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  1. I think it will be Mat to kill Fain due to his time spent with the dagger he may has some kind of immunity to it. I also think this because Mat has rarely metioned the dagger or missing it at all. But he does bring this up in one of the last two books can't remeber exactly where. The Perrin idea sounds good to but I think Perrin main foe will be slayer. The other idea I had was maybe Fain come for Rand when he is sealing the bore for good and Fain will somehow be sealed away as well for good. Outside of time itself or maybe stuck in a everlasting conflict with The DO inside the bore.
  2. I would love to see more books about the AoL, but only after this series is done. If it was done first it would have ruined alot of the best parts of this series. Per-q is really the only way to get anything else out of this story after the dragons peace. Other then maybe a Mat & Tuon series of going back to seachen and regaining order which at best could be maybe 2-3 books. I also hear alot of people crying about the lenth of these books and to much fluff. The rescue seems to take alot of heat from fans but, I think it was a very important part of the series. Really it had very little to do with Falie. It was more about showing the changes of Perrin. Change happens slow not over night and RJ laid out these changes slowly for all the charcters as it should be. The bowl of winds is another that takes alot of heat, yet it played an important part tieing The Kin & the Windfinders to the WT. A story line that I personally think would have been expanded upon and should have been but, I believe the crying fans actually got to RJ and he began to rush the series. Now we get to see the grandest battle ever along with the Black tower issues and many other things wrapped up in one book.... I hope your happy, the LB alone should have been two books atleast.The last book I'm guessing will prolly have around a 2-3 month spand. Thats like saying that WWII started and ended in 3 months and compared to what the LB is going to be WWII was a much smaller war. I'm not sure about the numbers but, I think the WoP last around 20 yrs and that was when LTT was on the top of his game from the start. Rand has just now risen to the top of his game. Some of these post are correct you will never really get to see the forsaken score major wins because now the writer just does not have the time to make the battles go back a forth a bit.I'm guessing either a deadlock were niether side is really pushing one way or the other. Or the shadow just completely destroying the light and Rand along with a few others jumping in and either slaying the DO or sealing the bore for good. There will be more to it then that but in a nutshell I think thats about it. I just don't see BS being able to do awhole lot more with one book to tie up so many lose ends along with the LB. Kind of sad really. To get back to the topic though. I think RJ laid this story out the best way it could have been done. Starting with the AoL would have taken from this series with a doubt. That being said I think the poster has a great point a series about the AoL would be great! I know what started the WoP and I know how it ended and even some things inbetween. But from the drilling of the bore to the death of LTT there is alot of material. You could make another epic series out of that stroy line for the WoT.
  3. I think this may be the right angle to look at. Perhaps other wise ones have went through a 3rd time before and saw what they feared most. Yet it is not openly discussed. Maybe it shows what happens if you dont face your fears or atleast do something about them. When Avi touched it maybe it read her fears and then showed her what was to come if she didn't do something.
  4. No one is to blame. It is a war and the shadow slipped one in. There will be loses this was just the first strike. people in this thread it seems thinks this is just a meeting. Don't forget it is Rand pulling the strings this time not Egwene. This is what he wanted for two reasons one the dragons peace and second thsi will be the staging point to kick off the groud battles of TG. Egwene saved him a great deal of time that he does not have by getting most of the worlds forces gathered here. Thats what he wanted.... It is not like after the meeting is over everyone is just going to return to their kingdoms... So how could you blame Elayne for marching her forces. It is the last battle Rand is going to break the seals the following day... Caemlyn is nothing compared to the fight that will determen the outcome of the world. Bottom line Elayne knows and Egwene knows about Rands plans for breaking the seals. So they know that TG is going to start soon. The shadow got a suprize attack off and it worked well for them so far. You can't blame Elayne or Egwene for marching troops to try to change Rands mind. When they think with his decsion rests the fate of the world. That is by far more important than any one city.
  5. I'll start off by saying I am no expert fighter, nor swordmen. So I won't approach this with facts and technique statics. Instead lets just use common sense gained from day to day life. When I was 18 fresh out of high school I went to work for a landscaping company while going to college. Keep in mind I lettered in 3 sports and grew up on a farm, so physical labor was an everyday event. Needless to say I was in rather good shape. During this time I worked with a man who was 68 years old. This guy could keep right up with any of the young guys on our crew. Even at times out work us. For those of you who have never done this type of work at times it can be very labor intensive. I worked there for 2 years and this guy never missed a beat or day during those years. The guy worked there not because he had to, but because he had worked all his life and thats what he did. I told this story for a very simple reason. The OP has valid points across the board. Most of the time youth will win out in situations of physical might. Normally with youth comes superior speed, power, and endurance. The important thing to remember is there are exceptions to the norm. Like the 68 year old man I worked with Lan is an expection to the rule. We have all seen this at one time or another throughout our life. Like the person who smokes 3 packs a day and lives to be 100. While thousands upon thousands die in their 40s and 50s from smoking. There is no logical answer to how or why it just is. Nothing is as clear cut as black and white there are always some exceptions to the rules. For me it is not that far fetched to believe Lan is without a doubt the greatest swordsmen alive within the series. The path he has walked is much different than all the other metioned throughout this post. Sword placed in his hand while still in his cradle. Lan has been married to the blade all his life, it is not who he wants to be it is just simply who he is. He has been a arrow aimed at the shadow from birth. He took a slight detour by join Moriane, but still even then he didn't get softer he got stronger (bond/countless battles/etc etc). Lan has had one thing consuming him since he was old enough to understand. This to me does not sound like a person who has been worn down by 50 years but one who has been instaed training for 50 years. All of the other players within the series have had many different things pull them in different directions other than swordsmenship and hone their skill. So to reveiw age really is not a deciding factor becuase there is always the exception to the norm. Also with Lan story I think it makes perect sense for him to be considered the best. I find nothing off about saying that. In my opinion the only person who stands a chnace against Lan in a 1v1 fight is Mat. Due to his weapon advantage and insane luck. Mat rolled out of his death bed and downed Gawyn and Galad. They have both gotten better but they were not written to be pushovers at the time of this conflict either. But as far as a 1v1 sword Vs. sword I would say Lan is unmatched.
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