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  1. Is there much Deus Ex Machina in the WoT? Don't get my wrong, I loved the books (else why would I spend so much money on buying 13 books), but it's something that I've remarked on while reading them. Consider the Cleansing of the Saidin - the taint created a situation that gave the enemy a clear advantage. However as soon as it became clear, Rand suddenly got an idea, that mysteriously enough, nobody thought of before. Ta'veren abilities are another example that I remarked upon, especially Mat's luck. And of course Rand's sudden transformation on Dragonmount...
  2. A completely academic discussion... Something that I found rather interesting about the WoT is that it is set in a rather matriarchal society. Of course this varies from country to country, within the novel, but by and large it's clear that women are more powerful. For example male channellers are hounded, the Aes Sedai are a very powerful political force (and the Children of Light - while feared - are considered over-zealous troublemakers), Andor is run exclusively by queens and one only has to look to Emmond's Field to see how women can boss men around. However with the cleansing of the [is]saidin[/i], do you think that we'll see "masculinism" in a similar fashion to "feminism" in Europe and America during the 20th century (after the defeat of the Dark One of course)? Also could we see a complete 180 degree shift, given that men have greater strength in the one power than women have?
  3. Oh yeah, I understand. A pity the oul blas Gaeleach doesn't work that well with the girls at home. =P It's probably from hanging around for two long on politics.ie. >_> Perfecto. Sorry, for a little while there I thought it was a forum plugin you were using. I understand now, thanks. =)
  4. Accent? I'm confused, but thanks nonetheless... Actually can someone direct me on how to join social groups? I'm a little confused as to how they work here...
  5. I hail from Ireland, the country which has had no decent government in living memory. Unlike Belgium, however, we like to pretend that we have. =P
  6. Go raibh míle maith agat! Is as Baile Átha Cliath mé. Céard fuat féin? Got it in one! I don't have the commitment to RP... My coadmin on my writing website has been trying to get me to do it for years, but hasn't succeeded, so I doubt anyone else will! I'll definitely look at the Artist Crafter Writers' Guild though. Internet writing has helped me a lot. :)
  7. I remember picking up "Eye of the World" in a shop a few years ago. For whatever reason, I just couldn't get into it. Then a few weeks ago, I picked it up again, and literally couldn't put it down until I was finished it (by which time it was nearly time to get up). Well... no book ever did that to me before. I still haven't had the time to read the subsequent books, because I'm doing the Leaving Cert (end of school exams), but I'll get around to them when I've got those out of the way. Anyway, my name is Fiachra, and I'm a 19 year old from Ireland. My pass-times include reading, writing, socialising, alcoholic beverages, and travelling (restricted to France and Germany for the most part). In terms of writing, I'm working on a fantasy book at the moment - though not the stereotypical kind. After university, I'd like to become a journalist, and use that as a gateway into writing fiction full time. Both are still very much dreams though. Anyway, nice to meet you all (hopefully!). I'll probably talk to you a lot more, when I don't have a ton of pesky exams hanging over my head!
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