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  1. Wonder if the diverse casting means they’ll shake up the entire notion of the ‘races’ being spread across the world with the Breaking. Wouldn’t be a bad change. Re: I’m sure they can act. Global cast with a range of credits; and they clearly didn’t cast on looks alone — so they’ve probably cast a very wide net and pulled who they felt are the absolutely best choices. What struck me: A) The actor cast for Mat looks like how I pictured Rand, minus the red hair. At first I totally assumed that was the casting. B) Is it me or is Nynaeve the same age as the others? Makes it a bit more HP if so. C) I like the pic they chose for Eg. She’s got an exotic look I didn’t expect from that character — I WANT to see this woman grow powerful in the world.
  2. There is no question: we should NOT be donating our money to Red Eagle! These guys play themselves off as "long-time fans" but what a lie! They bought the rights without having read the books and have since ruined every professional relationship they've formed along the way. They are bad business all around, and this Kickstarter is the ultimate insult. Not only that, it's a crappy Kickstarter! And they want half a million! What a joke. Let's just hope it fails and that Harriet has the sense not to renew the rights to these guys.
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