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  1. Wasn't there one sentence added as a seeming afterthought about it not having a buffer?Yes, that was the only real problem I had with her death. The lack of a buffer came out of nowhere. It certainly is a possibility, as it was probably made toward the end of the AoL. The only other times this SA was used in the books was while linked. 1. Healing Mat 2. Egwene going postal on the Seanchan
  2. Let me start off by saying that I have always disliked this character. I have only ever changed that view in TGS, and by ToM I was back to being disgusted by her some (most?) of her actions. But I have to give credit where it is due; Egwene absolutely rocked in aMoL. She was fantastic from beginning to end. I was actually sad to see her go. But damn, she went out like a true Hero! Upon reflection, I think it was Brandon's version of Egwene that I liked. She may have been the only character that improved under Brandon. I have a feeling if RJ had been able to finish the series, I would not have liked Egwene no matter how awesome he made her.
  3. Unless stated in aMoL, what is the source of Mat's luck.
  4. Rand has served the Dark One in some lives and been His champion, I would imagine in those lives he killed many more innocents and done more heinous things than Lan has ever imagined doing. Hell, we have seen Rand kill a number of innocents and do some heinous things at times in this Turning, and he is Chief among the Heroes. There has never been any clause or implication that a person had to be a saint to become a Hero of the Horn. Umm what? I don't think he has, Rand doesn't seem to think so, and I believe the whole Wheel of Time would have ended if had. Rand hasn't killed someone to "keep them quiet" or to prevent someone from knowing something, which is a weak assed reason to kill someone. INTERVIEW: Jan 16th, 2003 COT Signing Report - Tim Kington (Paraphrased) QUESTION (inaudible) ROBERT JORDAN Yes, the Champion of the Light has gone over in the past. This is a game you have to win every time. Or rather, that you can only lose once—you can stay in if you get a draw. Think of a tournament with single elimination. If you lose once, that's it. In the past, when the Champion of the Light has gone over to the Shadow, the result has been a draw.
  5. Both Rand and Demandred can block a closing Gateway. I don't think it is a Talent (unless they have a Talent with Gateways in general), but a combination of Dexterity and Strength.
  6. Maybe when as soon as the the three get together Lady Gaga pops up in the background singing Earthquake, or Neil Young singing Like a Hurricane. Better yet, Thom doing a cover from a previous era. But seriously there does not have to be an earthquake or any other devastating effects. The impossible is already happening. Rand's three ladies are together in the same spot and none of them are trying to kill the others. Rand should start his own cult:)
  7. In the AOL a person would probably not have the ageless look after swearing on the binder. Not unless they made multiple oaths as the modern AS do. RJ April 2003 "No...now you have to be careful with this, because this is a kind of spoiler for people that haven’t read far enough, but the Oath Rod is what was in the Age of Legends called a binder. It was used on criminals. If you committed a violent act, or some sort of criminal act, with a binder, someone who could channel could be constrained from ever doing that again, and the result of having three of the Oaths, is the ageless appearance. One would not produce agelessness, but even one would shorten life, and three of them put a cap on Aes Sedai’s lives, on how long they could live."
  8. Wow this topic has certainly touched some nerves. Just a few thoughts. Measuring relative strengths is not exact, but at least the text gives good references that allows us to make some reasonable assumptions. I think many people have difficulty with the dexterity element because it is much harder to measure. Luckers and Suttree have done an excellent job explaining it, as well as, giving examples. I think they are understating the importance of strength a little, but the point about the importance of dexterity is well taken. I have never been convinced Egwene was that dexterous. I would have put her at decently above average, but not greatly dexterous. That is just my interpretation from the text. If RJ had meant her to have great dexterity, I think he would have given more direct comparisons. Fact: Nyn is in fact dismal at channeling with the exception of Healing weaves. She approaches non-healing with brute force and a lack of finesse. That is a reflection of her personality. So clearly Egwene is more dexterous. Why is this the case? Because Nyn has the typical Yellow stance that the other weaves are less important. She has also ignored her education and has rarely ever practiced. Maybe she does not see the need for practicing because she has perfect recall regarding weaves. From the descriptions of her healing weaves, I think she has the potential to be as dexterous as any channeler, if she applied herself to her training. Alas, that is not where her passion lies, and Nyn's passion is what makes her so special. Personally I do not care which one would win in a duel, since we are not likely to see it happen. But if I had to make a guess, I would go with BBM's assessment.
  9. I'll have to go back and reread MA but I'm pretty sure at one point they are pointing out different directions to attack in rapid succession... The FS were randomly dispersed, but they did not coordinate their attacks. In fact they did not really mount much of an attack as they were constantly running or sneaking away from the defensive barrage directed by Cadsuane. Cadsuane laid out an excellent defence. This could have been countered if the FS had worked together under Demy's leadership.
  10. It is the second order I am referring to. Where they to be hanged as well? I cannot remember.
  11. She would have to enter TAR in the flesh to this. Not impossible, but so far the light sides (except Rand and Egwene) have refused to do this.
  12. Actually it is used as a weapon. In the Stone, Rand uses it to create a Shadowspawn killing ball of lightning weave.
  13. Why would you include Mat in that? Those memories are not from his lives, unless you are talking about those snippets of old tongue speak pre visiting the Finns. Rand is the only character who actually remembers aside from a HoH. Ishy is just guessing, but he did guess right about him and Rand battling time after time. Mat actually started having memories of marathorn before he visited the Finns. It wasn't just bits of the old tongue, it was actual memories. I think those were certanly from his past life. He has the memory (more like an unconscous flash back, since he does not actually remember) of one person while being healed in TV. This is why some people theorise that he is Aemon reborn.
  14. Not many people are aware of Elaida's orders regarding the AM. Not many people were aware right after the incident; but almost all Aes Sedai knew the truth later on. My understanding is that many of those who called it an atrocity knew the facts by the time they made that characterization. The irony with Toveine's expedition is that Alviarin made sure that it was 100% clean of the BA. Just a nice example of Siuan's Law of Unintended Consequences! Logain burned Elaida's orders. I guess all the AS on the doomed expedition knew of the order, as well as Alviarin, but I am not aware of any other AS.
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