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  1. After smoking some tobac out on my porch today a question popped into my head. I wonder if Semirhage could ever detect DNA inside a persons cells? Or if Nyneave could learn this trick? So then I started to think of some of the possibilities that could open for the futer practiced Aes'Sedai. Maybe even find a way to lengthen the life of the everyday man who has never touched the One Power. Who knows your talking about DNA the genetic make-up of the human being. Another question that I would of asked Moridin is: Had he discovered atoms and the way they act? To basically developed an
  2. I would create atomic sized explosions out of compressed air and a spark at the middle. I would also super heat a piece of rock and drop it on someones head and watch it melt it's way through the entire body of the poor fella. I would make razor edged blasts of wind. I would open a very large gateway to outer space above the enemy battalion and dump them all in space. Just a few I woulds with the power. p.s I would also figure out a way to create the right settings to start fusing atoms and creating new elements and manipulating them to create powerfull miasmas of death.
  3. Anyone of the scenes with Mat out gambling and winning lol. The chapter: "A Conversation With The Dragon" Rands conversation with the one guy with the Bell on his face forgot his name lol, right before sending him to Greandal. Any part after WH when all the Aes Sedai and Asha Man and Suldam and Damen feel the colossal amount of power being channeled sends chills down my spine. Rands conversations with Lews while they are trapped in the box. Just a couple I could think of off the top of the dome.
  4. The Boots speach, uhm the Women compared to playing dice speach, really just near about any time Mat speaks its hilarious. Oh and when Rand tries to tell his one joke in the whole series and non of the clan chiefs understand it
  5. I don't think that would work lol you'd prolly have to balefire the area that the hair pholocules grew and the cutical of the nail which would take part of you finger off
  6. I could only guess they did it never says that the sides become more concrete I don't think you would want to trip while going through one you might leave a member behind lol
  7. Yea lol uhm try to read each book in less than a month then by the time you finish the series again AMOL should be out and your fresh up to date all the while posting and reading ppls posts on here to discuss some theories you build up on your re-read cuz you will definatly notice things you didnt on your first read or just a different POV of it lol thats what I'm doing again since the 10th book consider yourself lucky that you only have to wait for AMOL I'v been hooked since APOD came out
  8. I don't think I would care if we never found out if the Book of Translation ever got opened I mean really what is a book gonna do that is so devastating
  9. I think it wasn't a literal ghost but just a literary action. Mat didn't see a ghost but a ghost of a memory cuz it was Artur Hawking right? I'm pretty sure that's the part your talking about could be wrong been a while since I last read COT
  10. Dude the best scene is when Mat is trying to explain his overly elaborate script on how to enter the town with nobody thinking there was a conspiracy behind it with the one eyed guy as a gleemans apprentice who ran away from his old aunt cause she fed him scraps and called him the dead dogs name, Talmanes having to wear the warder cloak and how he finally came out of the closet, and when Mat was walking out Talmanes had that tell tale hint of a twinkle in his eye that let him know he was laughing on the inside. Priceless The boot analogy the boot on the table as a paperweight made th
  11. Extremely well said I for one am with you on this one.
  12. Yea I have to say Dumais Wells was my favorite chapter until Rand goes to Maradon in ToM keep reading man it gets a little dull for a bit then all hell breaks loose lol
  13. When I read these sacred books of mine I always have music playing. The reason I do this is because every now and then I hear a song that to me has significant meaning with a scene that I am reading in the books. I just finished my second re-read of Towers of Midnight and there was a point that I got to where I thought the song matched really well with the scene I was reading. Normally songs will attach themselves to the story based on how I feel while reading or as I stated above they just fit really well with what is going on in the story. I got the the chapter "Into The Void" and since
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