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  1. yeah, this thread can never die. should never die. freaking hilarious.
  2. yeah there are times he talks about chills or the hair standing up on the back of his neck (like when the raven is watching them when he first meets moiraine) and wondering when moiraine is channeling and he feels it. i've noticed quite a few times but dont remember anymore
  3. yeah i agree with it just having to do with him being tavaren... and women are stronger with air, and seeing as rand is a man and not knowing that he can even channel yet, it would be more difficult for an accidental weave with air.
  4. I don't like the relationship because it ruined (or was coincidentally timed in the ruin) of Perrin's character. On the other hand, if these were people I knew, I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it. Sometimes I worry that I am like Faile in certain ways (maybe that's even the reason that I hate her) and if I was with someone like Perrin, I wouldn't call it a good match either. It all depends on the person though, and I think Perrin and Faile are, no matter what, my least favorite couple because now I dislike both characters. I hate Gawyn, but I still like Egwene (now, not earlier
  5. Okay, just to be clear. I'm not asking why they don't throw off their scents or make fog anymore. Those are EXAMPLES. I know why they don't need to do those things- traveling. (Which I think Avi should get credit for, but whatevs). I'm asking why the creative nature behind such tasks seem to go away, or like I said again, more just talking about my disappointment in how Elayne's thrown stuff or wars or leaders or whatever seem to take precedence over creative juices from the author (RJ and BS alike). tEotW is my favorite book because it is the most creative and we lose that while it turns into
  6. It's all well and good to say that certain AS know and keep weaves which they talk about more so in NS but I suppose I'm just disappointed that politics take priority over originality as the books go on. And I don't see how Rand could have helped moiraine with the fog since he didn't even realize what she was doing. She was just proud of how perfect it was and "from the back of a galloping horse nonetheless"...
  7. I know that when we are reading tEotW for the first time, we don't know as much as we do once we finish the released books. But at the same time, wtf!?!? She does so many things - taking their scent and throwing it to distract the trollocs/fades, pulling the fog to hide where they are - things like that, that seem to not happen as time goes on. Seems like the OP is only used for moving chairs/lifting people, throwing fire balls for protection, and traveling. she utilizes it all so much at first and out of nowhere all of that just stops.
  8. in that first question, are you talking about when they are escaping the saenchan?? because it is elayne who makes an explosion trying to undo a weave so they can't follow which explodes and kills a ton of saenchan and then they think its a weapon for the rest of the series.. they refer to it that way a lot and even contemplate whether or not it is a weapon since they don't see it happen for a while.
  9. luckers- that does make sense. but he spends most of the other books with mat though :( and just a side question- a page was torn out of my book, either my 3 yr old or 4 yr old did it haha -- but the page that was torn out is right when mat thom and rand get on bayle's boat. do rand and mat give him the coins moiraine gave them? i vaguely remember something about that but i haven't read tEotW in so long.
  10. yeah but it has mat's eye on the balancing scales which isn't until WAY later... and most of the other viewings she has, are all pretty straight forward (when you know how the books go). Maybe RJ had more of a plan for Thom rather than a tag along character (which is what he seems to become after Whitebridge) but I figured that a lot of foreshadowing was allowed in that scene because he already knew what was going to happen. I just figured I missed something about the juggling fire and white tower. and i guess by agreeing to marry moiraine, the white tower could symbolize his giving in to aes
  11. Apologies if this has already been asked. Doing my first reread and they just reached Baerlon. Min says her viewing on "the gleeman" is a man, not him, who juggles fire and the white tower. I could make sense out of everyone else except this. What are these for Thom?
  12. Well with my experience with Borders (which was a large chain until they had to file bankruptcy and close two thirds of their stores.. *sad* ) you can ask someone to order all of the audio books for you like cindy said. In my town, we only have used book stores otherwise, so I'm not sure how it would work at a smaller book store. I just know that Borders, as a company, has always been about saving customers money and giving the best customer service, which I have respected them for. Plus the fact that they are on the brink of going out of business completely makes me very sad.
