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  1. I also kind of miss the language in older novels. Nowadays even in a book with medieval type settings the descriptions and dialogue just tend to be more modern. But I was reading some Victorian era novels recently and I love all the eloquence and rich vocabulary, words you just never even see in books anymore. I attribute my own rather large vocabulary to reading, so it makes me sad to think that there are less, well, words to discover in newer books.
  2. Hehe I loved Good Omens, and the Terry Pratchett books in general, definitely a humorous take on the fantasy genre. Another funny "fantasy" type sereis I read was Sir Appropos of Nothing, though I can't remember much about them other than that they were hilarious for poking fun at some of the fantasy tropes.
  3. I loved all of her Avalon books, I'm waiting for a copy of a book she wrote that takes place in Atlantis which is now out of print. And whiel I wait, I had to pick up a copy of Taliesin to re-read now!
  4. I'd have to say that at this point Egwene has probably become one of my favorite characters. Not necessarily one of the most liked, but her storyline is compelling and it's interesting to see how she evolves and becomes just as important a character as Rand. While the other Emond's Field boys were reluctant to leave their home, she was adamant about leaving and doing more with her life, and boy, has she! Regardless of whether I agree with her decisions or not, she's one of the strongest characters by far. She underwent initial training in the tower, had to undergo some very extreme training as a damane (not to mention being told to hunt down the Black Ajah!), then harder training with the Wise Ones, and then is thrust into a position w/the Salidar rebels where she's inexperienced and could have easily been just a puppet, yet she gains control of the situation. And when she's captured, which could have been the end right there for her AND the rebels, she endures even more punishment without breaking and comes out the winner, rallying the tower against the Seanchan to boot. I find that sort of thing incredibly admirable, especially from someone as young as she is who grew up with besically no knowledge of the rest of the world, politics, and playing the game of houses which seems to be a large part of dealing w/Aes Sedai as well. Whether her choices are smart or not, she's the one who has to make them, and it's extremely difficult, especially for someone her age. I see her behavior toward those she knows as being very similar to Nynaeve's as Wisdom, which was something she herself discussed w/Nynaeve. Originally Nynaeve placed herself in authority with the group, but I think Egwene forcing her to accept that outside of the Two Rivers she's not in charge anymore, as well as forcing her to deal with some of her faults and her attitude that she's the Wisdom so she's always right, helps both Egwene and Nynaeve evolve as characters. Egwene just has to take it further once she becomes Amyrlin. Both she and Nynaeve are placed in positions of authority at very young ages, and thus not likely to be taken seriously. She's forced to be harder than she might have to be otherwise, because of her age and inexperience. So yeah, I'll stop rambling now. I guess I just wanted to stick up for Egwene a bit, since I do admire her strength and resolve even though I may not like everything she does. At least she takes charge and does something while most of the other AS dither around and keep jostling for power amongst themselves.
  5. Well, the author is Christian, so that's part of it. It also makes sense in that he shows the arrival of the religion to the British Isles and how it impacts the culture/beliefs there, especially with how the Grail legends and Celtic myths became intermixed w/the Christian faith. It begins to bother me a bit later in the series though as some characters who, in my mind and in most mythologies, have old-world beliefs begin converting to Christianity, when for me personally I don't feel they would have. But as a lover of Atlantean myth and Arthurian legends, I do like that he manages to incorporate all of these things in a way that sounds plausible. This brings up another old/new contrast with the old Arthurian tales, and newer takes on it such as Mists of Avalon, which is from the female's perspective.
  6. In Taim's case it's likely he may have been taught by a Forsaken, since he seems to be a Darkfriend. Possibly Demandred, since he echoed Dem's order to "let the lord of chaos rule". It's also possible he was found by sisters of the Black Ajah, or that the rumors Red sisters encouraged the False Dragons to earn prestige in capturing them, were indeed true. Though this seems less likely since saidin/saidar are too different for a sister to have taught him much. I'm gonna go w/Demandred, he was probably the one to order Black sisers to free Taim so Taim could be a plant in the Black Tower. As others have said, the male channelers who declare themselves the Dragon are all very high in strength, so they may have just taught themselves. They'd have to be strong mentally in the first place just to handle saidin at all so they're probably just more suited to channeling without burning out/dying. I also agree with the idea that they may have been in a position to have learned the flame/void trick Tam taught Rand which is an initial step to channel. Could be that's how they learned they could in the first place.
  7. I guess I'm just curious to see if she'll be present at the Last Battle, or if she'll be busy somewhere else. Since she has been foolhardly bc of Min's viewing it wouldn't surprise me if she did insist on going into battle despite the pregnancy bc she thinks she'll be safe(if she regains consistent channeling ability that is). But it also seems likely she'll be stuck in Andor "holding down the fort" so to speak, and if/when the DO is defeated be one of the few strong rulers left to lead everyone into the new age. I just hope that sometime before Rand goes to battle he'll at least find out he's a father! I also feel Birgitte should be present at the LB, but since she's Elayne's Warder I guess her actions are tied to wherever Elayne is. I'll be really mad if she gets killed bc of Elayne's stupid actions!! Which reminds me...lately Birgitte has been walking around with a sword, which seems like it could lead to trouble since she's stated many times that everytime she's tried to use a sword instead of her bow, it leads to disaster. I wonder if that will come into play?
