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  1. I'm not sure, Rand / Mat are both epic, I love the fact that both of them have become so intelligent and brilliant at strategic planning. Also Rand is super awesome in his power and Mat is just brilliant with his army and nobleness. My favourite Tier two character (and probably my favourite overall) is Galad, I can really relate to his morals and how he joined the Children of Light but refused to accept their prejudices. I also find it awesome that he became the LCC and actually made a difference to the way the Children were run despite his own bad experience with the Aes Sedai. I als
  2. I first started reading last year when i was 15 and bored over the summer, I had run out of books to read and my dad suggested the series. Im not really sure what got me hooked, probably every differant aspect of the books. Having re read the series now i like the fact that RJ doesn't make Rand a perfect hero, he makes mistakes, goes in the wrong dirrection, gets manipulated and up till one of the later books is totally terrified of himself. I think the fact that Rand has to prove himself to the world because they all believe that the dragon is evil is a really great part of the plot.
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