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  1. I'm in pretty much same situation than you. For a while I have been trying to find fantasy series that would compare to wheel of time. Here are some I have tried: Robin Hobb - Assassin's apprentice: while good book first person pov was big turn off for me. Brandon Sandersson - Mistborn: I did love first book and even as trilogy it's pretty good story. In many ways it was refreshing, but there are few problems with world building and writing. After having to force myself through The Alloy of Law (stand alone) I realized I had lost all interest in that world. Tad Williams - Memory, Sorrow and Thorn: Classic fantasy. This is great trilogy though had bit slow start, but it's more like lord of the rings than wheel of time. Also I wish I had read it when I was younger as it's a kind of coming of age story for the protagonist and would have suited me better back then. Still I do recommend this, if you haven't read them yet as it is good trilogy and there are some kind of sequels on the way. Michael J. Sullivan - The Riyria revelations: This was pretty enjoyable story, but alot "lighter" to read than wheel of time. World building is a bit sketchy and writing not that great, but there were things I liked like magic "system" even though magic is as rare as magic in lord of the rings. Gonna reread them and other his books someday. Scott Lynch - Lies of Locke Lamora: good story, but I was a bit dissapointed after all the hype I heard. I didn't enjoy it "that" much, but will probably give it another try when series is finished. It's alot harsher and darker world than wheel of time much more like game of thrones. David Eddings - Belgarion/Mallorion series: Very classic fantasy that at the beginning reminded me alot about wheel of time, but suffers from poor world building, one dimensional characters and poor plot device. In my opinion story and writing is nothing special and probably more suitable for younger audience. There were bits and pieces I enjoyed enough that I might reread some parts someday, but probably not going through whole series again. Margaret Weis/Tracy Hickman - Dragon wing: Don't remember much about it, but it was very different from wheel of time and I didn't enjoy story/world/characters enough to continue. Ursula K. Le Guin - A wizard of earthsea: don't really remember problem with this one, but again didn't enjoy it enough to continue with the series. Stephen King - The gunslinger: strange world, post-apocalypse or something like that.. anyways not my thing and things I heard about it from friend just made me happy I didn't continue with the series. Terry Pratchett - Discworld: I read couple of stand alone books that were recommended by a fan of series. They were ok books and I always appreciate good satire, but when looking for another "wheel of time" discworld just doesn't do it. There are couple of enjoyable movies and radio drama out there though. Steven Erikson - Gardens of the moon: part of the problem may have been that I had to read it in english so there may be things I missed, but I didn't really like pacing of the story and didn't really understand the world that well either. So so far I have come empty handed on my search and for now it seems like grim fantasy is in fashion. I have heard good things about Sanderson's Stormlight archieve series, but I will try to avoid it till he has finished atleast the first 5 books before trying it out. Years of wait for the next book suffered on wheel of time isn't something I really want to repeat. I think part of the problem is that I practically grew up on wheel of time books so now it's kind of hard to grow out of them and it doesn't help that there just doesn't seem to be another as epic series as it. At the moment my search for fantasy series is on hold and I try to read some classics instead, but good luck on your search and I hope you will let us know if you find something good.
  2. Not in any particular order: 1. Mat/Tuon reunion. Loved whole chapter, but especially how she looked over her shoulder after seeing Mat with knife. 2. Androl's miracle. 3. Mat throwing away their battle plan at field of merrilor. 4. Itulralde resisting the compulsion and not giving the order to retreat. 5. Min convincing Seanchans to return. 6. Mat "checking the pulse of battle" for first time. 7. Birgitte saving Elayne.
