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  1. I, too, am feeling sad and have a sense of loss. I had just finished reading all of the books just before AMoL was released and jumped right into it. I finished the book last night and couldn't sleep because I kept thinking about all that happened during the LB. Reading the final chapter and not wanting it to end. I wanted to read more and find out what happens to the remaining characters in the 4th Age. I find myself almost in tears when I start thinking about it. I have read some many books and not a one has ever made me feel like this one did. Call it good, call it bad, but it was an
  2. You might want to try The Sword of Truth series. It is series is finished (there are some books written after the series, but they are not essential to the main story) and it is very similiar to WoT (some say he ripped off most of his ideas from WoT). It was a good read for me.
  3. I understand that there is a ton of folks on the boards that hate Terry Goodkind and The Sword of Truth series. I honestly found it fairly good. The first book was a bit difficult to get through (the first half), but after that, I found myself wanting to read more about what was going to happen to Richard and Kaylan. Is it as good as WoT? Absolutely not. But it is an entertaining read. I noticed right away the similarities between SoT and WoT and Goodkind probably based a lot of what he wrote using WoT as a reference (or maybe he stole it, who knows). It is definitely for some folks and
  4. I finished A Way of Kings and I loved it. Re-reading WoT now in anticipation of A Memory of Light. I think I am going to read Butcher's Codex Alera and then the Malazan series.
  5. Green Ajah because they are the battle ajah. I would definitely be out on the front lines dishing death to the forces of the Dark One.
  6. You won't find many Goodking fans around these parts. The story is a complete WoT rip off and the guy is a total kook. Agreed. I read the first book and half of the second of the Sword of Truth. I just couldn't continue. If it was only three books in the series, I may have suffered through just because I hate not finishing something I started, but all THIRTEEN? Anywho, as for actual suggestions, I'm going to 2nd the recommendation for Jim Butcher's books. The Dresden Files series is a great work of modern fantasy IMO (although the first few books are good, the author gets a lot bett
  7. Started reading The Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. Jury is still out. I do hate how polite Richard is and I am not sure I can read all ten books. The writing is not what I expected. I watched the first two episodes of Legend of the Seeker and it was like watching a really bad episode of Xena Warrior Princess. The guy who played the Quad member Fain was horrible. The episodes did not follow anything in the book.
  8. You are correct with the left wrist. I got it at Capital Tattoo in Silver Spring, Maryland by my buddy Mark.
  9. thebob101

    WoT Tattoo

    My new WoT tattoo. Just got it today.
  10. So, I take everyone thinks that the folks in Taim's camp at the BT are dreadlords. I do remember there were people channeling in the borderlands during the battle and the battle with Perrin near the Lugard Road.
  11. Oh, sorry. I get confused with all of the non-linear PoV chapters. I wonder who he is now. When did they mention the 13 and 13 in the books as far as the BT is concerned? I know it was discussed more about information dealing with the Age of Legends, but I didn't realize that something had happened in the current age.
  12. Just checked out the website. Is the series really good? I am looking for something along the lines of WoT. I loved the books and want to read something similar. Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it. Anyone know how the Mistborn series is. I liked Sanderson's work with the last two WoT books.
  13. Just finished reading ToM and I just started reading New Spring. I have also read all of the A Song of Ice and Fire books. I need a new series to read and I am not very familiar with fantasy books (just got into reading fantasy books this past June). Can anyone suggest a few good series that I can read. I need something to hold me over until AMoL comes out. Thanks in advance.
  14. Do I really have to wait 1+ year to read AMoL.

  15. Here's my question. Why hasn't Taim shown any signs of madness? This could possibly hint that he is one of the Forsaken/Chosen (whether you worship the Dark Lord or are bathing in the Light). I think it makes more sense that he is Demandred. Not to mention that if you look at the WoT Wiki, Taim looks like Demandred. I know they are just fan pics, but could mean something. Personally, I don't think Taim is Moridin, but I could be wrong.
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