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  1. That happens in the books Sanderson wrote, however. I don't think that Jordan would have written anything like that. Since Sanderson took over the books, her character has changed for the worse. There is Jordan's Tuon, and there is Sanderson's Tuon, and they are not the same person. You shouldn't hold the deeds of Sanderson-Tuon against Jordan-Tuon. I really hate how she was thinking of breaking the Dragon's Peace immediately after. The entire Seanchan social aspect of "straight eyes" got thrown out the window. Tuon was Seanchan to the core, especially in this. She kept her promise to Mat, who was a male whore while she was the heir to the realm because of her strict ethical code. That she even considered throwing her word to the wind when half of her qualms about the westlanders were that they swore evening promises even to the most sacred of oaths is so profoundly a repudiation of her beliefs. I really think Sanderson, despite being a great author, lacks the sympatico to relate with Aiel/Seanchan. Some authors are great at some things and sometimes their lack of talent in another thing is simply saddening. Even the Sharans weren't written with a cultural/social tint despite the mention of their mentality that one can only fall, not rise, and the opportunity presented because Jordan had not touched on them.
  2. They should've named this guy M'fail. He was decent at planning, plotting, and generally operating for the shadow for half the story, but his combat ability is almost nonexistent. Every instance of action he saw in the books showed him as inferior. Inferior to Rand, inferior to Demandred, and inferior to Egwene. It almost feels as if this guy was supposed to be designed with an inferiority complex. I was really annoyed when he lost to Rand with 13 channelers, even losing some. Armed with only the fat man angreal, Rand managed to retreat after inflicting losses, while Taim revealed the Shadow's preparation and tracking of him. It could've been used as an assassination attempt. If Bao and his buddies showed up as soon as Rand came upon a battlefield, he would've been toast. He did plan well, but this first showing of his combat abilities was just plain sad. His absolute humiliation by Demandred was also extremely pathetic. He showed up and antagonized Demandred when he had no...power. His men were lesser in number, and his BA had no training compared to the Ayyad who formed a circle of 72 to annihilate Aes Sedai. Finally, his extremely poor showing against Egwene was also mind numbingly sad. It showed that he not only was inferior in combat against channelers of the AoL, but shockingly weak against a mid-tier opponent. I almost wish Cadsuane had kicked his nuts, as she actually has shown that she knows weaves that could somewhat withstand the weaving of AoL channelers. It wasn't really a generic plot induced asspull that Egwene defeated him with. It was just pure channeling skill. He could not, with a far superior sa'angreal, defeat someone with far less power than he. He was just shown to be inferior here. There are many channelers in the story that could defeat Egwene, even without Balefire in Taim's place.Taim had no finesse. He shot balefire at Egwene as if it were a gun over and over again. Of course, the spent the entire book pew pewing shooting lazers out of his hands like an incompetent unnamed damane instead of actually weaving intelligently like Graendal. I was excited to see Taim fight, but I guess I never expected him to have absolutely no combat ability. Of course, there haven't really been hints about Taim ever having any combat ability, just expectations.
  3. Neither of these characters are very good at combat with the power compared to any real combat based characters, it would mostly come down to luck. Assuming that the only things they would try to do are to kill/still/shield each other, whoever had the more creative/quick weave that was directed at meeting any of the objectives would win. Neither of these characters have been shown to be exceedingly fast with weaves like compulsion, and moreover Nynaeve has shown resistance to this weave, so that's out of the picture. Even Gedwyn almost killed Rand in his assassination attempt. Gedwyn/Rochaid are nothing compared to the likes of Logain, Taim, Demandred, Sammael, Rahvin, etc. If Rand had not used his LTT loaned, earth based shielding weave that was tight enough not to let even air though, he would've been toast. Neither of Egwene or Nynaeve have exhibited knowledge of weaves such as that or Caduane's anti-AoL lightning "inverted umbrella" weave. Egwene has damane training, but I doubt she's actually strong enough to weave 10 of these sort of weaves at once. Nynaeve has more pure strength and knows how to engage in battles of brute force, but it's debatable that she can pull this off if they are not in remotely close quarters like Nynaeve v Mogy. Environment also matters greatly. Nynaeve's said to have more woodcraft and survival skills than Egwene by far, but she's shown a horrid inability to hide herself at all in an urban setting like Ebou Dar. Egwene's never once been a threat to any big fighters in an OP fight. Nynaeve's only shown the ability to defeat an arrogant idiot like Mogy (who would in turn get roasted by half of the named Ashaman soldiers in the story if she had engaged them the way she engaged Nynaeve). I think whoever managed to more simple weaves like making stuff explode faster than the other more accurately would win if they were both holding the power. There's no real textual evidence for who would be able to manage that. I guess Egwene would know more due to her time as a damane, but Nynaeve's strength would give her a range advantage. Neither have really shown themselves to be capable of stopping a bolt of lightning from the sky from roasting them. In fact, Nynaeve and Egwene were willing themselves away to dodge weaves in TAR rather than overusing the OP to block them like everything else. It's clear that any experienced channelers like Cadsuane would poop on either of these two. These two can't even manage to keep their wits about them from being surprised by AS sitting on the other bank or sea folk children.
