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  1. Odd... I just read that part in KoD... Yeah, Aviendha gave it to Elayne right before she left with the Aiel. I really like the theory - and it makes a lot of sense. I'm a little worried that Noal is going to try to betray them, though... In some of his ramblings about 'Jain being his cousin', he mentioned something about 'Jain' being made into a tool by someone or something, but didn't get to finish his sentence. (which might possibly mean a Forsaken or even the Aelfinn and Eelfinn themselves. I dunno.)
  2. I dunno, I wouldn't want to cast anybody really famous in the WoT cast. I'm kind of going for B-Movie actors, and less-knowns: (and people in the appropriate age group. ::)) A lot of them are TV stars, or big on BBC and whatnot. And yeah, yeah, I know... I spent a while on it, but I'm really bored right now, and thought it would be fun to come up with a list. Rand - Alex Pettyfer Perrin - Chris Egan Mat - Matt Dallas Egwene - Talulah Riley Nynaeve - Missy Peregrym Elayne - Carey Mulligan Min - Allison Mack Moraine - Kate Magowan Lan - Ethan Hawke Thom - Bill Nighy Aviendha - Kristen Stewart Birgitte - Jewel Staite Gawyn - Ed Speleers Galad - Tyron Leitso Tuon - Caroline Chikezie
  3. All I can say is - Bwahahaha!;D I can't believe anyone would fall for this!
  4. My favorite probably has to be Winter's Heart - I love the colors, and it's not too weird looking. I liked EOTW and TDR, as well. The worst, by far is Lord of Chaos. It's just... blech.
  5. I meant it metaphorically. I agree with your theory, though.
  6. The question we should be asking about the dream is why Egwene needed rescuing from the cliff, and why did the Seanchan have the advantage of being able to climb? :roll: What sort of agreement will Egwene have to come to with the Seanchan? I sort of want to pair this dream together with the one she had of the Seanchan attacking the White Tower. The two ravens wobbling the lamp and white flame. Drops of flaming oil flew out, some of the farther drops burned out, but the drops surrounding the lamp remained alight. I think a decision will be reached - and I think the Seanchan may have the advantage in that decision. As to what it is, I can only guess.
  7. Blue, or Gray. As much as I like books, I wouldn't want to be a Brown - I'd want more of a life. I don't think I could handle being trapped in a stuffy library for a hundred years...
  8. The test said I was the most like Egwene (girls) and Mat (guys), and that the guy I should hook up with would be Aram... :roll: Well. At least he's good-looking...
  9. I imagine Tuon as somewhat darker than that. I see the Sea Folk as looking like (eastern) Indians, southerners and Domani as having a sort of Mediterranean coloring, (including Siuan, Leane, and Juilin.) The only toughest thing for me to imagine is what Saldeans look like, actually.
  10. Somehow, Aiel humor is funnier than anything else in the books. If you understand it, at least. :roll: They're very much inside-joke types. Hm. Not really a funny part, but I love the scene near the end of KoD when Kadere talks with Tuon. She asks him what he thinks of Mat - in a sort of neutral, militaristic way. I think it's when the seriousness of it dawns on her, and she realizes she really does have feelings for Mat, too. I just thought it was sort of a sappy, 'Awww' moment. Yeah... I'm gonna go crazy on favorite parts... I'd better stop.
  11. I love Lord of Chaos, I have too many favorite parts in the book. One of the best is right after the Shaido attack Mat's camp - trying to distract himself by scolding Olver while getting stiched up. Or when Sulin "advises" Rand in romance. When Egwene is raised Amyrlin -
  12. Hmm. I remember reading that Egwene wanted to make the White Tower more like the Kin, but that she still intended to take the three oaths to sort of 'prove' her dedication to the Tower. The oaths take a hundred years or so from a channeler's life, I think. Egwene will probably mourn Gawyn's death, but I don't think she'll stay a widow for the rest of her life. I dunno, she might find another guy.
  13. I have a sort of stupid question - and I don't know if it's been discussed before, but does Egwene plan to marry Gawyn? I can see her bonding him as a warder, but a married Amyrlin sounds a bit odd, (not that their relationship as warder and Aes Sedai will change their feelings for each other.) I don't know what to think, really. Any thoughts?
  14. Truthfully, I don't hate Elayne. I actually think she balances out the stupidity of Nynaeve, and the wisdom of Egwene. She is rather too snooty, but at least she's done a better job at some things than Morgase has - bringing Caemlyn's dissension to a head, for instance. (Which has been there since the first book, as I recall.) She has a good idea of things, and knows what she has to do. She could do a better job of it, though. At the beginning of the series, I kind of wanted to bash Nynaeve's head in, but I think she's improved a lot since then. I love it when she suddenly becomes unsure of herself - when Egwene tells her off. I think it's when she really realizes that she's been acting like an idiot. Also - when she decides to start caring more about the situation around her, rather than herself (ie. - the rallying of Malkier) I've known people like Nynaeve - and for her to come this far is a miracle. I think she will turn out okay. Egwene is pretty much the best character, as everyone seems to agree. After her stay with the Aiel, she became much more intuitive. In The Shadow Rising, I remember Moiraine was worrying over whether Egwene would start using her head, instead of starting a fuss. (and when she thought that Egwene didn't know about the whole Elayne/Rand situation :D ) I think becoming Amyrlin was even better - I don't think she would have been as interesting with just an over-proud Aiel, Wise One view of things. In a way, I think Egwene's even tougher than Siuan was. With the Aiel, she's learned to take life as it comes, accept hardships, and to listen. Being Amyrlin has taught her to be more observant - considering many points of view - and to be patient. I think she's also learned that denial of a situation will get you nowhere - so she just faces it. Egwene totally kicks @$$!
  15. Hmm - don't know if this was mentioned already... I was just re-reading The Dragon Reborn. I love the part near the end, when the Stone of Tear is being overtaken, (at the end of the battle): I think I liked it because it was the first time Rand really declared he was the Dragon openly. It's such a simple scene, yet powerful. Oh - forgot to mention. I also love it when Mat gets his hat!
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