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  1. My predictions... Rand kills the DO and/or shoves his prison away from the Pattern, which then 'heals' the Bore on its own. Rand dies permanently. Funeral at Dragonmount. (Highly speculative) Time becomes linear. Fain is metaphorically or literally shoved down the DO's throat, weakening him and allowing Rand to do his thing. Alivia kills Moridin, after sussing out the link between him and Rand. Rand's channeling the TP makes him vulnerable to the DO. The resulting, potentially devastating, consequences are somehow averted, possibly by Moiraine/Nyneave. Callendor important because flaw allows the channeling of a near infinite amount of Power. The Light's forces are attacked at Merrilor. Potentially severe casualties inflicted on the Light's forces. Egwene hero of the hour. First hints that Rand's TP usage has negatively affected him. Caemlyn saved but is out of the fight i.e. too damaged to be defensible. Will probably be abandoned by the Light's military. Logain and Co defeats Taim and Co at the BT. Egwene will be a general badass. Chances are her and Perrin will tag-team to take Slayer down. BT and WT allied post Last Battle. Logain becomes head of the BT. Avi's attempt to prevent the future from her vision causes that vision to come true. Lan survives. Actually, I think that all of the Light's main cast survive, except for Rand. All Forsaken down for the count. Elayne's children born an a battlefield. If Mat and Toun discuss the issue of the Seanchean invasion of Randland, Mat will fail to convince her to call it off. Chances are that he will agree that it is necessary. As for Demandred; it turns out that he has been strategically moving Shadowspawn around and placing them in the most unexpected of places. Once the Last Battle kicks off, these units cause absolute havoc. Plus, he's been teaching his pet corrupt Aiel how to use Balefire. ...and those're my two cents.
  2. I reckon that the only way we could know for certain what is Jordan and what is Sanderson would be to see Jordan's notes. Without having seen that, it is impossible to be certain. For instance, saying that Jordan wrote a scene in a more believable way could easily come down to bias against Sanderson, even unconscious bias, and not necessarily poor technique. As for the dumb-ing down; I disagree. Sanderson does hit you over the head a bit; leads you by the nose; whatever you want to call it; but I don't think he purposely makes a character look bad to make one look good. For example: Rand vs Egwene in the tower. Rand is one of the most powerful ta'vern - ever - and the Dragon besides. He walks into the tower, uninvited, without being threatened, cajoled, manipulated etc, without an armed guard, politely asks to see the Amyrlin, and calmly waits for an audience. Now that must have scared the willies out of the Aes Sedai, who are so used to threatening, cajoling, manipulating etc that someone who comes along and does what they want without any of that must leave them a bit...deflated. It's like going out with the intention of starting a rip-roaring debate in which you expect to have to drag people kicking and screaming to your soapbox; except when you arrive, everyone is already there, calmly sitting and waiting for you. That'll take the wind out of you. It'll also scare you. You'd wonder what these people know that you don't. Then they announce they they are going to have the debate some place else, and just walk off. That makes you look stupid, because in reality they have completely outmaneuvered you. It's classic shock-and-awe. Rand takes the initiative right out of the Aes Sedai's hands by doing the last thing they would possibly expect him to do, then acting in a manner that they would not expect him to, then making an announcement that he's intending to do the last thing anybody, anywhere would expect him to do - an announcement that stuns them into silence - and then leaves before they can collect their wits. The sheer boldness of it shocks the Aes Sedai into inaction. Beautifully, neatly done. And none of it down to contrivance. You can make much the same argument regarding all of the other cases. Anyway, those're my two cents.
  3. Hello. I've been a WoT fan for quit some time, having been introduced to the series by the WoT game (the shooter from waaayyyy back). It is one of my favorite series, if not the favorite. Also, I've made a convert of a friend, so spreading the WoT-gospel too. I'm currently a student, doing a BA arts in creative writing. Glad to be here.
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