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  1. Terez can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that she is refering to people that are long time posters/lurkers on the fansites like this, Theoryland, or Wotmania. People that have been discussing and disecting theories for years. People that have just been long time readers may not know all the theories/discussions that have taken place if they haven't been on the message boards much. And I say posters OR lurkers because there are some people (like myself) that may not have posted till recently but have been on the boards reading the discussions for years. I kind of figured that was the direction just want it clearified.
  2. Thanks for the reply you have some great stuff in there. I have one question, how do you define (old-timers)? It can be interpreted in two ways those who have been posting on dragonmount forever or those that have been reading since the beginning. I certainly do not fall into the old-timer whom is a poster on Dragonmount although I have haunted the page as an observer for years. I have been reading since The Great Hunt so I would fall into the category of an old timer in that sense. I have been reading some of the posts about the Mystery and my interest was piqued enough to make me think about the topic, but not enough to do a ton of research on it. Yet what I did read made it look like it would be a much bigger deal; thier was a whole sticky set up for it after all and it is mentioned on other webpages, then what it turned out to be.
  3. Has she not filled this? She had somthing important to teach Rand and the othere male channlers, I thought it was to laugh or to remeber that he is human and not a weapon and I think she has done this.
  4. She later even clarifies the vision and says that the woman will learn to channel. There is no time at all to do that before the LB. Min's viewings always come true which means that there will be channeling after the LB. The viewing can come true, but who is to say how long it will take for the humans to lose the ability to channel. The taint took years to affect most male Channalers. As For Avi's vision there are signs in it that show science is gaining an upper hand for example the train being built in the waste.
  5. This is just pure speculation on my part, but is it possible that there will no longer be channelers. Robert Jordan has stated that many of the stories that Thom mentions came from before the age of legends are events that have happened here on earth like lenn's flight to the moon. If we are to run the course that the wheel of time is every spinning and repeating cycles, could one speculate that Channeling might for the next age be burned out of people as science becomes dominate? We see that science is on the rise in Randland for example Gun Powder, cannons, Steam engines, etc. Just a thought I was wondering what others think of this?
  6. Intresting but not all that earth shattering if that is the case.
  7. I liked both books but one aspect started to annoy me I think he tends to over use adjectives.
  8. I think this is what would make it such a good story, you dont always need a good guy. That being said the war for power would be great.
  9. Firstly, the big unnoticed thing has been revealed. Second, while balefire may serve the DO's goals, the Forsaken don't know what those goals are (apart from Moridin) so that is why they are reluctant to use it. They believe that the DO simply wants to rule the whole world and have them serving and ruling beneath him. Could you link to this reveal? As far as I can tell from the big unoticed thing sticky it has yet to be.
  10. Hi all new here, nice to meet you all, so I am not sure if this has been discussed or not, I looked for a bit but found nothing on these two topics. 1) In TSR chapter 26 Rand learns that Coumin, his distant relative, had given up the way of the leaf very early in the breaking. This is interesting to me because he is described as a little off (how so?) (Why mention this?) Could Coumin's forsaking of the way of the leaf be an earlier breaking of the Aiel then even that of the tinker's separation, perhaps our red veiled Aiel (unlikly). 2) Balefire as we all know unravels the pattern that is why during the war of power both sides choose not to use it. This is strange to me because why would those following the shadow not want to use Balefire? Is it not the great lord’s goal to unravel the pattern? I think there is something important going on here it seems that the followers of the shadow seem to be going against the wishes of their dark lord. This can be somewhat confirmed by the fact that the great lord kills many of the chosen because he is suspicious, (of what?) WH 13. It seems the use of Balefire is one of the Great Lords goals. This can be seen in the LofC prologue when he asks Demandred to use it. I don’t know how this is important but it seems to be. Perhaps this is the big unnoticed thing?
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