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  1. Talaan is stronger than Nynaeve, aren't she? It's when i start dreaming about WoT i release i read too much the previous day. But that ain't stopping me from reading even more the next day.
  2. I really dislike the Sea Folk based on what i've read so far. I'am currently reading WoH, and the Sea Folk simply are simply to full of disrespect and arrogance for my liking. The way they boss everyone around all the time totally annoys me.
  3. The Green Ajah, without doubt. Their view of the world and the role they have chosen to play fits me better than the ideology of the other ajahs. And as Shimmer said, unlimitid Warders? Too awesome.
  4. A friend forced me to read the first book. After there was no chance of letting go, have been addicted since. Without doubt the complexity and the epic storytelling that captured me. The huge mass of characters amuses me evertime i pick up one of the books. The best fantasy-series there is.
  5. Ah, love to hear that there are some fellow scandinavian people here!:D To bad i already experienced the spoiler part last night. Doesn't really bother me though, the new facts only fuels the lust to read more... And thanks for taking me in, really looking forward to be a part of this community.
  6. Hey all! I started reading the Wheel of Time-series last christmas, and was easily captured by the first book. Since then I've been constantly hungry for more, and as we speak i'm done with tPoD. Anyways, today i decided to join DM. The series really opens for discussion, and i need to discuss all the awesomeness that occupies the pages. And this community seems epic. (And just shout out if some of you are scandinavian, got to stick togetner, eh?:D) May the Light shine on all of you
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