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  1. I think this foreshadows the major conflict going forward with the Tinkers settling in Seanchan lands: do we put up with the people who keep us safe but occasionally steal young women, or do we go back to facing random violence? I think the bulk will choose the latter--Tinkers are libertarian to the core--but there will be a schism. I believe it was mentioned that some of the Aiel who threw down there spears sought to join with the Tinkers. I would have loved to see that interaction. I wonder how it will change the Tinkers going forward.
  2. The surprise Grove, the super-mega-huge Sharan gateway, Androl's assault on the Black Tower and lava Gateway, and JAIM MOTHERF'ING FARSTRIDER showing up to save Olver.
  3. In reference to Alanna's letter, if she were Black Ajah, wouldn't Verin have her on the list she gave to Egwene? I don't recall Egwene ever mentioning Alanna being BA at all. Min's viewing of her, Bera, Merana, Rafela and Faeldrin was, "They will keep their word. I just saw these five in your hand." This leads me to believe that she wasn't BA. Alanna was one of my favorite Aes Sedai. I was upset that her role was shrunk in the last few books. I was hoping that BS would have tied up her storyline nicely. These letters are getting to me. I've been wanting to know what's in them for qu
  4. On Verin's letters: I'm drawing a blank for Galad. For Alanna, I think the most likely option is that she is Black Ajah and Verin taught her the last hour trick (as to why it never occurred to any other BA, the problem is you have to ensure your own death before you can test your hypothesis). Why she left was more problematic, but maybe her presence at SG was always part of the plan? So it's not about capture, just about when she's going to obey the order to go (and perhaps Verin even included the subversive info with the order). For Rand, I think she told him the fat man angr
  5. The White Tower would have made sense in a pre-Dragon Reborn world. But we just saw a big confrontation with the White Tower on one side and the Dragon Reborn on the other. The selection of Elayne may not have made sense based on her abilities, but it probably did from a political standpoint because she was closely linked with both Egwene and Rand, and powerful in her own right.
  6. I don't want to turn this in to a huge rant, especially since I have mainly nice things to say about her in AMoL, so I'll try to sum up. She's a noble, yes, but so are a lot of characters in WoT. She's a very powerful channeler, but again, so are a lot of characters in WoT. But most of those characters (primary and secondary characters, at least) rise above that. Most don't, but they're usually tertiary characters at best. Elayne looks all the worse for being one of the most popular (i.e., frequent) POV characters but frequently putting her own interests well above the greater good. I do
  7. Interesting you mention Nynaeve. I think the debacle at her testing cemented her independence from the White Tower. With everything she did for Rand and her ability to heal madness, she is well positioned to normalize relations between the towers (probably the best we can hope for, they will always be rivals). I thinks Cadsuane is better equipped to deal with the Black Tower, her incredibly abrasive personality notwithstanding.
  8. I have always been a great Elayne hater. She's a bad person and incompetent to boot. But she acquitted herself well in AMoL. And, as Birgitte noted, she finally, after 14 books, grew as person just a little bit.
  9. How can you have hundreds of thousands die in battle and not lose a few named characters?
  10. Yes, but now Cadsuane has to face the living hell of being (a very competent) Amyrlin.
  11. I loved the way that Mat found the one group of people he could send with clear conscience on a suicide mission.
  12. I dunno, Jordan usually reserved the cruelest fates for the bad guys...
  13. Oh, I definitely see the logic, but for reasons I can't quite articulate it didn't work for me. Perhaps because WE as the reader have no reason to doubt her and nobody else was present to see it.
  14. She could have, and I think should have, gotten more screen time before going into SG. I'm glad we didn't see much of her there, because I didn't really think the stuff with Nynaeve and Alanna worked.
  15. It hit me pretty hard when the other characters are hearing that Lan lost 2/3 of his troops. The despair, the betrayal, the sheer loss of life. I was getting a little annoyed in the first half when red shirts were going down by the thousands and no named characters were dying. That changed in a hurry.
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