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  1. ...all the books are available? I ask that because I am currently half way through my first read of TSR and I can't stop now. BUT I was wondering if you guys would approach the series differently having all the books laid out in front of me like I do. Perhaps take a break after the first 6 or 8? Idk, right now I plan to devour them as quickly as possible haha.
  2. Wow...spot on. I JUST turned 20 (two weeks ago). And yah I read Eragon probably 5 years ago so definitely many gaps in my reading difficulty haha. Now you can see why I really appreciate these novels :) I plan to finish up this series as soon as possible (picking up the next three this weekend) and then look into more Fantasy books. (A Song of Ice and Fire has been recommended many times, but who knows)
  3. To be honest this series really got me back into reading. Excluding books I was forced to read (school) I only really enjoy reading fantasy. I'v read: The Hobbit, A series of Dragonlance books (the names evade me but they were based on the seasons) 2 and a half Harry Potter books (lol) Eragon, Eldest, and a bit of the third book but it just started to bore me. Which is sad because I liked Eragon a lot for what it was (a cheap fun fantasy novel).
  4. After I read Eye of the World I thought wow this may be one of the best books I have ever read....then I read the Great Hunt and said the same thing. Now without a doubt I can say the Dragon Reborn is the best book of any genre I have ever read. The way the individual stories came together was so awesome to see it unfold before you, and final 100 pages were so captivating I don't think I glanced up from the book once. I loved the evolution of the all the characters and although I have always held Perrin as my favorite, after Mat left Tar Valon and had the "change of luck" I absolut
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