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  1. will they, won't they

    I'm all for Penny and Leonard to get back together....I don't like Pria very much.
  2. will they, won't they

    which potential TV couples are you ready for them to quit dancing around each other and get together?
  3. SWTOR

    Anyone excited for Star Wars: The Old Republic? I know I am...can't wait to play a smuggler. SWTOR
  4. Robin Hobb The Farseer Trilogy

    I personally enjoyed this series and the tawny man trilogy quiet a bit. i have only read the first book in the live ship trilogy and wasn't to impressed.
  5. What is your favourite Non-Human Character?

    Saba from Star Wars.(the books)
  6. Greetings

    Hello everyone. My name is Eric and I have just really begun reading this series...just finishing book 4 now...and enjoying it. my others book series that I love is the Shannara series from Terry Brooks and pretty much anything Star Wars.