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  1. Add me to that list. There's no reason for us to lose our post count among other things, some things are helpful to clear clutter or make things "cleaner". But the post count pffttt really!
  2. Obviously a representative has already spoken to you about the benefits of joining the internationally renowned Fiddlesticks. So I have very little to say... in fact all I can basically give you is a hello and stuff, which is all lame. So instead have this blender *hands over blender* It has ten different speeds!
  3. Exactly like that! But bring chocolate bunnies with you... and some batteries my remote died.
  4. ...man that sucks... she was so awesome with everyone :(
  5. Try not to let your brain explode because of it... I twist logic on an everyday bases... like Peanut Butter and Tomatoes.
  6. We can share this one man! *puts up a "Welcome Loki" banner up*
  7. I've got my rum! Oh yea oh yea! *does the rum-bump dance*
  8. It. Was. Finally. Over. Tyosh and Dilora were slowly making their way to the peddling wagon. It was going to feel so good to just sit and eat and enjoy not having to actually hunt or produce or chase after food. It would just be there, waiting to be devoured. The only good food was cooked and dead food. Yum! His mouth was watering at the thought of ripping at that warm crispy chicken skin. But besides all that, it was a nice thought of enjoying a nice meal with a human being again, instead of just Arrow. Great mount, horrible conversationalist. It’d be good to just talk about nothing, he’d been around Dilora all day but there had been scarce words shared, it’d be nice to officially catch up. She really didn’t seem in a mood to talk right now, probably just as exhausted as himself, so Tyosh kept quiet to not ruin the mood. He did however start humming a nice relaxing tune to lighten up the general ambience. He was surprised to hear Dilora pick it up, and so it went until they reached the wagon, both humming, probably remembering different times, different places and different people, all connected by a single tune. And this walk another memory to add to the power of the song with no name or words. And all of a sudden there it was, the wagon, just as he remembered it from a few weeks back. He didn’t expect for it to change, but it just felt like it had been such a long time. It wasn’t exactly home, but it was like a close relative’s bed, just as comfy, just as homey only not exactly home, it’s a shame his home burned down, he could never go back. For now he’d just enjoy the comfort of family. But before he enjoyed anything he really needed some water, a bath was necessary if he was going to interact with people again.
  9. Must.... bump.... to.... top.... once more. Gah! *takes last bumping breath*
  10. Tyosh was glad the chicken run was over. He’d have dreams about for a long time still he thought. But his next duty was nothing close to simple, you’d think vegetables were a copper a dozen on a farm, but no. Whoever the owners were had done a good job at hiding any and all green life or taking it with them on their journey. The dotted line was that Tyosh was one hungry, tired vegetable hunter with no vegetables to hunt. Considering he was still on the outskirts of the farm, he decided to check out the more homely of the edifices in hopes of finding the coveted hoard of goodies. The place really was nice to be in. Even with the looming rain clouds, there was peace in the air, as if you could really just be here with no worries about the past, present, future or any other time, place or thought. It was a farm where you could really just live to live. Nice peace and quiet, it was really an underappreciated quality in today’s lifestyle, where people were all after the gold andoran or the curviest courtesan. It felt good to get away from it all, maybe his journey through the wild lands with no company, scarce food and even scarcer rest had helped purify him. Perhaps he had cleansed himself of his past misdeeds, elevated his status in the Great Wheel, become an entity closer to true knowledge and enlightenment. His black and gray period had ended, he was now on the brink of his time in white and his time of true well being. The cleansing of his soul and mind had cleansed his senses he felt more in-tune with the vibes of the world than ever. Just living to live, it’d be his new philosophy let go of all the superfluous things in his life. The things he did were just in vain, all in all, the only thing that mattered was to be in peace. Why even look for vegetables? Couldn’t chicken be eaten as plain chicken? What was the use of herbs or accompanying vegetables? They didn’t feed, they only added taste, taste which didn’t help to live. It was an effort, a pressure, a stress that only helped to add exactly that, stress. Stress for vegetables you wouldn’t remember in the morning. Dilora would see reason in his logic once he explained it, maybe she’d even join his school of thought, the first follower of “The Way of the Un-gathered Herb”. She’d be sure to spread the word, make the world see the truth of peace and living leisurely and plentifully. The thoughts running through Tyosh’s head would’ve been productive and lead to somewhere significant if he hadn’t found himself with a wine cellar. All thoughts of letting go of worldly possessions vanished as he rummaged through the hoard, taking only the best of the best, and yet still managing to take a good gulp from most of the dozens upon dozens of bottles. The red, the white, the darker, the lighter, the sweet, the bitter, it was a frenzy of colors and tastes, where beverages of some kind were involved Tyosh wanted all his possessions safely in his mug. Upon more investigation of the place he found some left-over vegetables in a pantry on the above level. They were scrawny but they’d do well enough with the hunger, and a few spices here or there would compensate he hoped. On his way back he tried to remember something about “The Way of…” something about an herb, to no avail, not that he cared of course, he was heading for a grand meal which was bound to fill his mind and belly.
  11. Tyosh’s luck had started to change, but not abruptly, not at all. The tending of his wounds tonight was going to be quite a hassle, probably a little painful, or maybe a lot painful. Warriors didn’t know about war wounds until they fought chickens. His peck pains were stored in the back of his mind for now, he needed every ounce of concentration he could muster to dominate the next bird. There was only one chicken death on his hands for now, but he planned on having at least 4 more. But that one chicken taught him much in the manner of hunting nervous buck wild animals. It wasn’t about strategy or patience or anything else normal hunting related, it was all about becoming an animal, a raving beast that snaps chickens necks! His next prey looked feisty enough, but proved to be all cluck and no peck. Tyosh recovered his humanity for a few moments as he held the chicken’s neck in his large hands. The eyes looked pleading, almost screaming for release from the hand made shackles around its neck. There was a pang of sympathy for the little bird, all white and fluffy, almost like a living cloud… with beady eyes. What did these chickens ever do to him? Did he really think he could just kill for his own survival? Was it ethically correct? What if the chicken had family? Would Tyosh like being hunted? Well, those were questions for when he was hunted, and with that thought he snapped the chicken’s neck with ease and stuffed the chicken in the sack with the rest while he flashed a smile to his peddler companion. They all looked really plump; they’d all give meat for a few days easily. Which was exactly why he agreed with Dilora’s thought of collecting only a few more chickens, anymore and they’d be swimming in feathers and bones. As soon as he straightened himself up from his contribution to the sack he saw it. The help he needed to finish collecting his part of the chickens and finally get some rest, the shovel… the world renowned chicken slaughterer. He’d be batting chickens left and right, and after they were knocked out chasing after them would be much easier. He grabbed his weapon of choice and went straight to nearest chicken… WHACK! “One down, three to go.”, Tyosh said with delight.
  12. To all the Mafia Pirate Players... you all suck for lynching me... that will be all. :P
  13. I agree with Barmy though... Welcome as well! :D
  14. I personally think they're just lazy as heck. Kinda like you Barmy :P
  15. Thank you all for being so nice to me! DM seems like a really warm and friendly place I'll be sure to come around more often! :D
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