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  1. That's what I thought at first, but in that passage, Rand mentions being kept in the box, which sounds like when he was captured by the Aes Sedai with the intent of being brought before Elaida in LoC. If he is indeed referring to LTT's suicide, then A) why did he keep referring to it as HIS suicide when he refuses to acknowledge that he and LTT are the same person? and B) why would he mention his kidnapping and LTT's suicide out of chronological order?
  2. First off, there are a lot of details about this series I've forgotten over the years (especially since I bought KoD back when it first came out and never finished it until I started reading it over again a few months ago), but some of the details come back to me as I read, and most things and characters I don't recall very well I can look up on a wiki to refresh my memory. However, there are some things I've come across that I can't quite figure out. For example: In chapter 19 of TGS, Tuon and the Seanchan talk about the Aes Sedai having a weapon that left a bare patch of ground somewhere north of Ebou Dar. Is this a reference to them using the Bowl of Winds? Or the remains of Shadar Logoth after saidin was cleansed? The remnants of some other battle? Something else entirely? I didn't really understand this reference. In chapter 22, Rand mentions something about remembering his suicide: "...humiliation, sorrows and his own suicide. Killing himself." Is this some plot point I forgot about from a previous book? Or is this just Rand remembering Lews Therin's Dragonmount suicide?
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