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  1. I think we don't really know enough about the Finns to know what is possible for Moiraine to come back as...she could come back stilled and healable, less powerful, more powerful, anything really. But I don't see her coming back as more powerful simply because of an experience that she has (i.e. gains power by becoming more experienced in using the power). The door is wide open for RJ based on what we know of the Finns, but I don't see how more experiences in using the OP can increase Moiraine's power with the OP given how long she has worn the shawl. Otherwise it seems to me that Cadsu
  2. I believe it is not exactly the same thing, but we have direct confirmation that either the Aes Sedai-Warder bond allows for at least some minor form of compulsion or that Alanna's bonding of Rand was different and "should" have allowed her to compel him (this I doubt given the feel of the quotes involved...as in, it seemed normal for her to be able to compel him and abnormal that she could not). The bonding between and Aes Sedai and a Warder has not been fully explained, but I believe for the most part that it is more what you are thinking of. But it does appear to create an increased ch
  3. Actually, I think all of the FS just have too much of one critical fault almost all of us share, plus some of them have some more perverse tendencies, i.e. additional critical faults (mostly the women); but I think the main thing which lead to all of them turning to the shadow was pride...none of them like being told what to do and some think that their power/abilities should somehow make them immune to societal constructs (Semirhage for sure, perhaps Mesaana). Demandred and Sammael did not like being in LTT's shadow. Etc. I'm not saying they don't all have more critical faults than ju
  4. All of that makes sense, but I was thinking more along the lines of some good purpose that may come of the event (not sappy good obviously...after all, an entire race committed suicide); more like along the lines of a counter-purpose (the wheel weaves...stuff). For instance, when Liandrin betrayed Egwene, Nynaeve, et al to eliminate some of Rand's support base and in the end the result of that betrayal was that his support was where he needed them to be. Another example, the Aiel war...it's perfectly possible (though not necessary) that Ishy influenced Laman into cutting down the tree t
  5. Well, I also don't like the idea of there being a divine power, but (playing devil's advocate here) it's not necessary that such an existence would invalidate the rest of the series...perhaps all of the steps taken by Rand, learning to channel and such, are necessary still in order for him to use some other power; and perhaps he cannot find it alone, but will need the help of his Ashaman. I think it makes less sense for their to be a divine power than just the OP and the TP...that's two; one for the Creator and one for the DO; but it's possible for a third to exist without destroying the
  6. Sorry if this has been discussed before that I didn't see, but I have been really curious as to any further purpose to the Amayar all committing suicide (other than to be another thorn in Rand's side in getting the Sea Folk to do their job). I cannot really think of anything, so was wondering if anybody else had any thoughts. Also, the only reason I can think of Alviarin having gone to Tremalking (before Saidin was cleansed I believe) would have something to do with the Choedan Kal there, but nothing seem to come of it. I vaguely remember her thinking her trip was futile or a waste of
  7. I agree with those of you who would be disappointed if the hand was restored (or if they could somehow regenerate limbs)...it opens too wide a door in my mind.
  8. Yes, but not completely gone...I agree that's extensive healing, but nothing compared to regenerating limbs.
  9. To me, it depends on how she views Semirhage (which goes back to my original post about how the FS are generally viewed)...if she considers Semirhage just another person who happens also to be an FS, then I completely agree that she might hesitate to use an a'dam due to her integrity (by the way, I agree she won't hesitate to use torture, either way). But, if she views Semirhage as too evil to be considered a person anymore, then I don't see her integrity causing any hesitation in using an a'dam as well as in using torture. This was what I was getting at when I said, we as spectators
  10. As far as I know, though, the official word is that the book will become available late 2008...at least that's what I thought I read, hehe.
  11. yeah...that sounds about right to me
  12. I agree with Luckers on this one...I don't think it's possible Masema is compelling thousands of people. The only value to my post is to also point out that the Dragon Reborn is a particularly driving force, even when he doesn't exist, which in the specific example of this series is why Masema was able to gather so many fanatics/followers in such a short period of time. We've already been given examples of how fast a false Dragon can gain followers who believe he's the true Dragon - so if enough evidence presents itself that the Dragon has an actual Prophet, then I'd imagine people would fol
  13. If you take issue with Cadsuane slapping Rand because he is misbehaving and deserved to be slapped, then you must take issue with the entire series as it is rife with adults hitting children when they misbehave. As for the rest of your post...Phaw!!! part of what separates us from beasts is what you argue against.
  14. That's just what I would have said Maj...the bad side almost always seems to be stronger for a good part of series', but usually that's not the case. The OP being the Creator's side of power makes sense...I think that the best that Rand and his pals can do in defeating the DO is allow for their to be balance between good and evil and the DO is trying to destroy that balance (of course). Even without the DO around, people are still going to do bad things, after all.
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