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  1. well, now that I'm a hobo I only had the pirated audiobook version to listen to, so I really only heard a couple of weird spots and I'm not sure if they happen in the realbook versions or not. I believe they were most likely misspeaks by Michael Kramer. somebody already mentioned the one about Rand being mentioned in the beginning of ch. 45 in a scene where he was not at some point, I think it's Logain who is reflecting about one power use only versus also learning the sword. he thinks something along the lines of, one or the other is not necessary "despite what TAM said" (or something, that's not exact) and I thought maybe he meant to say TAIM, not Tam. at least, I can't recall Tam ever talking to or training Logain or the Asha'man...though that's not saying much with my memory. anybody else have the audiobook version, know what I'm talking about? at one point somebody slays a trolloc, Michael Kramer says "AT its innards" and I believe he meant "AS its innards" (or vice versa, I can't find this spot anymore sorry, I guess that's not very helpful) at first I thought it was a mistake when they mentioned that one of the armies was beginning to FOUNDER...I thought they meant "flounder", but then I checked right before I embarrassed myself and actually yes, founder can also mean flounder (kind of) and this is completely off topic and belongs in another thread, I never caught why Min was so surprised at seeing Logain when he went to see her and Tuon at some point in the middle. I recall she always saw glory and stuff in his future previously in the series, like that he would be a great king or something. but then she gasped all of a sudden upon seeing him in the middle of this book, did that ever get explained? and to the scientist yes, I am smug and I do feel...the right smarty when I find mistakes paid trained professionals let ride what happened to my watermelon
  2. january 8th of NEXT year? sigh...I would have fixed it for them in a couple weeks or less, just by reading it. and I would have done it for minimum (ish) wage...what a cryin shame. at least it's not being split again into 3 more parts. although I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the announcement came some time this year, of its being divided yet again (in two this time the second of course delayed another 2 - 3 years)...along with some lame excuse like it's just too big to bind that way, or other cover for the truth which is simply to make twice as much money. after all if you could make money, or TWICE as much money...which would you choose.
  3. whoa no wonder you guys know so much about this series. that's pretty funny those who mentioned having to buy tEotW over again because they loaned it to someone, I'm in that boat too. a long time ago I started talking with this friend about what kind of fantasy we read, I ended up loaning him tEotW, and he loaned me stephen king's the dark tower book 1, whatever it was called (the gunslinger I think). and the whole time I was suffering my way through it I just kept thinking "how could anyone possibly compare the glory of WoT to this crap? he's just making it up as he goes along!" ok, so I understand the dark tower gets a lot better or something towards the end buuut...personally I only made it through the first one and a quarter books, and I was done. not much of a king fan (at least not anymore), actually I vastly prefer the B movie adaptations anyone else had to re-buy tEotW cuz you loaned it out and never got it back?
  4. egwene is also indirectly responsible for tylin's murder, as her deciding to move her army from murandy (or wherever) to tar valon when she did is what caused suroth to suddenly return to ebou dar sooner than expected
  5. aw man... I thought "public" just meant that everyone could participate, I didn't mean for it to show the names of who picked what... please don't feel like a loser if you have reread the series many times! nothing wrong with liking stuff :P
  6. pretty sure I'm at least a 4 - 6 man myself, (tho most of those were a long time ago) and will probly reread the whole thing only once more, after every last installment has come out and enough decades have gone by for me to have significantly forgotten much of what happens (ie old age / retirement). btw let me know if you think the choices should be different, and / or post here with any elaborations you might have
  7. he's not really dead, he just grew bored of working on the same series his whole life and wanted to do other things with his last decades so he had them announce the death of his pen name and give the project to another author so he could enjoy his retirement, or maybe do other work under a different name. that's why 8 - 10 began to drag so much, artist-burnout (you can't manufacture inspirado) [/conspiracy theory]
  8. ok I am dumb... when I first read this I thought we were back on star wars
  9. I always felt the one thing the white tower teaches hardest is obedience. maybe it makes sense in regard to the dangers of first learning to channel but I think the real reason is power and control and yeah my fav example of government in the series is the two rivers, circa EotW (no nobles and pretty much everyone has a say)
  10. tam is pronounced like tom?? I have always in all my years of reading these books just assumed the name "tam" was said like damn, ham, sham etc but I've been listening some of the audiobooks recently and I heard one of the women pronouncing it like "tom" (same as thom merrilin) is that right or do you just think sometimes the people reading take liberties with some of the pronunciations? I mean have many of you others ever pronounced it in your head as TOM al'thor?
  11. because the prophecies call for "his BLOOD" on the rocks of shayol ghul
  12. before the waste- dislike; after the wise ones got through with her- like. she was terribly bratty early on in the series but I felt like egwene probably underwent more character development since then than anyone else except maybe rand. I DID change my mind about her briefly when she got herself captured at the end of #10 but like the person above said, all of her actions since then have been quite impressive. I mean if she hadn't remained in the tower as a novice undermining elaida's rule from within, there probably would have been more bloodshed before there was reunification... altho I could see how people could be upset by her working against rand, after that
  13. hmmmmmmmmm in light of all those quotes it does seem pretty debunked, I mean a few of them lend themself to the aes sedai-answer theory but all of them together, if they're all reliable I'd say make it a pretty big stretch. so why would they confirm demandred's not having been seen up through #11, but then refuse to do so for #12-13? is that why people are looking at all the new characters who appeared since book 12? lol where is that thread again... well technically wasn't that elaida's plan? she added some kind of "by any means necessary" clause to her orders or something? I mean I know the black ajah was behind elaida being raised but alviarin was not yet pwning her every move, actually the dumai's wells debacle was one of the things which allowed her to start that later. also I remember galina was head of black ajah at the time and also became head of the tower embassy once it degenerated into outright kidnapping, also by elaida's order...but that doesn't necessarily mean the plot originated from the shadow, the forsaken or even the black ajah, though they were probably quite pleased to go along with elaida's orders in that instance. ok...thats an inconsequential...technicality
  14. but isn't rand prophesied to bring chaos to everything? (like how many nations did he leave in upheaval) I thought the great lord simply meant, step back and let rand do what he does best (blunder through ignorance such as founding the black tower, giving complete control of it to taim and saying, "make me weapons") and whatever you do, don't kill him yet.....which was why sammael was fretting so much about rand going to war with him
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