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  1. G'day Paul! I'm Eleanor from The Land of Madmen Aussie WoT Convention admin team - hope you're coming along to our Aussie WoT Con in September! (Forgive me for my advertising, DM admin folks... but here's the link to our page, Paul - The Land of Madmen )
  2. Hello :) I'm Myf (Lupusdeusest at the Dusty Wheel) and I have never posted here in the forums. I've commented and have uploaded images to the gallery, having lurked for, oh, since high school (>6y), but I have never ventured into the forums, save by direct link by Terez or Luckers. I'm an Australian fan. I'm mostly posting now to, well, advertise Zombie Sammael's bike ride for charity - he is riding from Land's End to John O'Groats in the UK, one end of the country to the other. He has a sponsoring page here at http://www.justgiving.com/Russell-Dady/ . He just completed Day Two a few hours ago. -squeaks and runs out- So much social. So much noise!
  3. That Caemlyn was one of the first WoT 3Ds I ever saw. I fell in love with it then, hard, and it's inspired me ever since.
  4. From the album: 3D WoT Landscapes

    "An Afternoon at Whitebridge" - at long last, I have beaten my old foe, Whitebridge. My first effort failed dismally - http://fav.me/d4cc5eo - with horrific rendertimes and a corruption to boot. Since then, all attempts to model/create the village of Whitebridge, and even the White Bridge itself, have met with problem after problem. Eventually I gave up. Recently, however, David and I started up The Horse's Head - thehorseshead.com - to do our pre-A Memory of Light reread. As a part of this, there is a slot for banner art. The first piece I did for the banner art was Winternight in the Westwood - http://fav.me/d4lznpp - a great deal of fun. In the following chapters, however, we had two delicious options for WoTish scenery porn - the Tower of Ghenjei and of course the White Bridge. I knew I wanted to do Ghenjei when we reached Towers of Midnight, so remaining was Whitebridge. (Or one of the other wonders Domon mentions, of course.) For those uninitiated to WoTdom (or rusty): "Men dashed about the boat, bare feet thumping the deck, hauling on ropes, tying off some lines and untying others. Some brought up big oilskin bags stuffed almost to bursting with wool, while others readied cables as thick as Rand’s wrist. Despite their haste, they moved with the assurance of men who had done it all a thousand times before, but Captain Domon stumped up and down the deck shouting orders and cursing those who did not move fast enough to suit him. "Rand’s attention was all for what lay ahead, coming plainly into sight as they rounded a slight bend of the Arinelle. He had heard of it, in song and story and peddlers’ tales, but now he would actually see the legend. "The White Bridge arched high over the wide waters, twice as high as the Spray’s mast and more, and from end to end it gleamed milky white in the sunlight, gathering the light until it seemed to glow. Spidery piers of the same stuff plunged into the strong currents, appearing too frail to support the weight and width of the bridge. It looked all of one piece, as if it had been carved from a single stone or molded by a giant’s hand, broad and tall, leaping the river with an airy grace that almost made the eye forget its size. All in all it dwarfed the town that sprawled about its foot on the east bank, though Whitebridge was larger by far than Emond’s Field, with houses of stone and brick as tall as those in Taren Ferry and wooden docks like thin fingers sticking out into the river. Small boats dotted the Arinelle thickly, fishermen hauling their nets. And over it all the White Bridge towered and shone. "“It looks like glass,” Rand said to no one in particular. "Captain Domon paused behind him and tucked his thumbs behind his broad belt. “Nay, lad. Whatever it be, it no be glass. Never so hard the rains come, it no be slippery, and the best chisel and the strongest arm no make a mark on it.” “A remnant from the Age of Legends,” Thom said. “I have always thought it must be.” "The captain gave a dour grunt. “Mayhap. But still useful despite. Could be someone else built it. Does no have to be Aes Sedai work, Fortune prick me. It no has to be so old as all that. Put your back into it, you bloody fool!” He hurried off down the deck. "Rand stared even more wonderingly. From the Age of Legends. Made by Aes Sedai, then. That was why Captain Domon felt the way he did, for all his talk about the wonder and strangeness of the world. Aes Sedai work. One thing to hear about it, another to see it, and touch it. You know that, don’t you? For an instant it seemed to Rand that a shadow rippled through the milk-white structure. He pulled his eyes away, to the docks coming nearer, but the bridge still loomed in the corner of his vision." - The Eye of the World (Robert Jordan, 1990), Chapter 26, "Whitebridge". I will post the link to the ship models when I refind them - they are free(!!!!) on ShareCG and magnificently detailed. (That schooner is an Andoran Customs ship, by the way.) The building I believe is by Luca Rodolfi (feel free to correct me if I am wrong; its info is missing since I reinstalled). The birdies are one of Barry Marshall's bird alphas. The bridge and atmo are MINE. I must also thank Barry again for so much help in this image. It was a monster to render the first time - 117h58', from memory - and with his tips I was able to cut that down to about 24h(!).

