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  1. I agree with the above, slate would be a horrible stone for a spearhead. You'd honestly be better off just sharpening the end of a wooden pole. Maaayyyybbeee for an arrowhead, as they are generally a one-time-use weapon... but definitely not a spear. I posted in another thread, but to consolidate here: Description of circles/linking from Pevara: "Men require women to form a circle," Pevara said. "In fact, a circle must contain more women than men except in very limited cases. One woman and man can link, as can two women and one man, as can two women and two men. So the largest we could create is a circle of three, with me and two of you. Still, it could be of use to us." Given the conversation involved 1 woman and 3 men, it seems her examples don't show how it would be possible for 3 of them to link. Also, she was giving examples of when a circle doesn't require more women than men and the underlined is an example of more women than men. This should really read: "Men require women to form a circle," Pevara said. "In fact, a circle must contain more women than men except in very limited cases. One woman and man can link, as can one woman and two men, as can two women and two men. So the largest we could create is a circle of three, with me and two of you. Still, it could be of use to us."
  2. My apologies if these have already been posted but a few issues that came up for me while reading: 1) Is it just me or was the description of linking butchered? 2) Isam's POV didn't make sense to me. Luc was raised in Andor, and Isam was born in Malkier. Agalmar's story indicated after his mother's failed attempt to take the throne for Isam, Trollocs took Malkier and she fled south with Isam. Is it possible that she then double-backed and headed directly into the heart of the blight, close enough to see the Mountains of Dhoom, to raise her child amongst a village of twisted Aiel? Uh, I guess...
  3. iirc the White Tower was built after the breaking, and should elevators have existed before and made it through the breaking to be built into the tower, why wouldn't they still exist now? Also, elevators exist in current times, they don't use the OP. They use electricity :)
  4. How about we just agree that anything involving the wonder sisters is dumb. There's a reason thier incessant bumbling is generally considered the worst part of the series (comparable only with the 4 books worth of Faile's captivity).
  5. The original post is the exact same arguement I had with a friend. The interactions with Sleete make it seem like Gawyn is better than Lan.
  6. Ya, I had always pictured the lines as straight, the comic one is good. I randomly stumbled across that pic on the WOT Wiki under Davram Bashir and figured I'd post.
  7. Not animated, but probably better than words.
  8. Hair grows from the roots, not the tips. Balefiring the tips off would not prevent the roots from growing. Debunked :)
  9. A horizontal line that slowing turns into a rectangular portal. I think of it almost like a wormhole, connecting two places to each other. You can look through the portal as if you were looking through a window into the destination. Once you cross, you can look back through to where you came from also like it's a window.
  10. Not exactly. He places their souls in new bodies. Ishamael died, but his soul was put into a new body as Moridin. Same for Lanfear into Cyndane, and Balthamel/Aginor into Aran'gar/Osan'gar. If Rand were to die, his body would be permanently dead (save balefire undoing his death). That's not to say he couldn't be transmigrated into a new body. This is actually a much discussed theory (search Fisher King). Given Rand is missing a hand, has 2 unhealable wounds in his side, has the black madness thorns (albeit covered by the white 'shield') etc, it's believed by many that he will need a new body to continue on. Many people believe in some way this will be Moridin given their 'link' since crossing balefire streams. Personally, I could see this happening and take it a step further. Should Rand somehow find himself re-manifested in Moridin's body, he would then have the two mindtraps currently in Moridin's posession (Moggy and Cyndane) which would make things... quite interesting.
  11. Here's another one for you. What if Mat's quasi-death by Rhavin (undone by balefire) released his link to the Horn of Valere, and it can now be blown by someone else? What if Tuon blows the horn and takes command of Hawkwing and his army? #ijustblewyourmind
  12. It's very similar to Moiraine's 'lie' at the start of EotW. "You may call me Mistress Alys". This is intentionally deceptive, but technically not a lie.
