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  1. Indeed many thanks to Sanderson and all of Team Jordan! As for Jason's review, I'd say he seems to be predominately happy with the final result. This series very well could have been left unfinished. I would think that was the worst case scenario in all of this. One thing that feels out of place though, is the seemingly sharp level of dissatisfaction with the efforts of these folks, by people who seem to be vets of this site. This has only become glaringly apparent here in the past few weeks as more AMoL content has been made available. I've read the two books that BS helped complet
  2. true, she did say she would see to them before she split. i guess there is just too much going on to make a big production out of it
  3. I know! Does anyone beside Rand and the guy she healed even know she can do that?? Wouldn't that guy be running around to all his crazy Asha'man buddies telling them that Nynaeve Sedai has got the medicine??
  4. I forgot about Verin. With her I get the feeling that her actions were less about redemption and more about just how the only way she could give Egwene the info was to kill herself and bypass her "dark oaths".
  5. Ingtar, Lord, of House Shinowa I know his loyalties and whatnot have long sense been revealed, but when I was reading TGH for the first time, I really liked his character and thought his interaction with Rand and their merry troupe of Shinerians was great. As the story progresses you begin to suspect that this seemingly perfect example of a Shinerian Warrior is the traitor and has given himself over to the Shadow. Yet, in the end I think the man very well may have achieved redemption. Now that I think of it, is this the only Darkfriend we've seen that is redeemed? Did Matt's Aiel girl
  6. Very well said. It is a great series, it shows us boys and girls who begin to change, grow, and ultimately become adults in a most astounding way. I didn't realize till now, but that is probably my favorite thing about these books. How they all change, they are still the same people, but wow, the changes.
  7. allota has a point.... thanks to TGS and all the "hooks O Evil" in poor Rand's brain we can definitely say that real or construct, LTT being in Rand's head was his manifestation of madness. It's kinda funny though, personally I never gave this much thought, I always just kinda accepted that LTT was real in a way and that it was Rand's brand o crazy all in one. But explanations are always nice.
  8. those r pretty good Jennifer. ty for the post. I agreee with RyanG that ya dont see many attempts at shadowspawn.... the trolloc post Skald linked is prolly the best rendition ive ever seen. The way the human bits and animal are mixed is really well done.
  9. heres a scary thought... assuming they win and seal the bore how many ages do u think it will be before some dummy Aes Sedai/aha'man comes along and breaches it again?
  10. There has been many valid points raised for Egwene as far as good and bad goes. All I can say is how I personally feel about her... Now I can respect Egwene in the fact that she can look at the White Tower be aware of its flaws and yet still maintain a personal vision of how great it could be. She is out to make the tower better than how it was. That being said, she seems to assign the wrong reasons/motives to what ppl do a good bit. Is that fair to the ones that she does that to? No, I don't think so. Sometimes she seems presumptuous. Now I don't think u can say she abandoned Aiel
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