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  1. Ya.. BT is rent in blood. EI: Logain's Ashaman vs Taim's Ashaman. Aes Sedai walking the halls... well they are already in the BT. And ... the gateway ahsmana guy (forget his name) is already talking to them to help take back the tower.
  2. While Tuon is stubborn, I would say she has made herself more of a slave of the prophecies or signs that appear before her - that is what guides her action more than anything else. I think this is what he plan , but not what will happen What if Mat swears fealty to Rand and Fortouna has to comply with something the Prince of Ravens does Nope. Rand will kneel before the Empress because he knows that is for the best. I don't know why anyone expects different. Prophecy says he will kneel. Thus he will kneel. Plus, when Rand lost it at Tam adn took off he went to "his" cities and saw how bad they were and he went to the Sheanchan controlled cities and saw how much better they were (people safe, fed, happy, etc and he realised that the Seanchan are actually pretty good at some things. So ya... Rand will submit to the Empress in order to gain alliance with them, likely with terms to give safe passage to channeleres etc, but he will still kneel and submit. Bet on it.
  3. Does that mean you will stop using the name Mieren and call the character by her self-chosen name Lanfear? Will you stop making up excuses and rationalizations, that are often in direct conflict with both the story and it's author's own words describing her, that cover Lanfear's character flaws and motivations to revision her as a champion of good intent and feminist empowerment? You do a hell of a lot of superimposing your own beliefs and wishes onto the story and characters and are being a complete hypocrite. A woman does not act the way you think she should so you entirely recreate her in your mind (thinking you are being open-minded and fair no less I am sure). Seriously, you are one of the most preachy and argumentative posters on this site to anyone that doesn't fall in lockstep with your personal worldview. Almost every word you type is steeped in personal bias and agenda. You complain about wanting to step away from your day job and relax, perhaps you should consider that others do not want to be forcefully indoctrinated by your zealous obsession. +1
  4. Wow... people need to cry less. Of course characters are a little different. There is a different author putting pen to paper. If you didn't expect that you need a reality check. That said, most of the characters are pretty spot on. The only obvious difference was Mat in TGS. The Hindenstrap stuff with the RPG stuff was obviously a misfit. However since then, in ToM Mat is pretty much back to normal (barring the changes he is going through in the story; married, noble, learning responisiblity, etc). None of the characters in ToM were glaringly mishandled...and for "evidence" of that... people couldn't tell if it was Rj or BS who wrote the ToG sequence. Also, to the people who claim Mat is not a clown.... ya right... Releasing a badger into a dance isn't a clown move? RJ's mat has long been a bit of a clown and down things for a laugh.
  5. good questions. I'm bet on the oops idea. though we can write it off as illusions.
  6. I may be wrong but I am sure there were examples of naked men in the Aiel sweat tents. Never on screen, and certainly not with anything resembling the detailed if relatively non-graphic description that RJ put into the female nudity. Women talk about seeing men in sweat tents, and Egwene thinks of having been embarrassed once by Rhuarc. She is a bit of an exception, and she's not a particularly good once since her devotion to Gaidal presumably keeps her chaste. There is no real parallel to Mat among the main female characters - even lower-tier women like Berelain and Morgase have only had a few lovers each. Tylin is the closest thing, and she is essentially a rapist. The Greens are the next closest thing, and the most prominent of them - Myrelle - is also essentially a rapist. Some would argue that, but it's pretty clear she had to use the bond to compel Lan to have sex with her. There is certainly male nudity on screen in sweat tents in FOH. Egwene is all embarrassed because there are naked men the in tents. Does RJ go into detail describing they genitalia? no of course not but he doesn't describe the women in that detail either. You brought up Tylin (and by proxy mat). Mat is naked in the series as well. Specifically with Tylin. Also, by writing off Bridgette checking out men because her devotion to Gaidal presumably keeps her chaste you are adding extra criteria that was not relevant to the argument. The person I responded to wasn't asking if there were female parallels to Mat. They were complaining that the series was sexist because there were not female characters that checked out guys asses. Bridgette proves there are women characters that check out guys and derrieres. Min is another. She checks out Rands ass on occasion. However, you bringing up Tylin and Myrelle is interesting. One of that complaints about sexism is because the DO essentially rapes female Forsaken to punish them. You just pointed out that there is a female to male rape equivalent in the series.
  7. I may be wrong but I am sure there were examples of naked men in the Aiel sweat tents. And Bridgette does indeed check out men's derrieres.
  8. Yes. we do need to change peoples underlying notion that sexes NEED to be regarded and treated differently. However that doesn't' mean we have to stick our heads in the sand and deny that there are biological and physiological differences in the average man and woman. Sexist people fight for the notion that we NEED to treat each different. You are fighting for the notion that we all NEED to deny that any differences exist. and that writting anything that follows social normals means the author is sexist. Both are flawed stances to take.
  9. or perhaps people that "study" sex issues have a tendency to see some things that are not really there. And before you freak out, realize that this is not a denial that sexism exists but a understanding that people can create issues out of nothing due to their own perceptions and issues. Some things that are called sexist are sexist and some are merely people deluding themselves because of their own history and perceptions. not true. There are ample differences between men and women besides reproductive issues. And these differences are not irrelevant to the modern notion of human identity. They are also not all derived from sociocultural values. some examples: size, shape, muscular power and endurance. brain chemistry (and yes there are measurable differences in the brain chemistry and brain waves of men and women). Hormone levels. All of these things influence us as much as our society does. Our brain chemistry and hormones influence (or even control) our instincts and drives. These instances and drives (nuture, aggression, etc) influence how we see and approach art, philosophy business etc. Women do not have, on average, a higher tendency to nurture then men do because of our society. It is quite literally hardwired into their brain. Ditto with men and aggression. Again: note that I am not saying there are not exceptions to the norm. there are. But those exceptions do not disprove the rule that there are legitimate differences between the sexes. To pretend there are not; to pretend that all differences between genders are only created by society is completely ignorant and flies in the face of scientific fact. Of course people are able and should be allowed to "rise above" their biological influences. But that doesn't mean that those influences do not exist. Yes Forcing someone into a role based on their gender is sexist. Understanding (and writing about it)that on average people of certain genders are drawn to certain roles is not sexist. From your writing you seen to lack understanding of this distinction. Was he wedded to the idea of gender? or did he choose to write characters that mirrored attitudes in the real world so the setting of this story was easy to relate to for readers? Did he write masculine males and feminine females because...GASP... males are on average more masculine and females are on average more feminine? Your argument seems to be: Jordon did make all his characters executions to the norm so he is sexist. That is a ridiculous argument. Or... the submit/accept to Saidar and Fight with Saidin is a play on the nurture vs aggression impulses that are hardwired into the human brain. Again see what I wrote to your first quote about "intellectuals" that "study" sexism seeing things that not necessarily there. Your interpretation of the saidar sadian control thing is wholly without evidence or proof and thus as you so elegantly verbalize in the next thing I will quote you on, completely arbitrary and therefore essentially meaningless. You are not using the language properly. Gender is not solely used to describe social distinctions between sexes. And the hormonal, instinctual, and chemical differences between genders is not arbitrary or meaningless. Actually since our sex, and thus that little chromosome, has a scientifically measurable effect on our brain chemistry, endocrine system, and other biological functions it is anything but folly to assume that is is a significant identifier between individuals. It is not the ONLY identifier and it doesn't supersede all others but yes it is real and it IS folly to ignore that fact. Sorry to break the bad news to you.
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