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  1. That was very nice indeed--especially the way he just does it--seizes her neck and snaps it. Quick, even merciful, and light-be-praised not drawn out into a 20-page fight scene.
  2. Perrin/Slayer conclusion scarcely registered for me, largely because I'd felt the highest points of that drama had already been played out, with the resolution artificially delayed (but then that was a problem with 90% of the conflicts in this story; Jordan could never just wrap something up and move on).
  3. Maybe. It's a clear suggestion of such creator-powers, and I interpreted it as such, with the caveat that here was an ultimate power that lacked the ego-tugging quality of the other powers; in other words, Rand would not be tempted to play God, because only someone mature enough to resist such a temptation could have such powers bestowed upon him. If there's ever a future-based epilogue written for this story, I could see Rand having such powers--so long as they are used subtly.
  4. Maybe you guys are right, and Verin did receive the right amount of spotlight; it might well have spoiled her mystery. But considering how many other, much lesser characters got much more attention, I still wish Verin had gotten more of a lion's share.
  5. From her first appearance in TGH, Verin Sedai was my favorite Aes Sedai, and soon enough she became my favorite character. She always suggested depths without that bullying quality that marred so many other Aes Sedai, was always mysterious and yet had a surface which was the epitome of a Brown. During the course of the series, hints that she might be Black kept me intrigued, but I never had a strong opinion one way or another--although I felt that her personality was all wrong for the Black. And then (was it in TGS or TOM? don't recall right now) came her final hour of life, confirming, for me, that she was the most intriguing person Jordan ever conceived. I was absolutely blown away and it felt absolutely right. Here was the perfect blend of courage and curiousity, of intelligence and integrity: the Darkfriend who wasn't a Darkfriend; the Black who subverted and studied the Black from within. I cried for her as for no one else in this story (not that many people asked for or deserved our tears). Looking back, I wish her character had been given ten times as much storytime, but I'm grateful for all that we got. There anyone else out there who shares my passion for the Little Plump Dark Brown Who Could?
  6. Rather a good point, about Rand Mat and Perrin all being at Shayol Ghul (though doing separate things) at the same time when the DO is defeated. I had always supposed they would come together at that crucial moment, and was pleased that it came through. As for Egwene v Cadsuane, sorry, but Cad should have been taken down a peg or three, and Eggy ought to have been the one to do it. Face it: all Aes Sedai are bullying snots, but I feel that, at least in the last three books, that Eggy earned her status and then some (and her sacrifice didn't hurt either). Cadsuane seemed to me more reputation/legend and less substance.
  7. Lan's "sheathing the sword," a bit of early foreshadowing that I had hoped would have an intense resolution; I was not disappointed. "I'm not here to win; I'm here to kill you." Brilliant. Egwene's sacrifice was unexpected--really, she's the only major (or at least the only Two Rivers) character to be killed? The only one? But it was still a triumphant moment. Wish she could have shown up in the Heroes of the Horn, though--if Noal/Jain Farstrider could make it, why not Egwene? There are a lot of Egwene haters on this site, I know, but I was always impressed by her bravery--she really proved herself worthy of being Amyrlin. She should have been a Hero.
  8. If I had to choose an Aes Sedai, though, I'd pick Verin. Not for sexual or romantic reasons, but just because she's so damned interesting. Never a dull moment, either intellectually or physically.
  9. Min, hands down. Tomboyish but hot, smart, intellectual, a reader. My dream girl.
  10. Simply put, I like Brandon's lighter touch on the prose, and his use of metaphors/similes seems a bit more creative to me. My biggest problem with RJ's prose was the density--and I like dense prose, like the work of Mervyn Peake, so it has more to do with RJ's choices of emphasis. RJ's ploddingly heavy use of beats (the interior monologue and commentary in between brief fragments of dialogue) grew very wearying over time, and worse, didn't necessarily help us to understand his characters any better; give me a subtle sword stroke than a hammer over the head any day. Plus he repeated himself ad infinitum. I don't notice this problem with BS. In the end, for all its strengths, WOT is simply too long. 11,000 pages, only about half of which were absolutely necessary for the scale of the story, leaving room for another 2000 perhaps for atmosphere and artistry. Still, the magnificence of the imagination on display makes up for the wealth of longeurs and makes me glad that I've read all the way through this behemoth of an epic.
  11. Who killed Asmodean? Was it Moridin? I always found this assassination to be needlessly enigmatic and annoying.
  12. Not to mention that the whole WOT concept is predicated on the inevitability of Shaitan's defeat. After all, there are quotes from history books written from the perspective of the Fourth Age--after all these contemporary events. And I don't think there'd be much writing if the whole of Creation were consumed in fiery darkness.
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