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  1. I think Rand has handled both Logain and Taim badly. He's given Taim too much freedom and Rand isn't seen as at all linked to the Black Tower. He is so arrogant with Logain - and everyone goes on about the Aes Sedai arrogance! Rand is far worse - I know he is the Dragon Reborn and all that but what he's done with Logain & Taim seems like kids in a playground stuff and all about ego. Its not the best plan in the world - treat the two most powerful male channellers around (other than the FS) like cr@p - there's bound to be trouble ahead. It's just as well Logain seems to hate Taim too otherwise the two of them could have banded together against Rand.
  2. She did what she did because it was the only way she had the smallest chance to survive - the small bubble of hope. I don't think it was an issue for her what actually happened when she went through, at least she had the faint possibility of surviving it.
  3. Nynaeve and my sister is Egwene. Yeah, must have been a nightmare growing up with us... just as well you don't start chanelling until you hit your teens, can you imagine the sibling fights?
  4. I love the chapter in KOD when Egwene gains the respect from the novices in the White Tower with the honey in the tea and the way they all stand up and treat her like the amyrlin. And all the seeds of doubt she's planted with the tower Aes Sedai, awesome and right under Elaida's nose!
  5. Taz

    3 days

    Didn't Moiraine say something on the lines of her increase in channeling ability? She said she had 'changed' over the last year or so since she met the Two Rivers folk. She was channeling a lot under pressure and extreme tiredness - seems to me any channeler would still continue to learn if they were open to it. Its a shame all the chanellers seem to be so secretive of transferring skills, especially between different groups - the Kin, Windfinders, Wise Ones etc. I mean come on, TG is coming and there's still no co-ordinated pulling together of the light...
  6. We have to bear in mind that RJ has given us a major tool in keeping characters alive; healing! This has meant that quite a few of the characters have all had pretty major injuries but survived. If this hadn't been written into the series it would have been a bit more realistic if a few more main characters had died. Blimey, when I've been re-reading the books again even I think I can heal cuts using the power. Getting too caught up in wot...
  7. I'm 31. Only started reading them about 4 yrs ago after my sis recommended them but wish I'd discovered them earlier! Although, it was great being able to read the majority of the series straight through!! I recommend them to anyone who's interested in reading now and everyone has become a fanatic too!
  8. He's learnt about the Aiel as part of his training though so can recognise the traits - even though as can be seen through Elayne they're not always quite spot on. There's enough that he knows Rand isn't true Two Rivers stock.
  9. OK, just come in a little tipsy but just loved the comment about Rand: 'if he is in a correct state of mind, would he be reluctant to kill ONE of his wives' brothers'. Anyone else find this a hilarious statement as he has so many women to choose from or is it just the beer... Anyway... Rand is obviously a little 'unhinged' at the mo - personally, I can't WAIT until he learns about laughter and tears. To me it is gonna be the pivotal moment in MOL - it's when he really accepts his fate and steps up to the final challenge. And Moiraine must be a part of it - she must survive the Finns otherwise why does she say she knows the face of her future husband - she isn't married to Thom yet...
  10. I agree with you for the same reason - its definitely worth a try.
  11. Its right there from EOTW. Moiraine sees it as well and knows its going to fundamentally change her relationship with Lan because she feels his conflict of interest. I love Lan & Nynaeve, all the build-up was fantastic. They've had a lot of obstacles put in their way and I think their love story is the best in the series. I think they really suit each other and that sea-folk custom that Nynaeve now has to stick too makes me howl ... and her braid might survive all that tugging!
  12. Currently the Red Ajah has the highest numbers in the white tower with no job to do if guys don't need to be gentled anymore. I think the Red Ajah offering to bond the Asha'man is the basis for an alliance between the Black & White Towers. They must have realised by now they need to form an alliance to get the best out of eachother and defeat the DO. Maybe the Black and White Towers will continue training new novices/soldiers, accepted/dedicated and then meet for training together once they are all fully fledged Aes Sedai/Asha'man. They'd be pretty balanced then.
  13. Yeah, I think them being weaker in the power has led to them being more useful tools for Egwene and of course partly lead to Egwene being Amyrlin. If they really wanted to have a crack at being fully healed, they could un-bond any warders they had to do it - it'd be well selfish otherwise! I'm still unclear if they now met a healing Asha'man whether he could 'fill the gap' after Nynaeve's initial healing back to their full potential or whether getting fully healed is a one-shot thing after being stilled or burnt out. It'll be interesting to see if Setalle Anan is healed and whether she would be back to full strength after being burnt out (as opposed to being stilled) too - she could be a great asset to the rebels.
  14. Yeah, it may be a one-shot thing - if I were Siuan or Leane and knew that other sisters had been fully healed I'd be willing to try anything to get back to my full strength. It must be really frustrating; though both of them are having a wild old time spreading rumours amongst the sisters and pretending they aren't 'friends' anymore. Although, some of the way they are doing this is because their strength in the power is diminished and they aren't noticed as much by stronger sisters. I'm not sure if they both actually know it's possible yet though - did that fact get to them?
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