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  1. I've played here enough to know the rules, or so I thought. I apologize for not realizing that separate sub-forums have their own rules. Never occurred to me. Frankly, I didn't even realize this was in a different forum. You could have just PM'ed me to see if I knew the rules, before dropping the righteous indignation fit... or whatever this is. Either way, you guys enjoy your game. Thanks gain Ithi, no hard feelings.
  2. This site is PG13, right? Saying "crap" and "anal" is not outside the bounds of PG13. I suggest you lighten the eff up.
  3. Turin really clamped down after I voted him. Let's run him up, and find someone else to run up with a competing train. How about Dice and Turin? Yea, that feels pretty right... run 'em both up. See where that gets us.
  4. And there's no disagreement to be had... tangents about theory, setup, and the like are all pitfalls for the town. This isn't opinion. There's a time, in most games, where bringing in notes about theory and hypotheses about setup makes sense, but it's not on D1, before most of the game has even really contributed. As far as I'm concerned, the level of depth of the game so far is superficial. We'll get deeper, but as of now, I'm glad we've got a few days to develop some things. Just need to get past some of the basic mafia lines of quesitons like "do you think I'm town" and "what do you think that makes my alignment is". Passive questioning that avoids accusation never reaches the point where town vs. scum logic gets evaluated. You won't consistently catch anything doing that stuff. The lurky, lurky style of play that DMers usually employ isn't any fun either. Stick your necks out, don't be afraid to clash with people. It's a game. Don't be afraid to be wrong, don't be afraid that you might get lynched. Uncork it. It's more fun that way... :)
  5. You do things your way and ill do them mine. We can agree to disagree or you can come at me about it. Regardless Im not changing my style. Ive asked you some other questions in my catch up, would you mind answering them please? Give me a recap of your questions and I'll be happy to, I'm not pouring over that crap - be direct, don't weave questions you expect answers to into multi-quotes and commentary directed at different people.
  6. "Do you think this is alignment indicative of me?" ^^^ this = thread turds Questions like this are setups for tangental theory arguments that lead nowhere. I answer "yes" and you can debate it, I answer "no" and you can debate it. It doesn't lead to actual scum hunting, it just leads to debate that scum can hide in. The comment I made, that you telling others what your tells are, is not typically a strong townie thing to do. Infer what you want from that.
  7. Zander, telling people what are and are not tells for you... isn't really the most townie posture you can take.
  8. Good grief, someone ping me when the haggling over who called themselves townie the most is over...
  9. I don't remember the movie terribly well to know if there'd be multiple ghosts that could be town, but don't you think mafia would have safe claims? Ugh... setup talk isn't going to get us anywhere until we see some deaths. Slimer was a "good" ghost in that he became a sort of mascot for the 4 ghostbusters. Dana, Sigourney Weaver's character, became Zuul the big bad boss ghost. There's Stay Pufft marshmallow man ghost. There the ghost dog monster. There's several random ghosts. There's the girl receptionist lady, annie potts i think played. There's some prick who wants to shut them down. There's rick moranis the key holder or soemthing liek that. The setup can go in any direction. FOS the people that keep wanting to theorize around it at this stage, all they're doing is creating a cover for scum to operate under false assumptions of the setup.
  10. I've answered this as much as I have an answer for it, for now. It's early, I don't mind sticking my neck out to get some stuff rolling... but I never just make things up.
  11. Am I wrong from this that you are saying your vote on dice was for a flimsy reason, to see who would follow? It was just asked by someone else, but I also want to know. What is your read on dice right now? I would call anything this early in the game "flimsy", so yes. That's what made Turin jumping on board get my attention. I've already addressed the other question.
  12. Why is it going to be "soooooo funny"? It's mafia, we're all wrong more often than right. That's the nature of it.
  13. +1 this guy (girl?) I've been playing for years. Using this technique, and talking openly about, and it still works. Regardless, I came over to try to fold some new meta into my play, and to refine some other stuff. It's not the only trick in my bag, so to speak.
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