the twist if she turned back to the light.
  6. Ugg i should really proof read these before i post them.... "I think for one in order to meet there Toh" hehe sorry for that
  7. I was just wondering if anyone else picked up on this or if its obvious or not, but when it gets to the lives of aviendahs closest future relatives Aviendah is not there to judge whether they should start attacking the seanchan. It is like 17 years after the last battle or something and she is not there so I am assuming she died, but how did she have enough time to have four kids, unless she survived the last battle and died during child birth. But all the same when her grandaughter goes to the future queen of andor she said she remembered her face from her grandaughter's perspective. As well as where is Elayne? She would not have died after 40 or 50 years she is a channeler at least 150 yeras + should be the minimum unless she dies at the last battle as well. You would think they would be consulted or Egwene, but she isnt mentioned in the future memories either. anyone have any take on this or how this is maybe a potential future and aviendah has the power to change it.. Also what do you think the aiel have to do differently. I think for one to in order to met their to they cant just fight the last battle. They have to follow the way of the leaf again, and that would avoid her peoples eventual destruction since they wouldnt break the dragons peace and go to war with the Seanchane... sidenote they also said in the meeting tent with the children of the dragon that Rhuarc said the former empress was a honorable woman, so she must have died to because it was only 17 years after the battle, so I am assuming mat died too. any buddddy got some theories
  8. I thought mat was great. I think BS has done an oustanding job, I mean really you try to write a book thats 800 pages long that someone else wrote notes for but you have to stick along story lines, plots, personalities and throw your own stuff in and make it seem like it was the other guy. Sheesh the guys a genius in his own right. But i mean mat had me stitchin up the whole time i always liked him but i was looking forward to his segments the past few books. I dont really think he has changed all that much, but when your looking for stuff to stand out you will find it or make something out of nothing.
  9. I guess crazy people shouldnt take advice from other crazy people lol. But yeah i figured the forums would be a good place to talk it out lol.. and yeah I was thinking about getting into terry brooks I hear he is pretty good, but im an engineering major so i should probably just do calculus all day to not think about it.. although i just cant help but think there has to be an alternate universe that my soul can transverse to where you can channel the one power, I am just sayin its totally logical to me. Advanced particle physics and string theory will back me up. and are they really going to make a movie? can you make a movie out of this? I think it would have to be like a 15 season hbo special with like 10 episodes a season, and i would hate to see this butchered like most book to movie productions
  10. Well hello everyone this is my first day on here, I just finished Towers of Midnight and well there feels to be a vacuum in my life now lol. My friend gave me New Spring and the first three books last summer at well exactly this time of year i guess and i have been reading them non stop pretty much since then. I never thought i would be done with them but its almost over and well i dont want it to end, besides havin to wait for the last book. I have created a psychological dependency by having an emotional attachment to fantastical characters will someone yell at me and tell me its just a book!
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