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  1. This is fairly close to the basis of dragons in Robin Hobb's Farseer stories. Have you read those books and are you applying that here?
  2. The examples aren't comparable because it's a different sort of context. Following the Aelfinn's comment, it's obvious that 'the two' refers to the two joined areas they had just mentioned. If there had been an obvious 'three' mentioned in this prophecy, then we would know what the 'three' are, but since there wasn't, we don't. But the most logical choice to Cadsuane and Min and Rand seems to be that it has to do with the fact that Rand can't use Callandor safely without two women to link with him. But as they don't even know for sure that the 'blade of light' is Callandor, they might well be wrong. The Aelfinn's prophecy is much more clear. The 'none of us is the author' comment is just ridiculous, because it throws logic out completely. In that case, we might as well not discuss things at all. I'm not sure if we should, in all instances apply logic to a fantasy series, but I will agree that 'none of us is the author' does seem to be a cop out, if you like. I don't at all see where it is obvious that 'the two' refers to the two joined areas in the Aelfinn's answer. I said before that I have no evidence for my interpretation of the comment, but I may have to revisit that by my belief that the Finns wouldn't repeat themselves here. They had already told Rand that it was necessary for the 'east and south, north and west' to be as one, and this leads me to believe that 'the two must be as one' may very well mean something else. You even say so yourself, Terez, directly after by stating that, quote, 'If there had been an obvious 'three' mentioned in this prophecy, then we would know what the 'three' are, but since there wasn't, we don't.' As I speculated earlier, I think this means that men and women channelers must reunite fully. The books even say that the best results with the Power were achieved by men and women working together. Mystica, I'm not sure if Terez' 'attacks', as you put it are personal. Terez has been at this for a while, and I take into account that she hails from Theoryland, where very few holds are barred. Definitely sarcastic, but not personal. Being a Pastafarian, I can tell you all about personal attacks by being slammed by creationists for atheism or considered a nutjob for believing that a bowl of food created the earth
  3. Guess it may be something as simple as Rand paying respect to the station of Empress by kneeling before her throne.
  4. This is only a feeling, and I have no evidence to back it up, but I've always believed 'the two must be as one' as being a reuniting of men and women channelers, a joining of Ashaman and Aes Sedai or a return to AOL Aes Sedai, if you prefer. Hahahaha nice one stitch. I think this is tampering with the prophecies by the Seanchan, and will not come to pass.
  5. The WoT has given me great satisfaction for many years. It would have to be a pretty bad book for me not to be content. I'm backing Brandon to bring his A game and turn in a good book.
  6. Thanks for this poll. Sheepherder, because he would probably talk to me then.
  7. My suspicions on Thom and Moiraine were first raised during the chapter in The Shadow Rising, where she asked him to accompany the SG's to Tanchico.
  8. That would scientifically make sense as well, due to the cause and effect principle. There are not even any causes let alone effects, so there is nothing at all for the balefire to burn. The causes in the past are burned away, removing or changing the effects.
  9. Sheriam was indeed Saldaean. Possibly a strip dance.
  10. RJ stated that Asmodean was 'a cat that tried to cross the tracks and didn't quite make it'. Asmodean crossed the tracks by a) helping Rand b) betraying Graendal's location to Rand. I interpret the statement 'didn't quite make it' as Graendal being able to do it, luckily, while she was attending other matters. In fact I think I've heard that she was attending other matters at the time in Caemlyn.
  11. For some clue to Fain's sidestepping of the pattern, I look to what the Finns said to Mat about not going to Rhuidean, in regards to sidestepping and avoiding the winds (or threads? I don't remember, it's been a while..) of fate. Fain's thread is connected to the Pattern, but the results of his actions are outside the pattern because he has 'avoided the winds of fate', and for me that is his decision to follow Team al'Thor into Shadar Logoth.
  12. The balefiring theory could, I suppose, explain why we have gotten few POV's outside Randland. Perhaps RJ had those countries sidelined for balefiring on a mass scale so he didn't give us POV's of people we might come to love. I just think the Antipasta rates his performance to date. Maybe it is something in particular.
  13. The Sauce Is With You, and You Have Been Touched By His Noodly Appendage. RAmen! Of course, it makes sense everywhere, even with the weaves of the True Sauce, like thin strands of spaghetti. Mat Cauthon has proven that he too, is Touched, by the Passing of the Eye Patch, where Mat would relate that His Noodlyness Touched Him, covering Him in the Sauce, while he was being eye gouged by the Finns, becoming a True Pirate and freeing his fellow Pastafarians. Rand's link to the Eye of the World, containing the pure Sauce, is yet another manifestation of His Noodlyness' Touch. The evil Antipasta tried to imbue his servant with a false manifestation of the FSM (Pesto Be Upon Him) but he failed, because Rand used his years of experience slicing ingredients for marinaras to sever the false Appendage of the Antipasta. The Sauce is truly with Rand, and this is more clear evidence of His Noodlyness being the Creator.
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