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  1. Yes, just the crappy American ones. I -wish- we could get the European covers.
  2. If they got new art, they would sell more. I've known plenty of people that point and laugh and say "Ha, the art alone makes me not want to buy it". Even Brandon knows this. It's why he got Michael Whelan for his art and not Sweet.
  3. Can anyone confirm if this will happen? I've heard rumors, but no sources. I want to buy the hardcovers of the books... but man, they are *so* ugly.
  4. This is seriously off-putting... If a book needs a spreadsheet to help the reader.. count me out, man.
  5. "Such a bond would be possible, but an Ogier would find it a very strange thing to be asked to do. I can't think of an Ogier on this side of the Aryth Ocean who would be willing to accept." -Robert Jordan http://reocities.com/Area51/stargate/8513/creator-bond.htm
  6. I'm trying to be more familiar with the concepts, prophecies, dreams, organizations, etc. rather than trying to memorize all of the members of said group. I think that might be easier for me, since, like you have said, it's not possible to memorize all of those names.
  7. How many notes did you end up having by the end of the series? Did you have to write down the names of all the Aes Sedai?
  8. So, if you do take notes, how extensive are they? How many notes do you have?
  9. Hi, I just started reading this wonderful series 6 months ago. So far, I'm on book 7. At times, I'm having difficulty remembering the characters and multiple sub-plots. I heard there are 1,880 characters or something other. Obviously nobody is able to remember that much, and most of these characters don't need to be remembered anyways. I'm more concerned about the characters that will return in some way or have some sort pivotal role in the story. A character that is mentioned once just as someone's brother is really of no concern to me. Those names can be forgotten. But when characters comes
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