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  1. Crossing the bridge from Alindaer onto the island of Tar Valon, Korryn Wynn briefly touched his pack one last time. The letter in there from his commander in the Whitebridge Watch was his only avenue to the Master at Arms for the Warders of Tar Valon. Working his way through the crowd of passers-by on the streets, Korryn took a few hours to wander. He had a hunch that he would have little time for sightseeing once his training started. Shops and homes mingled the streets, both similar to and eerily different from Whitebridge. Oh, everything was larger, of course. Calling Whitebridge a town was a generous gesture. Caemlyn had nearly sent Korryn's mind off into hiding with its immense walls, beautiful palace, and endless throng of people. Tar Valon was grander by far, but mainly because of the White Tower itself. From afar, the shops and houses on the island looked like any you would expect to find across the breadth of Andor. It wasn't until one approached that the detail and craftsmanship of the structures were revealed. Cornices that would be plain stone in Whitebridge looked like growing trees, flowing water, or flocks of birds taking flight. The images were carved into the stone itself, but it looked like their subjects could take flight, or flow out into the street at any moment. After nearly two hours of walking the streets, Korryn glimpsed a training yard through a gap in the buildings. His delight at the city itself could not compete with his desire, so close to realization now, to join the fight against the Shadow. Ducking through alleys and busy thoroughfares, Korryn made his way resolutely towards the yard. As he got closer, the view opened to reveal a barracks near the yard. Pausing on the opposite side of the street, Korryn carefully removed the letter from his pack and then, as he stood, carefully straightened his coat and checked himself for any obvious signs of dirt or wear. He had brought his best clothes along with him, but he wore his training clothes for travel. He had no weapon. The Watch's halberds were purchased by the Queen, and Commander Chakreem had no spare weapons for him to take along. Just a belt knife, some coppers, his pack, a change of clothes, and the letter. Taking a deep breath, Korryn crossed the street, dodging the carriage that came around the turn as he was halfway across, and then lifted the latch on the simple pedestrian gate and walked towards the lone building on the practice yard. Seeing the door slightly ajar, Korryn knocked and pushed it open, taking a single step into the building.
  2. In the books, the Brown are the historians. As a history major IRL, I loved (and still do love) history. If I do not join the Brown Ajah, would I be able to hold a class at some point on something history-related in the Brown?
  3. At the end of the last book, Elayne talked about celebrations for the return of Morgase. I figured that, even though she renounced her claim on the Rose Throne, she'd still be something official, and Queen Mother was the only title I could come up with. I did have my thoughts in italics in the doc on my computer, but I guess I forgot to do that when I sent the text to the email address for the warders! Thanks for the suggestions!
  4. I find one of the most interesting pieces of information about the bond to be the complete lack of not only its use in the Age of Legends, but even of the actual mechanics of the weave used to create the bond. I believe it is Semirhage who is interrogating an Aes Sedai and her warder and she marvels at how the "savages" have discovered something that she didn't understand how it worked. To me, all of this reaches back to the Breaking. Imagine the female Aes Sedai coming out of the battle against the Dark One at the end of the Age of Legends. For millennia, male and female Aes Sedai worked together with no restrictions on their power. Once the men started going mad, and we know that lasted several decades, if not into the centuries, female Aes Sedai still bore some blame for the breaking (remember that female Aes Sedai were among those helping drill the Bore that released the Dark One). The need for physical protection, even before the Three Oaths, would have been very quickly evident. I wonder who started experimenting with weaves to attempt to create what ended up being the bond. And was it started as a path towards the more compulsive aspects of the bond and simply settled out into the modern version, or was there an intent to create benefits for the men that agreed to serve the Aes Sedai in this - an attempt to keep the tradition of "Servant of All". Interestingly, I don't recall any mention of the Ajahs in pre-Breaking discussions. Which makes some sense, since the Green and Red, at least, seem to have post-Breaking causes (The Last Battle for the Green and gentling male channellers for the Red). Given that the Ajahs must be post-Breaking, that means their attitudes towards warders would have been developed at least concurrently with the creation of the warder bond, if not significantly after its existence. After all, it's entirely possible that female Aes Sedai had been bonding men as warders for centuries before the creation of distinct Ajahs. That means that there might actually have been intentional philosophies behind the use of warders in certain Ajahs. The Green, obviously, would seek to foster an institutional attitude of acceptance towards multiple warders. Some might not have any specific attitude, leaving it up to their individuals members, like the Grey or White. It is perhaps a problem of trying to tease out a universal truth about a fictional world that is only revealed through novelization. It hardly advances the story to spend several pages of text giving us the history of the use of warders in Ajahs that don't feature prominently into the plot. Which doesn't make it any less fun to speculate!
