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  1. So in my estimation, there are 5 possibilities to this 1) The Dragon Reborn and 2 Female channelers become 1 using Calendsor <2p?>. This is the most commonly held theory in Randland and everyone except Min seems to subscribe to it which is why I don't think this will be it. 2) Min, Avi and Elayne become one person, most likely LTT's wife Illyana. 3) The two halves of the one power and the True Power become one. I also find this unlikely, but I've seen the theory but about here. 4) Rand, LTT and Mordin become one. This is what I believed before VoG, but since Rand and LTT have effectively merged already, that also seems unlikely. 5) The 3 Ta'veran, Rand, Mat and Perrin merge into 1 being and the effect of the super-ta'veran closes the bore. Any other ideas and what do you think of these.
  2. Also, questions to the Aelfinns which touch the Shadow are bad and since both Eel' and Ael' are related there is no reason to suppose the same rules don't apply to Eelfinns.
  3. Just a thought...Alivia is supposed to help Rand die, correct...not kill him. When Tuon became Fortuona it was stated that Tuon had died. Alivia is Seanchan, so maybe that has something to do with it.
  4. While I don't agree with the theory that Mat's dice were the Ter'angreal, I understand the point. Nobody (exception Forsaken possibly) knows how they work. It is possible that in non-activated form they are joined together. Once activated with the power they come apart, altering chance for the possessor until they are de-activated with the power at which point they are joined together.
  5. In the beginning, you were supposed to see Aes Sedai as this all powerful group who had strings tied to every action in the world. As time progressed, you were supposed to realize that they were just people like everyone else. Then you saw that they had bought into their own hype of being master manipulators and that their way was the right way. That is for the Aes Sedai as a group, mind you. Egwene, once she decided that she was going to be AS, never turned from that idea. Even when she was a WO apprentice, she behaved as she thought that AS should behave. Having observed the WO's and becoming Amyrlin, she has "plans" for the structure of the White Tower. ----------------- As far as the Rand/Elayne relationship, I agree with pretty much everyone else. Except as a political marriage, it has no merits and could have easily become Avi and Min becoming 1st Sisters instead and wedding Rand. But RJ needed the imagery of the 3 on the boat so had to have that 3rd.
  6. Surprised that Wolfbrother isn't up there, which would be my choice(other). I like the idea of the Wolf Dream and talking to wolves and the enhanced senses. 2nd Choice would be Asha'man.
  7. When you climb into bed at 9:00 in the evening and start reading for just an hour or so and you look at the clock and it says 6:00 am
  8. BS unequivocally debunked any such scenario in an interview I actually wasn't serious about that answer. Even if possible, that much of the power going that far back would have unraveled the Pattern for sure
  9. Yeah, but which sounds better....Banner of the Dragon or Standard of the Dragon....The Dragon Banner or The Dragon Standard.
  10. Since Balefire burns the person struck out of the Pattern, and how far back it burns out is based on the amount of Power used, Rand linked with Nyn and one other (whoever that might be) using Callendor uses Balefire on Lanfear, burning her out of the Pattern til before the Bore breaks open the DO's prison.
  11. Speaking of Asmodean, since Rand severed the Dark link to him...thus the reason he allowed Asmo to teach him...would the Dark One have been able to resurrect him? I know Ishmael told Lews Theriin that the DO could resurrect his wife, but LTT seemed to not believe in so it seems that the DO can only resurrect those who have pledged themselves to him.
  12. It's also possible that our world is one of the "If" worlds accessable from the Portal Stones.
  13. Trollocs don't have the discipline to be an effective Archery brigade. Look at the Band's crossbowmen or Perrin's archers. They fire as one. So with Trollocs you will have individual archers, maybe even all having bows and they use them when they can, but because of their bloodlust they prefer to close. The only way it might work is if a Myradral were linked to the trollocs and forced them to work as one.
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