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  1. Seriously? I really hope that's a joke Look, the entire scenario that introduces these guys is presented from the PoV of a dying merchant. We're not in some third-person narrator's perspective for this, nor are we in the perspective of a character we could trust to properly interpret what they witness. The merchant thinks they're like fades, then that they're like Aiel. They have spears and red veils. They're encountered in the Borderlands near the Blight. The whole "Aiel" thing to me reads like a giant red-herring. There's a bunch of superficial similarities designed to make the read
  2. The Shadow is in dire need of channellers though. There far more Aes Sedai and Ashaman on the Light's side than on the Shadow's side. It's likely to be around the same proportions with the Windfinders and Wise Ones (it's pretty unlikely any damane would be darkfriends). They're completely outnumbered. That's why I think Shara and the Ayyad is a good solution for the Shadow. A powerful nation with countless channellers to recruit. My first thoughts as well.
  3. Yeah, but it would be quite strangegiven the large distance between them and the Blight.. Travelling, Waygates (being capable of use by Dark forces) and Portal Stones mean that distance isn't the factor it once was... Oh yes, for some reason I forgot all about them lol
  4. Myddraal are sterile... Well the thing is that Myrddraal are still born, odd offspring of Trollocs (though we don't really know how trolloc's are born). If they are born it would imply there ARE children? Though these guys are not that clearly. The merchant thought they were Aiel so they must look like Aiel, borderlanders know what Aiel look like. We also know that Aiel have darkfriends. We also know that Aiel youth sometimes go to blight to go "hunting for trollocs" or some such. Needless to say some are captured, add to that the darkfriend Aiel who might betray some of these youth gro
  5. Alright then we cnclude that they are Aiel belonging to a Dark Aiel clan in the Blight!
  6. Yeah, have been thinking about it all these things are posible i guess we will find out in 'A memory of light'..
  7. Possible theory ahd forgotten all about the city in the Blight so yes it could be a mix or something or just corrupted men who live in Blight nc idea.
  8. Yeah, but it would be quite strangegiven the large distance between them and the Blight..
  9. COULD be Aiel brainwashed male channelers, but I doubt it. I also dont think they are simply Aiel or not Darkfriends. Forgot, the Sharans' way of thinking about the OP, you are right, it cant be them either... But, I thought of another possibility because of Durinax comment about souls.. What if they are simply a new breed of Gray Men? I hadnt thought of the possibility of being a city in the Blight, I guess we ll just have to wait and see.
  10. I myself have wondered if the Sharans would into play, but isnt Shara a little TOO far away from the wetlands?
  11. Lol. Yes, I could never forget that, and I said I didnt remember such detail, so... Well, back to the main topic, those Aiel with their teeth filed to points...What do you think? Have they simply surrendered and become slaves of the DO or r they sth else?
  12. Impossible. 1.) The Aeilfinn and the Eilfinn (or whatever :D ) cant get out of their tower. 2.) They dont use steel, cause they cant, they are afraid of it and it hurts them. 3.) How could the DO have caught them..He has no ter'angreal that would lead him to their cave. 4.) Also, in Mat's trip to the tower (SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! ) where he went to save Moiraine with Thom and Jain Farstrider, there was no mention of foxes or snakes having an evil attitude. (Evil as the DO at least.) So, we see no signs of his influence there. :) 1. Until Mat carved out a doorway
  13. Agreed, but why kill the man without using the OP? could be to make the kill personnal, for more enjoyment of the kill. its obvious that the fellow was enjoying killing the merchant Yeah, thats a possible theory.
  14. The Isle of Madmen is mentioned in the 'The World of Robert Jordan's: The Wheel of Time by RJ and another guy'. It is not mentioned in the books only in that book.
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