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  1. Oh I recognized the lady as Cadsuane, I just didn't realize Cadsuane was a member of Dragonmount. I'm still very much a lurker here, but it's nice to put Inter-names to real life faces all the same. :)
  2. Oooh, you were Cadsuane? Cool.
  3. oh noez, not another asha'chick. :) Welcome aboard.
  4. Yay, more fresh meat from D*Con.
  5. Fear the angry mob! So gotta make that the badge name next year.
  6. An apple? I have no idea where that theory could've come from.... :twisted:
  7. It is the best super hero mmo on the market, I'll admit that. :twisted:
  8. Uh oh, WoW eh? See, he knows to dodge CoH Jimmy! :)
  9. ddddaaaammmnnn. And to think we wrapped up his killer so easily at D*C this year. :twisted:
  10. Ahh, the special kind of Goodness?
  11. And a Jacob at that. Though not as cool as a Jakob. 8)
  12. /nod. I'll prolly re-read 'em now that I'm getting involved in the fandom -- I'll get sk3wl3d too much otherwise. And then one last time when book 12 comes out...will bring it up to 7 re-reads. ><
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