  13. I'll be honest, I only skimmed quickly through the post (holy wall of text) but just something to keep in mind... I seem to recall reading that RJ said Balefire burns someone from the pattern and makes them unable to be 'resurrected', but it does not prevent the pattern from re-creating the individual when their age comes back again.
  14. Ya, he was finishing up the part right before RJ's ending so I don't necessarily think there's any deeper meaning to the song choice. I just think it was an epic song to play in the background.
  15. It's done, at 8:49AM EST on 12/21/2011. Brandon was listening to the following song while writing the last paragraphs before RJ's ending. Discuss. I have chills right now.
  16. The first thing that came to mind when I saw the tweet is that Graendal knows Rand thinks she is dead. Rand also doesn't know that Balthamel/Aran'gar/Halima, Aginor/Osan'gar/Dashiva and Asmodean are dead, he just knows they disappeared. He also knows that if a Forsaken isn't killed with balefire, they can be resurrected (Sammael). Moridin or Demandred could easily be disguised as any one of them.
  17. And then, 2 hours later: Mat/the Horn? The Seanchan? Lanfear? Min? Something about Cairhien? Something else? The Ogier? Or perhaps Fain? I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the many things Verin set into motion as well. I expect a lot of people's paths in AMoL will be paved by knowledge provided to them by Verin in one of her many letters, and she had a fairly significant role in Book 2. My guess from his first tweet was Aviendha, but I'm not sure how that ties in with Book 2.
  18. We already know that, the killer was unaware that Asmodean was shielded and thus virtually powerless and so was of the belief that it was self-defense against a traitor to the Shadow. Aside from the fact that this narrows it down to a darkfriend/forsaken, I don't think at this point Asmodean's killer is a spoiler to anyone browsing the AMoL forums.
  19. I think 100% of the book should be Faile getting kidnapped again with Perrin chasing after her. Rand then balefires her at the end and the DO gives up, thankful to find that they all actually wanted the same thing. A Wheel without Faile's thread.
  20. Even if it could be done, I don't see the point. Egwene knows that the Seanchan likely have traveling now. Making the walls unbreakable seems like a lot of effort for very little benefit. Given that we have the last book coming, and that the last battle is basically about to start I can't help but think the Seanchan and White Tower will not go at it too hard. Perhaps 1 raid before they put their differences aside, but they'll both be needed at the last battle.
  21. I'd more think they require the use of the power to activate, but once you 'finish the spell' for lack of a better term, the portal stone does it's thing and transports you to the other side. It doesn't make sense to me that you'd still be channeling into a portal stone on the other side of the world/in the mirror world you came from when you appeared at your destination. Rand doing it essentially in his sleep the first time he used one somewhat supports this. Getting back to the main concept of the thread, I agree with the previous sentiment that enough women channeling should allow for enough of the OP to exceed Rand's when he used them. But portal stones are very different and I'm not sure even fall under the heading of ter'angreal. It may be that they can't be used by a person being supported by a circle?
  22. lol, really? Ok, for Mr Ares I'll clarify my previous comment. The list I linked is not directly derived from RJs notes. RJ confirmed that he does have notes in which he ranks female channelers from 1 to 21. The linked list uses that info, and the comparisons of women's power levels in the books to re-create what most accept as a fairly accurate portrayal of RJ's own list. I actually never stated I've read RJ's notes. I linked a list that has a very descriptive explaination of what it is and indicated that "according to his notes", the weakest female channelers (like Morgase) are not strong enough to ever become Aes Sedai, and even you'll agree she is very likely a 1 on RJ's list, while those powerful enough to become an Aes Sedai are significantly stronger on RJ's list. In his notes. That I don't need to read to know, based on what RJ himself had made public. About his notes. In the end, this conversation is about linking and the point I was making is still very much valid.
  23. Is there a post about these on the forums? I just did a search with no luck, and I have never noticed any errors before.
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