  5. Excited to get started!

  6. Korryn Wynn pushed back the cap on his head as he crossed the bridge from Alindaer onto the island of Tar Valon itself. Commander Chakreem had warned him that he'd be awed by the beauty of the White Tower, pushing itself up from the island like a spear jutting into the sky. She had sounded slightly, well, perturbed by the White Tower. Not it's inhabitants, just the structure itself. But that was actually common for folk from Whitebridge. When your town is named after an artifact of the Age of Legends, it seeps into you and you find yourself strangely jealous of other relics of the long past age. But Korryn didn't see a rival to his home's namesake. In fact, the sight of the White Tower filled him with hope. He didn't even really see a structure when he looked at it. The White Tower was a symbol. A sign that people with power were fighting the Dark One. When the restlessness in his bones had gotten too much, when he had felt driven to leave the Whitebridge Militia and find a way to join the fight against the Shadow, there had never been any doubt as to where he would go. Tar Valon must be the rallying point for any who wanted to serve in the Last Battle, Korryn thought. He had toyed with the idea of stopping in Caemlyn and trying to find a position there. His service in the Whitebridge militia might have been recognized and he wouldn't have had to start from scratch again. But even with the Daughter-Heir's, or, rather, the Queen's offer of service (it still took some getting used to, thinking of "Good Queen Elayne"), he had only dallied for a few days in the capital, mainly taking the chance for free lodging during the celebration of the Queen Mother's return. If the rumors were to be believed, it was something straight from a gleeman's tale, with Queen Morgase dodging Whitecloaks, Dragonsworn, and worse on her way back to Caemlyn. No, Tar Valon was where he was headed. He might not have time to rise far in the ranks before Tarmon Gai'don, though his years of service in the Whitebridge Militia should help, but he would do what was needed, whether that be watching the streets or fighting beside Aes Sedai at the Last Battle. Shaking his head and stepping quickly to get out of the way of a team of oxen, pulling a cart packed with building materials across the bridge, Korryn took the last steps of his journey to Tar Valon. As he stepped off the bridge, he felt a deep sense of satisfaction. It was only a small part of the journey he eventually hoped to take, but it was done, and well done at that. Commander Chakreem's advice rung in his mind, and Korryn headed off to find the Master-at-Arms. Challenges he could not even anticipate lay ahead of him, and Korryn was eager to get started. _____________________________________________________ Greetings! I'm a long time WoT fan (really long time - my brother introduced me to the first novel back in 1995!) and I've known of Dragonmount for a while. I was fairly active over at WoTMUD for years and actually ran a small clan there for, as you probably guessed, the Whitebridge Militia. I didn't start the clan, but the friend that got me started on WoTMUD was a member and after I joined and the old leadership started migrating away, he and I took it on ourselves to run things. We had a 20+ strong membership that was on frequently and even revived roleplaying sessions and story telling on the forums through the use of in-character quest rewards. Probably my most rewarding experience on WoTMUD was setting up a multi-clan in-game RP event with the Queen's Guard and the Wisdoms that drew several dozen people for several nights of RPing. I haven't been in WotMUD for years now and had let my fiction writing die down a bit as well. I'm looking forward to using Dragonmount as a place to do some short fiction writing in a setting that I know and love. I've read all of the books, multiple times, and since book seven, I've reread the entire series every time a new book has come out. I recently got the audiobooks and have been listening to them on my way in and home from work and that got me excited about them again. So I just finished (literally less than an hour ago) rereading 12 & 13, just to catch up on the wonderful newness of the Jordan/Sanderson duo. Well, I think that's about it. I'll be looking for chances to do a little in-character writing and might spend a bit of time in the creative/RP forums, however they are structured, putting together some short fiction. I look forward to getting to know some of you!
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