  4. I doubt anyone faction in the White Tower realistically has enough influence to defeat Egwene on a matter like that. Even if Romanda and everyone who hates her guts were able to band together, they still wouldn't come close to the influence of Egwene's pocket faction + any Asha'man she brought in. Removing Egwene might not even be a desirable idea. There would be a higher chance of Logain becoming Amyrlin than someone like Romanda, especially if she just got rid of the popular Amyrlin. To be honest- if Egwene was able to outmanuever the entire Hall on the "no secret meetings" thing, I doubt they can do so much as touch her. Egwene has too many allies and is just leagues smarter than the bunch of bricks her opponents are. They never stood a chance against her in this arena, as they have shown by failing again and again.
  5. Or they could rot there left alone. Your statement about the Light being unable to win there applies to the Shadow as well. If the just wait inside FM they won't do a single thing, just rot. And if they get out, surprise. Exactly. There's absolutely 0 reason to fight the Shadow in a place where they can annihilate all of humanity's armies in battle without losing a single soldier. The only thing the Light stands to lose at FM are a nominal amount of soldiers and the Guardians.
  6. I want Dyelin to betray them. It would be awesome if she were a dreadlord among dreadlord, since Alviarin is too incompetent to lead the female dreadlords during LB.
  7. I don't think Far Madding will really be used as a staging point. There's a 0% chance for the light to win there, and therefore no point in fighting the Shadow. Shadowspawn could be carted in by the thousands by gateway and no one in Far Madding could do a thing about it. That's a place where 100,000 of the Shadow's soldiers could defeat every single human not sworn to the DO in the world.
  8. I wonder why Rand thinks he can blackmail everyone into agreeing to the Dragon's Peace. What else can he do if people call his bluff?He holds no cards there. Same as Egwene trying to stop Rand from breaking the seals. Well, he's got the Pattern bending around him, which he probably thinks is enough. Other than that, he has a reputation for doing stuff like letting the world die, and Egwene's not really in a position to call any bluff without the Seanchan. Thing is that the White Tower's real power right now is politics. Their contribution can be getting the Seanchan on the same boat. There's really nothing else they can offer Rand or the lightsiders at this point. They can't do anything other then all turning Black Ajah. The Trollocs and Dreadlords will go and attack the huge target that is the Tar Valon regardless of what it's role is. They will have to use their military power if they don't want to end up in cookpots. Well, I don't think Egwene is going to go about this the way that Latra did. If Rand isn't an arrogant man that's willing to break the world on the off chance that his plan might work this time around, Egwene isn't an arrogrant woman that will attempt to build Sa'angreal powerful enough to shatter the world like an egg this time around. Lews Therin also wasn't some sort of prophecied mythical figure. Rand is. Egwene's more likely to see Rand as the Pattern's natural course and simply make sure humanity survives him and thrives, while Latra was had no prophecies to guide her and was panicked and desparate as anyone else that Forsaken where leading giant armies of Shadowspawn and annihilating the Aes Sedai and humanity in general. I think Egwene and Rand have a huge dose of humility that Latra and Lews didn't. They both seem like Cadsuane on crack. Rand will be willing to listen to the world at large of Egwene manages to get everyone on board, and Egwene will be willing to let Rand take his necessary action if he can "confirm" that they won't all die.
  9. I don't think it's ever been said that Seanchan is under anyone's control. Someone controls the city of Seandar, but there's still slaughter going on and red sailed ships destroying harbors and stuff. There are over 40 nobles on the field declaring themselves Emperess/Emperor. I don't think they'll stand united against the re-Return, it may be more like the consolidation.
  10. I'd say she's much more standable than Egwene, and Egwene's more standable than Couladin or Sevanna. Couladin and Sevanna were the couple from hell. Skinning messangers alive, beating naked women and keeping prisoners like trophies, treating Wetlanders like cattle while considering adopting their worst practices like noblity. What annoyed me most about Sevanna was that she was actually a spoilt, worthless gold digger and she managed to almost unseat the Dragon, outwit the Aes Sedai, and slaughter the Light's forces with her underhanded gossip's bullying and backstabbing skills. If the Ashaman hadn't come in and saved the day with their ridiculous, near-unbelievable growth, she would've been Queen of the World. Imagine that.
  11. I think Egwene realizes that the White Tower is nowhere near powerful or relevant enough to effect Rand's plans. The only faction that near rivals Rand's forces are the Seanchan who control great military strength and supposedly a vast population if their holdings across the sea can be counted, but they don't really have a spot in Rand's heart. The Aiel probably are closest to Rand now, but they'll allow him to do anything to meet their destiny. I think Egwene's going to pull off one of here feats of politics (or lolplot whatever you want to call it) and actually make a united front to challenge Rand. 1 faction alone can't call the bluff "I'm going let you all die if I don't get it my way." However, the Dragon's Peace can be negotiated over with Rand with the Seanchan, Aiel, Sea Folk, White Tower, Borderlanders, Ashaman, Elayne's Kingdoms (court of the Sun or w/e) and Rand's current kindgoms (compact of the Gryphon?) have something to say about it. Rand can move forward and attempt to win the last battle without the Seanchan or the White Tower or perhaps even the Aiel, but there's no point in him trying to win TG alone for only himself.