  8. Just finished reading Patricia Briggs' newest Mercy Thompson novel, River Marked. I've really liked the other ones as far as light reading goes, this one felt shorter and more rushed though. Now starting on some of the Valdemar books by one of my favorite authors, Mercedes Lackey. After that I may read more of her books, go find and re-read my copy of New Spring, or possibly go back to a post-apocalyptic series I began awhile back, The Vampire Earth by E.E. Knight. All very good, if all over the place in terms of style/theme!
  9. Do you mean the series by Stephen R Lawhead? I've read those and enjoyed them for the most part, especially the first two dealing w/Taliesin & Merlin. Aside from some overwhelming Christian overtones they're quite good.
  10. What I liked about Harry Potter, is that after I read the first couple books as a kid, it made me branch out into the fantasy genre in general, where I discovered so many amazing books (like WoT!); so aside from the storyline being, IMHO, compelling, I hope these books did the same for other kids. Twilight has also gotten more kids to read, but I couldn't even make it past the first book. Probably because at that point, I'd already delved deep into the fantasy/supernatural genre. If I'd still been 15 and had never read Anne Rice (or anything else, for that matter) I might have liked them. I also enjoy writing and so, for me, the thought that I could probably write a better novel in my sleep also turned me away. It's interesting to see how Meyer re-imagined vampires, in most cases completely steering away from traditional vampire lore, but from what I've read and heard, she doasn't do a very good job of it. I mean, come on, Sparklepires? Really?? As far as things like the fad of revamping classics by adding zombies, sea monsters, what have you, I did like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. But then, I was one of the few girls in English class who didn't like the original book because I thought it was boring, so the whole zombie thing definitely spiced it up a bit! I think if it gets people who ordinarily wouldn't touch a classic novel to at least get a sense for them, it's a good thing, but ever since the book came out it's spiraled into ridiculousness. Just because it worked with this novel doesn't mean we need to take ALL the classics and add monsters. I've always enjoyed reading books and watching films that depict what life was like in other times, I think it's an important role of literature that it shows us these things. We're so advanced now it's hard to imagine a time before cell phones and electricity.
  11. So, the Last Battle approactheth, and Elayne is still pregnant. How far along is she? If she's still with child during the battle and having difficulty channeling, then will she just stay in Andor? With this battle in Caemlyn set up in ToM she may just have to stay behind, unless it's settled quickly. It would be a bit disappointing to me to have her not be involved in the LB at all, since it would be a waste of her powerful channeling abilities. But, Min said her babies would be born healthy, so if she IS still pregnant, does that mean the Dark One will therefore be defeated? He'd kind of have to be in order for there to still be a world for her to give birth in. I also read that any of Min's viewings that occurred after the Dark One began messing heavily with the pattern are less reliable, but I can't remember if she had the one about Elayne before or after all the crazy pattern warping started going down, so perhaps the entire viewing is no longer valid. Thoughts? Speculations?
  12. I read it in publication order. I'd just been introduced to the series on 2004, so while waiting for KoD to come out I needed a WoT fix and picked it up since I think at the time NS had just been published. I may have to go digging through my basement for it so I can re-read it, since the ebook doesn't come out for another month
  13. As far as more "standard" fantasy goes, I would recommend Mercedes Lackey, some of the series I've read and enjoyed would be: the Bardic Voices series The Halfblood Chronicles (Dragons, Elves, and Wizards, oh my!) I've read this one several times! Her modern/urban fantasy series Bedlam's Bard is also quite good, kind of a "what if elves showed up in LA!" scenario. Another series which I've really liked is Elizabeth Haydon's Symphony of Ages. Originally a trilogy but has since been expanded. Unfortunately I'm not sure when and if this series will ever be finished But the original 3 books are self-contained enough to be read on their own. Another modern/post-apocalypticseries I haven't gotten around to finishing yet but like so far is The Vampire Earth, by E.E. Cummings.
  14. After finishing ToM, I'm left wondering if the two are related somehow. It is not really known where the world of the Aelfinn/Eelfinn is, but the ways in which the tower manipulates reality seems similar to TAR. There is also the same feeling of being watched by unseen eyes. So, is it possible the unseen eyes in TAR are the Aelfinn and Eelfinn? If they feed on people's memories and feelings--especially fear--what better place to grab a snack than watching someone's nightmares and dreams? Is their world the World of Dreams? it makes me wonder if Perrin had gone into the Tower with the others, if he would have been able to manipulate reality while they were there as he does in the Wolf Dream.
  15. After re-reading the prophecy I have to lean toward Rand as well. Mat is already mentioned (One Eyed Fool) as is Perrin (Fallen Blacksmith). Also in the last half of the prophecy the Broken Champion is mentioned and this seems to clearly be Rand. The similar phrasing, Broken Wolf-->Broken Champion, makes me associate them as the same person.
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