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  1. Turning by a circle of 13x13 only works on channelers. So unless all these red vieled aiel can channel I dont think your theory works.
  2. Reading the verse above again, thinking on what is said above, I can interpret "his destruction" as beeing a reference to "Him who wlil destroy" wich is, I gueess, the DO. I guess when/if Rand breaks the remaining seals, the DO will reach out and the destruction he brings (in TG?) will very probably "bring fear and sorrow" to men and "shake their very will". The one eyed fool is obviously Mat.I can't remember where the halls of mourning are (if we know). The first among vermin (servants) must be Rand and it continues to reference him breaking the seals. Which would make "him who will des
  3. Taim must be the highest ranking darkfriend around if he is not a forsaken. From the looks of it he has done more productive work than any of the forsaken. He has gathered how many channelers to the shadow? He certainly sowed chaos and confusion much better than most. Now he has a dream spike. His competence (to me) demands that he is more than just a friend of the dark. If he is just another darkfriend then maybe next time round he will be a forsaken? I sure hope we learn more about him before he dies(hopefully by Logain's hand).
  4. I think that was one of Perrin's Ashaman. Grady I believe.
  5. This was a popular theory but unfortunately RJ has stated that Olver is not Gaidal Cain. Olver is around 10 years old and Gaidal only disappeared from TAR about a year ago. RJ said that times flows differently in TAR but it never runs backwards. I'm too tired to find the actual quote but this has been debunked. Edit: Here is a link to Terez's WoT reference library where you can search answers RJ and Brandon have given during interviews amongst other info: WoT reference library Thank you. I have not done any research on these books other than reading them until now. It seemed like a
  6. Yeah my mistake. *nods* I still think we tend to give RJ more credit for something that developed over 20 plus years. But I see your point. I'm quite sure that RJ had very early plans to make Verin Black because of that lie she told in TGH. But he did invent other things as the series moved along. For example, I'm quite certain that the notion of TP was not yet developed when LoC was written. When Aran'gar shows up at the end of LoC to free Moggy, Moggy's immediate reaction on seeing Aran'gar make a ball of light was that this must be a woman channeling saidin somehow even thoug
  7. Bridgette Always said Gaidal was much younger than her. She also said she had not seen him for a while in TAR before she was torn out. It is said both Gaidal and Olver are ugly. Any thoughts?
  8. just checked my copy and it does not have a signature.
  9. just checked my copy and it does not have a signature.
  10. Taim is not Demandred. RJ said so. Numerous times. Just became aware of that. Thank you. Just found this site today. I have only read the books not researched elsewhere.
  11. "Light is held before the maw of infinite void, and all that he is can be seized." Is the secret that min is going to find is that callandor can be used to channel the true power? "He shall hold a blade of light in his hands, and the three shall be one." Does this mean that instead of 3 chanellers as one it is saidin, saidar, and the true power as one? This just occurred to me and I thought I would put it out there.
  12. Very well written and interesting to boot As for the specifics of the fighting of the last battle I haven't put much thought in to that. The ending I believe is preordained. The bore will be repaired back to original quality so it can be breached again two ages later when everyone forgets about the dark one and some aes sedai goes looking for a new source of power ( just like happened this time ). Hence the WHEEL of time. Rand will accomplish this by using the true power in part to seal the bore ( "seize all that he is" ). This is all just my opinion of course and I have not put as mu
  13. I think it is probable that logain will come back to help the black tower. As for what he is doing right now to go about that I have no theories. I think taim is damendred and he has been turning channelers to the shadow against their will using a circle of 13 and 13 myrdrall ( as mentioned somewhere ). This is why people at the tower that used to resist taim now support him but are not the same ( this is mentioned in the chapter(s) about the black tower late in towers of midnight). The turned people have all the same memories and same smile but supposedly you can see it in their eyes. I c
  14. Ordinarily I wouldn't think that people have any right to titles held in a previous life, but Rand is a different case, IMO. He is LTT, albeit in a different body. Something I also found ironic in ToM was Rand telling Cadsuane that he is "the only male Aes Sedai still alive who was properly raised," while Egwene was never tested, and as of ToM claims she has no intention of ever taking the test. So who has more right to call themselves Aes Sedai? I highly doubt that the test is the same now as it was then
  15. Anyone have guesses as to what that could be referring to? Min seems to think it's a dangerous flaw in callandor but it could be key in what Rand ends up doing. I can't remember which book but I believe lanfear gave the definition of the true power as channeling the dark one himself so if the he in the quote is the dark one than rand would be able to seize the true power and use that in conjunction with saidar and saidin to seal the bore back to pre age of legends quality with no taint
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