  13. i get all of my audio books from audible (or downloaded through torrents) but audible doesn't sell the actual cd, they only sell you the files so that you can download them and put them on whatever device you use (which you can burn them to cds but i don't think that's what you are asking). borders.com should have them and the two distributors that borders uses primarily are ingram and baker&taylor (can you tell i worked at borders? haha) ingram is a fantastic distribution company that is probably closest to "the author" you can get, eliminating many middle men. but i think baker &
  14. I had all the books laid out (minus 11, 12, and 13) when i first started the series. I bought 1-10 in mass market paperback and artistically covered the covers in colored duct tape (since the dt holds the books together better for rereads) and just seeing those ten books in a row was a big motivator to read them with no breaks. when gathering storm came out it motivated me to read faster so i could catch up. i can see that many books of that size intimidating people (anyone i have ever tried to get to read the series).. but to me, it was a bigger motivator. im not going to have to say goodbye
  15. hahaha cindy :) how do you REALLY feel about terry brooks :) haha i agree though. finding something else to read. but i really don't like the genre of fantasy (excepting the wheel of time of course) but like you said, it's extremely logical and feels like it should actually be plausible. but maybe you could start reading other books that are good but not necessarily part of any series. it's always good to broaden your tastes anyway, right? but this is coming from someone who finished the series (finally!!!) last month and has already started a reread last week.
  16. plus they wear out the real soldiers and are disposable. you don't see other trollocs crying about a fallen comrade. they go in to get the job done. and somewhere they talked about how certain breeds were smarter than others, like the ones with wolf heads being called "minds" and what not. and the fact that they catapulted dead bodies along with living bodies as a trick... that's pretty tricky business.
  17. i never even thought about cadsuane being black until NS when moiraine keeps bringing it up, but i still dont think she is
  18. I like Mat MORE in tGS and ToM. I thought him and Talmanes and their little quips were hilarious where I laughed out loud for the first time in this series. His story line DOES have a different feel to it than the rest of the book, like it's a separate book altogether with a different style, it reads like a british comedy to me. I can understand people reading the books for so long and never having the FEEL change and being thrown off when that happens. I looked forward to Mat's PoV chapters and really think people are confusing dislike for other feelings like confusion.
  19. when the trollocs are as large and overpowering and can rip 80 men apart in 5 minutes and take a lot to be killed ... you don't really need archers..
  20. You own a dagger necklace that you refer to as your "ebou dari marriage knife" and refuse to take it off. You see people arguing and ask the person next to you if they think it's a blood feud or not. When something bad happens, you sigh and say "well the wheel weaves as the wheel wills". Everybody around doesn't need you to clarify which book you mean when you say "I was reading my book the other day..." because they know it was one of thirteen (or fourteen if you count NS) When someone makes you angry, you check the knives up your sleeves to make sure they're still there.
  21. sizer- that's how I felt when I was walking around and then heard someone playing Epona's Song. haha :) phoenixtrinity- yeah, I'm surprised I got response to this thread! I figured it was worth a try :D
  22. and rightfully so!! I had tried to find an ocarina online, but was stupid and got one through ebay which ended up being a really sh**y piece of plastic .. but this one is awesome and legit. I've been learning songs all morning haha :) nerds are awesome!! when I get the extra money, I will be getting the 3ds... my birthday is in september too so maybe i can convince someone to pitch on an early birthday present :D haha
  23. haha!! thats awesome!! I want the DS3 sooooo bad.. today I went to the renaissance festival and got a hand crafted ocarina (modeled after the ocarina of time with triforce and all) that came with the song book and then i bought a little knife necklace which i've been wearing in the ebou dari style and saying its my marriage knife. hahaha im such a nerd.
  24. I absolutely, totally, completely would. Anything about Aridohl/Shadar Logoth/Mordeth/Mashadar .. I loooove that stuff.
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