  3. First of all I want to thank Harriet and Brandon finishining the story. I really appreciate it even though there is things in Brandon's work I don't like at all. I do understand that no one would not have been able to replace and finish the story way Jordan did. Brandon did pretty well he signed up to write one book which changed to three books and he did what he promised so I respect him for that. I remember time when it was uncertain whether it would ever be finished and I'm really grateful that Jordan let his work to be finished by others. May he rest in peace. The wind may be gone, but memory will live. I got book almost full week after release and work disturbed my "reading time" so I only finished it now less than two hours ago. I'm pretty wordless. I just can't think of one word to describe the last book - or the series as whole. No word is fitting, because I have really mixed feelings about it. On other hand I may not even want to find one. Last book had big focus on strategical aspect I loved it - still reading so long about battles without break was little tedious, but at same time it was pretty amazing. It was hard to see deaths of characters I liked and some that I even disliked at some point. One thing that was really great in the series that I just now started to love was nature of the world Jordan created. Characters would be reborn they would get another chance someday knowing that made it easier to see them go. World I grew to love would change with technology, but one day age and world we got small peek into would return. Though it makes me wonder how much change the wheel will allow for pattern and our characters next time will they get more happiness and will survivors of last battle change? I guess we will never know so it is little sad that they will be forced to fight the last battle again and again, but still I prefer wheel with no end to the end. Ending, it was fitting. Not quite what I expected, not quite what I wanted, but still it fits. I would have loved to read more about what happened after, but it was decent place, time and way to end the series... what happened after would have been another story.. One we won't sadly ever get to hear. Book felt too short there was alot of things that felt like I did not get enough closure. There was even some closure I did not want to get particularly one answer to one question. Some scenes suprised me with their epicness others dissapointed me. Some things felt just little too convenient and some little too "epic". Last battle lasted for one whole book, but still the end felt sudden. It was hard to say goodbye to the world and characters even though I will probably reread series many times in my life knowing the ending and fate of characters may have kind of new negative effect on that. I could go on and on about my thoughts about the series as whole or last book alone, but it would take more time than I have. I'm close enough to satisfied. Anyways thanks RJ. Good work BS.
  4. How about this: At Shayol Ghul Rand passes out from his wounds and magical elevator takes him to upper level of shayol ghul. Where he meets blueish-transparent kid -thing.. who btw looks exactly like olver.. kid explains to him that dark one is solution to the problem: [insert problem]. But current solution will not work anymore and Rand arriving there has given more possible solutions for the problem: 1. Rand will start controlling Dark one. 2. Rand transforms all living beings to trollocs. 3. Rand destroys Dark one. No matter which option Rand chooses he will die and only difference in all options is different colours of space magic. And so wheel of time turns and next cycle starts. I hope you can forgive me title was just too tempting so I could not resist it, but really I don't think it can get much worse from that. right? For those who don't get it... it was ending that caused pretty big uproar among fans of certain video game trilogy earlier this year.
  5. Sorry REE, but as much as I would like to play wheel of time games I have few reasons why you won't get any support money from me: 1. It's been who knows how many years of empty promises to make games/movies, but nothing has happened. 2. It's a mobile game. I don't play mobile games. 3. Basicaly you are asking us to pay pretty much whole game development. I mean 450k is alot of money to use on mobile game development.. and then you will start selling that game that we paid for you to get profit.. Sounds pretty greedy for me. 4. As far as I know REE has no real experience in game developement so they are using other companies to develope games. Which is good, but still I don't expect those games to be anything special in terms of quality. 5. Jordan was displeased with them and so their creditably in my eyes does not change before they have actually done something more than empty promises. To be honest.. I would most likely donate to kickstarter.. if it was to get those rights away from REE.
  6. About one-eyed-fool traveling halls of mourning. It reminded me about when Olver dashed out of tent alone when he and Talmanes noticed that Caemlyn was underattack. Olver is kinda useless now that Moiraine is saved so his death could kinda make sense and that last scene about revenge to aiel that killed his father made him - not as nice person as we thought. Well I never liked him anyways. Other option is that Band is heavily hit. I mean somewhat wiped out maybe even with dragons. Mat has always felt really responsible about his men following him. They followed him to Caemlyn and he left them even when saving Moiraine was important for world he would feel guilty. He was not there when they needed him most and if they are wiped out with dragons they died because he wanted to get new weapons. I really hope Band will survive that battle I have always loved them, but I think they will lose if Mat does not return soon. Well anyways my point is that I think halls of mourning do not mean world of Aelfinn and Eelfinn they probably mean that Mat will lose someone or something dear to him.
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