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  1. Lan has wanted to die in the Blight ever since he was old enough to fight, but duty kept him from being able to do so. Now that the Dragon has been reborn and is gathering the nations to him, Lan's duty is over, someone else has taken up the banner of defeating the Dark one and he can finally die. Duty is heavier than a mountian, and even the strongest of men can only carry such a heavy load for so long before they embrace the feather of death.
  2. part of the reason the Rand didn't want to go back to the BT is the fact that Taim hates him, Taim feels that he should be the Dragon and can't hide his distain for the true Dragon. However, Taim is powerful- nearly as strong as Rand- and skilled in the use of the power, a confrontation between Taim and Rand could easily turn into a battle that could go either way. Even with the BT becoming a threat, the would cannot afford to lose the Dragon before the Last Battle.
  3. Due to his marrage to Tuon, Mat is now the heir to the Seanchan throne. The Seanchan would presumably have representatives at the FoM, but either due to the second attack on Tar Valon or her sence of importance it is likely that Tuon herself would not be present at the FoM. Therefore, Mat would be the highest-ranking Seanchan there, and thus able to agree to Rand's terms on behaf of the Seanchan. This would also appariently be in keeping with how the Prince of the Ravens acts, as in one of the books Tuon thinks that having a Prince of the Ravens that she does not have to plot against is too good to be true. Another option is that Mat's title refers to power he has over the Deathwatch guard and the Seekers, who are tattooed with Ravens. If Mat has some influence over those forces, he could use that to force Tuon- who has less power than a usual Seanchan empress- to agree to Rand's conditions and to refrain from takin Wise Ones or Aes Sedi captive.
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