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  1. I'm in the Avienda camp. She is independent, protective, and passionate woman. Being beautiful doesn't hurt either.
  2. I need numbers for both of these companies please, lol!
  3. Never really took note of Taim's absence. It very well could be important. Could Ishmail have been, or been controlling Taim since before Rand let the two rivers.
  4. The most important reunion will be Rand and Tuon. The two of them meeting again will decide the fate of the wetlands regardless of the last battle. Any other reunions will be important for readers and their sense of peace but that one will be inportant to the world we have enjoyed for two decades. Rand and Morraine will be the most heartwarming, he will cry like a baby. Mat and Tuon will be slightly tense as they are now truly at war with each other unless it happens, as theorized, with them meeting at the Tower and she having to bond him to save him. Lan and Morraine will be great too, she has some explaining to do.
  5. That Tower of Ghenjei is AWESOME!. Really brings out how forboding the place is.
  6. The BWB was done after aCoS I think. It is rather dated now. I would even be interrested in good fan maps.
  7. Does anybody know where I can find detailed maps of the lands in the books. I am sure I am not the only one who would like a map showing places like the FoM, Malden, Rhuidan and the various Aeil territories and holds, the place where Greandal was hiding, etc. You get a general idea from the books but I like maps and I have been unable to ffind a good one that show all the "minor" places of interrest along with the great cities and roads.
  8. I have though about this quite a bit and I feel the best method to bring this to film would be through animation. All of the unique wonders of the world could be rendered in great detail and it wouldn't necessitate a thousand costune changes for real actors. If it were told in a series format like "Avatar: The last Airbender", it would work well. You could do about 2 books a season (with a 24 episode season) because you eliminate the time in the books spent on every little detail of the clothes and mannerisms, they would just be built in for you to see. I could get into a series like that. Also, with live actors there will inevitably be casting decisions that NONE of us like. Actors will not look like the characters and we will spend countless hours on these forums ripping the decision to hire whomever we dislike. Animation will give us characters looking like the ones in the books.
  9. Loved the art and the caption for the last one was awesome!
  10. Fain still has a raging hate for Rand and the DO so you would expect him to get to somebody. Nynaeve and Moghedien. I am hoping that they have a rematch but I am sure that Moggy will try to avoid any direct confrontation with Nyn as she has already beat her once. I don't know if we can honestly match Rand with anyone. The remaining male Forsaken all want a piece of his hide. As I mentioned above Fain wants him. The DO/Bore are a matched set for him as well. I really hope Cadusane gets to somebody. She is supposed to be so awesome but lets be honest she hasn't layed the smack down on anyone. A rematch for Moraine and Lanfear/Cyndane could be interresting but I think Lanfear has a greater role to play than getting into a fight.
  11. I don't know where he will go but I don't think that he will abandon the world. He knows too much and has a strong sense of duty. He has too many possible outcomes. Min's viewing of the Inn with the Dragon's Fang could lead him back to the TR but it could be anywhere in the world. His post TG future is entirely too wide open.
  12. Age 39 Male My favorite character overall was (is) Verin. I liked her from the start in tGH. I suspected that she would turn out to be important from her conversation with Suain and Moraine. After her are the usual suspects, Rand, Matt, Thom, Moraine, Lan, Nyn, Avienda, Min. I actually like most of the female characters more than the male ones. I do like Cadsuane as well becasue she does not put the tower above what is right. I wish that they would have spent more time with Tam. My least favorite characters are Egwene/Galad and it mostly has to do with how they were written. Egwene because she has become a fanantic when it comes to the Aes Sedai. She has bought into the supremacy of the tower despite having experienced their mistakes and evils. She has lost herself. Galad because of his irrational behavior as well. His hatred of Rand could have been solved simply by Egwene telling him that she was there when they all learned of Morgases death and Rands decision to attack Rahvin for it. I think that they would have been more enjoyable characters if their stories had been handled better.
  13. @Testy, Thanks I'd forgotten about the scene in New Spring. Still, the reunion would be interresting.
  14. Verin is just about the most interresting characters in the series. She seems to know almost everything about everything. She could have been learing about sparking those who can learn, it would be one more thing she studied. It would be a useful thing to know if the BA wanted to eliminate the threat of the Seanchan.
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