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  1. I was clear with Harriet with the KK that I was perfectly ok with it being two books and taking longer to resolve. At this point, I'm going on 20 years of reading this series, I can wait another 3-4 to find out the ending and it's not like it's going to matter much. One other person at the KK said the same thing, but no one spoke up in opposition. To be clear, I don't think it will happen. But, I'd rather it done right, than done fast. This is the end for my "friends" I've carried close to me for almost 20 years, I'm going to hate to say goodbye. Plus I know that Brandon isn't going to move as slow as RJ, so if he had to do two books it's not like they would be "boring". If he had two books worth of material to put down, I think that would rock, time frame is irrelevant at this point, at least IMHO. Marcos
  2. I guess from the breadth of responses, it was about as I originally suspected. If you were waiting for books 7-10 for a couple of years, you didn't like them as much, and on second read through you enjoyed it more. What's interesting is if you look at the Amazon ratings you'll see that the ratings drop to 2-3 stars for those books. But my belief is the series doesn't drop from averaging 4-4.5 stars to 2.5 stars for those middle books in reality. I mean is there really a drop off in the series that is so bad? If you look at the reviews of COT, I mean the predominance of people are saying that book is a 1 out of 5 stars, by a huge margin. I don't know, it's not the best of the series but is it really THAT bad? Is it really worse than most books out there? Compared to the muddle of the Sword of Truth series by the time it gets to book 8-10? This is worse than that? I just don't see it. I would guess that most people would put this closer to a 2-3 if they had the perspective of not waiting on it. Not 70% or more rating it at a 1. Thanks for your input.
  3. Harriet mentioned in the Kaffe Klatch that it was possible MOL would end up being too big to fit in one volume, and so it might end up two books. But then Sanderson in the status update really didn't leave much opening that it would at all be possible. So..... That was the one shocker that I heard personally, but there could be others. Oh yeah and AMOL released November 2012, but I'm sure that's been mentioned somewhere else.
  4. I wonder if other people felt the same way about books 7-10 as I did. I've been a long time reader, started reading back when there were only 2 books available and thought we would be done in six. I know there was a lot of complaining about books 7-10 at the time of their publication. There wasn't a whole lot of arcs completed, usually just one or two major plot movements forward. At the time it was frustrating because we knew we had another two years to wait to hear the rest. I find now in re-reads that they are much more enjoyable as a continuous story. I'm curious for the late readers, what their take was on the books from 6 or 7 to 10. Were they as enjoyable as the rest? I find while re-reading I enjoy them quite a bit more than I did originally, but I enjoy all of them more the 3rd, 4th and 5th time. It seems to me it would be more palatable in a continuous read than the 7-8 years I spent waiting on significant plot movement. Just something I was wondering.
  5. Yeah, we've been here about 3 years. I know right where the Doubletree is, I believe we used to have their IT account. My wife's office is off exit 5 and mine is off exit 9. Small world huh? My wife found about the con because we were in NY last time Brandon was in town for a signing, although I've been a WOT fan since 1992, I've come to a deep appreciation of everything Sanderson as well. At this point the wife is attempting to convince me that we must attend Dragoncon. The signs are good so far. Rand- Marcos
  6. Yeah I live off 92 in Roswell/Woodstock. So we're neighbors. My wife and I had a blast, we came up with a good idea for a panel next year that I'll email you at your other site, is that the best place? Rand- Marcos
  7. Just wanted to drop in and say Hi. I've been a fan for almost 18 years, but haven't been involved in any forums. Got lost in some of the theory discussions at Jordancon so I figured it was time to bone up on my knowledge. I wrote down some notes from the Kaffe Klatch with Wilson and Harriet that I can share if you like. My favorite book is Shadow Rising, favorite scene is kind of a tie between Dumais Wells and Egwene's Defense of the White Tower. I dyed my hair for the first time in my 40 years so that should answer who my favorite character is. For now here's my pictures of me with Wilson and Harriet. Talk soon. Atlanta Rand.
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