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  1. Ha! Best year, best month! ^^

    Sorry for the late reply, I just came back from my holidays!

  2. Hey Elayrin! We're only 4 days apart :).

  3. I've read the first 8 books of the Anita Blake series so far and and after reading what you wrote about it, now I'm wondering if I should read any more of it... Fortunately, until now I've been lucky with "my" authors so far... Hm, now that I think about it - there is one author: Jeaniene Frost. I really liked the first novel of her Night Huntress series. It was witty, had interesting characters - it was quite entertaining. But as the series continued... well, in the end all you had was a lot of porn with a little bit of plot to connect those porn scenes... No, thanks!
  4. Sandtiger and Del from Jennifer Roberson's "Sword-Dancer Saga" - although Del might complain about being called a "swordswoman". Dancer is dancer.
  5. I got my Kindle on Saturday - and I love it. It's even better than I imagined. I was unsure which reader to choose, but in the end the Kindle won - the rest of the readers available here in Germany is either too expensive (Sony) or of mediocre quality (Oyo etc.).
  6. It took me a couple of weeks to decide if I should by an e-book reader or not... and five minutes ago I ordered one.
  7. What about Artemis Fowl instead of Harry Potter? Fun to read, but not as well known as Harry Potter.
  8. You could start a writing project with your students - plot ideas, characters, world building... This would help to understand how complex fantasy books can be. Based on that you could discuss what would be easier - writing a fantasy novel or a novel without a fictional setting etc., you could compare those types of novels.... just some ideas.
  9. I love "The Dark Tower". I like Stephen King in general, but in my opinion "The Dark Tower" is the best that he has ever written. Hybrid, I've never thought about those similarities, but now that you mentioned it... Eragon is not only poorly written, it is poorly copied. Now I like it even less.
  10. Thank you all! If I'm allowed a question..... what do the guys that choose the Aes Sedai path wear? Hopefully their dresses are not strapless......
  11. "Bahnhof" trifft es ja nicht so ganz, "Einkaufszentrum" wäre treffender - obwohl es mittlerweile auch schon ein paar Jahre her ist, dass ich dort war. Also Morrigan war mir schon bekannt, Aoife ist mir neu... aber das klingt wirklich gut (und danke für die Aussprachhilfe, die war nötig! ) Was Biblisches...? Oha, jetzt bin ich neugierig - was hast du denn dazu gefunden? Denn eigentlich ist mein Name eine Eigenkreation. Habe es mir angewöhnt, mir immer selbst Namen auszudenken, dann ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit größer, dass sie einzigartig bleiben. Ach so, ausgesprochen wird er so: eLAYrin eleaZAR Hm... maybe we should switch back to English, otherwise the others might think we're plotting something...
  12. Thank you so much! This dress looks great.... Well.... so far. I have a great talent for finding stains - or they find me. We don't get along very well... guess I have to start taking stain remover with me wherever I go.
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