  12. I hope their number goes back up to 13 for the final battle and they are once again the shadow's 13 most powerful "Chosen." The shadow's forces consist of millions (at least a million per borderland if Maradon is any estimate, plus whatever's going through the ways and waiting at Shayol Ghul, but there aren't many names and stories behind them. We have Demandred, Taim, Cyndane, Moggy, Moridin, Isam, maybe Alviarin, Taim and superfade. Not enough glory to go around, in my opinion. I can see people like Taim. However, I can't see any Black Ajah joining the ranks, unless it's a lesser known or obscure one. Alviarin seems like a top choice, but she's been shown to be a tiny bit incompetent (or at least constantly under incompetent employment) and she's a sniveling wreck now. I wish Temaile Kinderode survive, she would've made a perfect candidate, a replacement for Semirhage. Out of the Black Ajah, I can only see Duhara, Pevara, and perhaps Javindhra.
  13. I think it's Roedran because of the golden pipe vision and Talmanes' golden pipe gift from him. I wish it was Sylvase Caeran though. That would be hilarious and awesome.
  14. There are plenty of ridiculous forces in WoT like the Aiel, Borderlanders, etc, but I think the Seanchan are probably the most realistic army in the series. I really don't think that the Seanchan have a million native Seanchan soldiers or anything. The Forerunners wouldn't have to be very large. They could easily crush the strongest westland kingdoms like Andor with 20,000, 30,000 men due to their superior commanders, soldiers, animals, and damane. All they need do is defeat 1 kingdom, recruit men, and snowball out of control. It'd be on the same scale Napoleon built his forces through conscription. All this would take is about 20-30 ships. As for the Return, I doubt it brought over 1,000,000 people, as some are saying. The majority of the Seanchan forces are still recruits from the westlands. There's a possibility that there were simply incredible amounts of civillians, but that's uncertain. Even if there were a million people/animals/whatnot brought over, they would only need 1,000 ships. Xerxes brought over over a 500,000 men from ships alone from the piddy Persian Empire. The Seanchan Empire is so large that there are people of all skin colors and hues- similar to the Roman Empire, but on a much, much larger scale. The Seanchan would easily be able to bring over even a million men, even across the Ocean. The Seanchan Empire is also so geographically large that seasons would not matter in the building of the fleet. As to why I doubt the Seanchan needed a million soldiers: Seanchan military expertise has been shown repeatedly throughout the books. They were about to kill Rand at Ebou Dar, when no one else has come close to defeating him. If it werent for him killing massive amounts of his own forces as well as Seanchan forces in a discouraging manuever, he'd either have had to make a hasty retreat or just die. In a similar battle with Rand's Ashaman at Dumai's Wells, incredible amounts of Shaido with Wise Ones were defeated by a relatively small army. Rand has never even been pushed back by other armies. They've also been shown to be effective against Aiel, a feat the entire Westlands has been proven to be incapable of. Even with their best generals and Aes Sedai healing at Blood Snow, the insanely numerically superior westland force was not able to stop the Aiel. I think that the military count would barely have to be over 150,000 native Seanchan total. With local recruits, that would easily explain the numbers were seeing. Also, as for damane versus circles, circles have been proven to have limitations and weaknesses. One channeler controls the circle. Circles can be picked off, and reduce the awareness of a military force's "one power sight." Avi's vision could have easily come true. The Seanchan had reclaimed their mainland by then, and were capable of brining millions more soldiers and thousands more male and female damane at that point. They clearly use male damane by the end of the LB, so they have that advantage. The Aiel and the Seanchan were at a standstill until the other nations joined in. It's possible that Channelers became less important after Andor fell. The "weapons" could have been more developed (the hiss sticks and whatnot) and the Seanchan army of millions and millions could've been armed with guns. That would've easily ended the war, despite any superiority in channelrs from the Ashaman and Aes Sedai. A circle is powerful, but to'Raken with snipers can take out circles.
  15. Gawyn because his entire arc is about his worthlessness and most of his conflicts are caused by him being absolutely worthless. I don't understand how a man can feel so lost and ineffectual without shrinking and shriveling into a prune. Perrin because his mental conflict could/should have been solved in 1 event, rather than him going back to the cradle after learning how to walk. His companions are the best written other than Matt's companions though, so his parts aren't absolutely unbearable. Egwene because she's a BDSM loving woman surrounded by a mass of idiots who spend half their time helping Egwene enjoy her masochism. Faile because her companions suck. To me, companions are 50% of the character appeal, and her terrible companions are simply annoying. Cadsuane because her companions are mentally incompetent idiots who suck on her teet. After Verin left, the Aes Sedai traveling with her lost any life. Having Daigian die didn't help either, as she had more personality in her aging toe than Beldeine will ever have. Her interactions with Rand began to be utterly terrible after the first 2 books she interacted with him.
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