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  1. That is something I don't understand. They still have captured Aes Sedai, Wise ones and Kinswomen. And Rand is okay with that. Very stupid. What are the Aiel going to do? What are the Aes Sedai going to do? Dumb. That whole treaty with Tuon was just Dumb. Rushed and pathetic.
  2. THey can't be Darkfriends. As they have been in the same room as Rand. But I agree they are weird. I was thinking more along the lines of Compulsion. But I don't know how Bashere would have been. Maybe a disguised forsaken? It's the only thing that makes sense.
  3. I agree with this. The whole dialogue with Egwene and Rand in the Pavilon was very poorly written. I found it like this: Egwene - "Your a sheepherder" Rand - "So are you. Your dumb" Egwene - "You can't destroy seals." Rand - "Yes I will" Egwene - "No" Rand - "Yes" Egwene - "No" Rand - "(I will bluff my way out of this) If you don't, I will let the world end. I am going to drink Rum on the beach on an island in the Ocean. Preferably with coconuts." Egwene - "No you won't." Rand - (Damn. She saw through my bluff) "I am leaving!" Egwene - "Ummm....Crap. You Can't" Rand - (Slowly inching his way to the door)"I am leaving. Sign this paper. I'm not kidding." Moraine shows up........"Ummmmm.......Hi Moraine!" That conversation was bad. Just bad. God I hope RJ didn't write that.
  4. For those who don't know the difference between objective and subjective. Objective means looking at the facts in an unbiased way without bringing in emotions etc Being subjective means that personal opinions, views emotions etc are taken into consideration. Objective versus Subjective = Fact versus Opinion
  5. I thought I would add my 2 cents to this discussion. I have been a long time reader of the wheel of time. I remember buying the shadow rising when it first came out as well as buying the dragon reborn when it came out. It feels like forever and honestly, can't even remember the date. How do I feel about Sanderson? I do not think he is a very good author. IMO I think he did a poor job on the wheel of time. It feels more childish and the characters are not nearly as interesting as before. I have not the mistborn series, mainly, because I have no interest in it, so all I can go on for his talent is from this series. However, I do think that Sanderson had a difficult time of it as well. He was thrust upon this series, which has a huge following, and was basically told to finish it off from these notes. Do I think that a Erikson or Martin, would have had same problems? Yes I do. ANd I think you would have the same people bringing up the same arguments. Jordan had his own way of writing, that was pecular to Jordan. It was detailed and the characterization was great. However, Jordan did have his faults. He couldn't write a good female character if his life depended on it. (Apart from Moiraine) I still despise that braid of Nynaeve and wish someone had cut it off. So, I am on the fence. I am glad that the series is almost over. However, I wish they had gotten a better author to finish it off. Furthermore I think that they should have had a panel of experts, whether it be Lurkers, Terez and/or Big Bird, for all I care, but with people who know the series inside and out and who can advise Sanderson of the glaring problems in the series before it is released. This should have been done chapter to chapter with the problems being addressed early. That is it. For the most part I am just glad it's almost over.
  6. I just read this litle tidbit in COT: Abruptly, the ledge dropped away from under her with the crack of crumbling stone, and she caught frantically at the cliff, fingers scrabbling to find a hold. Her fingertips slid into a tiny crevice, and her fall stopped with a jolt that wrenched her arms. Feet dangling into the clouds, she listened to the falling stone crash against the cliff until the sound faded to nothing without the stone ever hitting the ground. Dimly, she could see the broken ledge to her left. Ten feet away, it might as well have been a mile off for all the chance she had of reaching it. In the other direction, the mists hid whatever remained of the path, but she thought it had to be farther away still. There was no strength in her arms. She could not pull herself up, only hang there by her fingertips until she fell. The edge of the crevice seemed as sharp as a knife under her fingers. Suddenly a woman appeared, clambering down the sheer side of the cliff out of the clouds, making her way as deftly as if she were walking down stairs. There was a sword strapped to her back. Her face wavered, never settling clearly, but the sword seemed as solid as the stone. The woman reached Egwene’s level and held out one hand. “We can reach the top together,” she said in a familiar drawl­ing accent. I just read this little tidbit in COT: Obviously,the first part happened. THey attacked Tar Valon. But who will be the one to help her? I figure it must be Eganian. Since POV in chapter 1? Or 2? I cannot really remember, and she comes back into the story. Furthermore, my guess has something to do with the damane. Any thoughts?
  7. I have been re-reading the series. Currently on COT and you can kind get a feeling that Cad. will be going out in a big way. She is constantly mentioning that she has to survived until her job is done. I expect her to go down fighting someone. A forsaken perhaps? I expect at least Itualde or Bashere to die in some glorious charge. A big battle is going on and the trollocs break through. They sacrifice themselves leading the charge to plug the gap. Thats all I can think of now, I am at work and do not have the books on hand to provide references.
  8. Cenn Bruie. I want to know how his roofing business is doing with the new competition. Bela. To see if she has procreated and created a superior breed of horses.
  9. So, I have seen very little discussion concerning tinkers. They have been largely ignored for the majority of the later books. However, what will they be doing for the last battle? I am fairly certain I read somewhere that they were gathering. My speculation is that the armies will be losing and the Tinkers will learn the song. Then it's like a power boost. The armies of light wil kick ass. Any other thoughts?
  10. "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives. The great battle done, but the world not done with battle. The land divided by the return, and the guardians balance the servants. The future teeters on the edge of a blade." This was said by Nicola. I gather this to mean Aviendha, Min, Elaye will all survive the last battle. Rand also survives. The land divided by the return. Seanchan and the dragon Peace split the land. Most likely on existing lines and that the "guardians" or "seanchan" balance the servants, ie Tar Valon. However, the last part is what I find interesting. Do we take that figuratively? Or literally?
  11. Anybody think were going to see Valen Luca and his circus in the last book? My dream is that after the last battle, he sees Nynaeve and Lan is like 10 steps away. Luca says something dumb and Lan comes over stabs him. Repeatedly. Enough so, that there is no possible way she can heal him. Ever.
  12. I see that alot of people are trying to use the 13X13. However, you have to remember that if you have 50 + male channelers, they will eventually go insame destroying the world. Furthermore, after 1000's of years there would be word of this. They wouldn't be able to catch all the male channelers and how would they know if the all the aiel that go up can channel. As well, we don't know anything about the 13X13. Does it have to be a mix of channelers? Male and Female? Just Female? Just Male? Etc. I think the 13X13 trick is going on in the Black tower, but I think this is different. Just my thoughts.
  13. I actually thought the "red Ajah" would be transformed into a police unit with "Red Ashaman" to track down rogue channelers. A police force for both. Basically people, using their powers for Nefarious means. Ie Swindle people, get rich, etc.
  14. Hello all, Couple interesting topics came to mind while reading some of the books. 1) What Ajah's do you think the Ashaman will have for the future? Just copy the Aes Sedai's Colour codes? 2) What new purpose do you think the Red Ajah will do? I personally believe that they will be a kind of Aes Sedai Police force for capturing rogue channelers for both Male and Female. I can see a type of Warder bonding for Male Ashaman "red" Ajah and Red Aes Sedai. A sort of tag team to capture Rogue Channelers. Agree to Disagree? Any thoughts?
  15. I haven't seen any discussion on this and I unfortunately cannot reference the page number as I am at work. However, There hasn't been any discussion on who the channelers were at Maradon fighting with the Shadow. THe ashaman (Cannot remember his name) stated he felt weaving so obviously it was male channelers. Possibly with Female as well. Any ideas? I would guess it was the renegade Ashaman but any interesting theories out there?
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