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  1. Personally, I think he's suffering from major depression and just didn't care. He's taken a pretty fatalistic point of view by then. Minn describes it when she says something like he's already moved on. And if he doesn't find the strength to feel again...
  2. The Big White Book? A hole in my knowledge! Can someone elucidate?
  3. At the end of the Age of Legends everything didn't cease to exist and revert to some remembered ideal. The new age, as I've inferred from too many conversations throughout all the books, began with pain, suffering and rebuilding. I assume that the next turning of the wheel will be similar. The philosophy is that there is room within the patern for changes as long as the overall design has the same result. So the rest is just detail. but I doubt that anything will be "like it was". Another interesting question, though, is that if the world did "revert" what would be the ideal point to go back to? Someone mentioned dropping Rand back on a farm as he was in TEoTW. But why not another point in the timeline? Why not, for instance, before the fall of Malkier? Or before the tree was cut down in Cairhien? Or before Rand's mother was given the foretelling about her future? Or *** Opinions? Other points that might work?
  4. Has anyone out there heard anything about the release of these two in digital format? I know they are both available on CD and cassette. I'm more interested in a downloadable format such as Audible.com. These are the last two I've not found. Thanks if anyone has any info.
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