    © Please do not use without permission. The concept of Whitebridge is of course fully possessed by the Creator (TLSOHTCSHA

  5. EleanorChandler-Temple

    3D WoT Landscapes

    For Vue renders of Randland geography etc
  6. From the album: 3D WoT Landscapes

    This is the final render of my model of the Jangai Pass, from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. For the stone/dirt of the Aiel Waste: Where the hard ground was not cracked clay, yellow or brown or something between, it was stony and stark, and everywhere split by dry gulleys and hollows. The scattered vegetation was sparse and low thorny bushes and leafless things with spines; the few blossoms, white or red or, yellow, were startling in their isolation. Occasionally stretches of tough grass covered the ground, and rarely, there was a stunted tree also likely to have thorns or spines (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 36). For the Pass itself: Right at that minute he did not want to think about Elaida or the Wise Ones, or listen to Moiraine. Now he wanted to study the pass ahead, a deep gap in the mountains that twisted as though a blunt axe had tried to chop through again and again, never quite succeeding. A few minutes' hard ride, and he could be in it. On one side of the pass mouth a sheer cliff had been smoothed over a hundred-pace width and carved, a wind-weathered snake entwining a staff a good three hundred spans high; monument or marker or ruler's sigil, it surely dated from some lost nation before Artur Hawkwing, perhaps even before the Trolloc Wars. He had seen remnants before from nations long vanished; often even Moiraine did not know their source. High on the other side, so far up that was not sure he was seeing what he thought, just below the snow line, stood something even stranger. Something that made the first monument of a few thousand years a commonplace. He cold have sworn it was the remnants of shattered buildings, shining grey against the darker mountain, and stranger still, what appeared to be a dock of the same material, as for ships, slanting drunkenly down the mountain. If he was not imagining it, that had to date from before the Breaking. The face of the world had been changed utterly in those years. This could well have been the oceans floor, before. He would have to ask Asmodean. Even if he had the time, he did not think he would want to try reaching that altitude to find out for himself. - The Fires of Heaven, Chapter 20 I had been wanting to do another scene from WoT for some time, but my old enemies, Whitebridge and Dragonmount, had been defeating me, corrupting and crashing constantly. I therefore sent out a call for another scene/location (other than the Big Fiery Lava Toilet or somewhere with many buildings) and Zombie Sammael from the Theoryland.com boards answered with the Jangai Pass. It's been a bit painful with this one - you can't see the serpent carving because of the shadows (I had such fun making that! (Sculptris)) and I'm not sure if you can make out the buildings or dock on the left side. The pass also doesn't make enough turns. In any case, here it is. Time to make something colourful, before I start making a morning version of this one so you can see the carving and the jetty better.

    © Concept (c) Robert Jordan. This rendition (c) Quasart.

  7. Dammit! One of those bronze pins would have been perfect for the BHM! He's just going to have to be happy with the one he's getting...
  8. Ordered my copy :D Trench - d'you have any idea how many times I have been locked out of a competition or raffle on Tor because I don't live in the 50 states? They do - they just go for quantity not quality. If you add up all those giveaways and the like... I'll be interested to see what happens next month. I lost all my copies in January's flooding so this is PERFECT, having only regained 1, 5, 7, and 9 in the DKS covers I (oddly, he's a terrible anatomist, but I started reading with DKS covers so it feels like home) prefer, and 3 of them through a friend's quick action in a second hand store. DKS is hard to get in Aus. Overexcited Aspie may have said too much.
  9. I've always loved the possible irony behind having the remnant of what was once the Shaido being the 'remnant of a remnant', especially since they are on their way back to the TFL.
  10. BINGO!!!!! Found it! Took a long while... but I searched for "cartography" instead of "map" and found a cartographers' forum, to which I was not logged in. Despair! But then in her comment signature I found the link to her deviantART... and from there, this! It's not the one I remember, and the map colours make the stedding a little hard to see, but they are there.
  11. I know of it! But I can't find it; haven't been able to for some time. I'm desperate to find it again however!
  12. My bad - wotmudart is the group it went through. It looks to be by Joar, who says more Spawn are to come!
  13. An awesome one of a morat'torm came through my feed on dA the other day... I'll see if I can find it.
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