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  1. Mat and Birgitte will be lovers. Mat will still be married to Tuon. (Would be better to read about) (The sexual tension between Mat and Birgitte is hyper intense) Mat convinces Tuon she can channel my through Mats ta'veren nature manages to save the Seanchan empire and unwittingly becomes Emperor.
  2. I think Mat and Perrin were two taveren woven into the pattern to keep Rand/The Dragon sane. The Pattern new about the taint and how the shadow will try to turn The Dragon by bringing him sorrow. So it spawned Perrin and Mat to save him. This was my original thought before tGS. Now I'm not sure of the role of Mat and Perrin and there link with the Dragon and each other. It's the biggest thing that I want resolved in aMoL. Why dose this incarnation of the Dragon have two lesser (In comparison with the dragon. They are actually insanely powerful tav'eren themselves) Ta'veren tagged to him?
  3. ""Unhand me, you white-livered sons of goats!" he shouted, struggling. "Burn your eyes! The Shadow take your souls, loose me! I will have your guts for a saddle girth!"" - The Shadow Rising, Chapter 15
  4. Thats kinda what i was thinking. If your reading and you find Egwene dose something fustrating you can come here and vent. I think people hate her, not becasue she is allways going against rand with the seals and such. It's not even becasue, IMO, that she is some upstart little arrogent girl who was made Amyerlin, or had the OP, or is Aei Sedai. Just becasue she has these things she thinks everybody can bow down to her and kiss her ring. It's becasue she gets away with it. It makes no sence. A girl ordering around 150 year old Aei Sedai, or manaeging to get a huge army to try and stop
  5. I think mabey i mistitaled the thread. I just wanted to know why certain people hated Egwene, adn to discuss the resions why? Overall she is not a bad character, but sometimes i find myself drawn in a little to much and in these instances i get irritated. This happens with allot of other characters. (even Mat)
  6. I'm having some serious rage about this. Normaly if a character is iritating i can deal. Irritating can be apart of the characters personality. But this... my jimmys have seriously been ruffled by this character. Most of the time i don't really care that much about her, she is a okay chacter except at these points where she really gets on my flaming nerves 1. In part 3 DR: Egwene shows her real potential of being a annoying chit. "Nyneave is older and wiser then you listen and do what she says you stupid woman. You deserved that massive slap Elayne gave you!" 2. The way she tre
  7. I believe the 1st age is our age but The Horn and Portal Stone were all made in the 1st age so I think there is allot more time is going to pass from 2011 to when the dragon is born in our age.
  8. I have to say after finishing TOM that there is a serious amount of stuff that needs to be tied down before the enevitable end but i think that all these thigs can be contained in a single volume. At the very least, if your going to have 2 volumes release them at the same time, you wouldn't need to do this for the audio and e-books obviously, but I think just one massive book should be enough. It would definatly be the biggest in the series. I'm such a huge fan of TWoT however i don't think i would be able to take no more. I think Sanderson, Tor books or Harriet should organise some side s
  9. yeah It did errupt but they we're both in somebodys nightmare and not in the World of Dreams. Anything at all can happen in somebodys nightmare and if you enter via the world of dreams it might as well be all real (For you and anyhthing you brought with you). The Nightmare is mainly the product of the dreamer
  10. My appologys on spelling and such. I'm not dislexic but i have a mild learning dificulty that affects writing. Normaly I have a spellcheck but I can't figure out how to put it on Firefox. Indeed, But from what i can tell for TGH is that Shadow Prophesy and Light Prophsy both come true. So from this extract we know that the Dark One will definatly be out of his prison at least for a short time. But if it is Perrin then i can't think of anyhthing that he could do, Ta'veran or not, that would cause such destruction unless he has a mess up of monumental proportions.
  11. In that day, when the One-Eyed fool travels the halls of mourning, and the First Among Vermim lifts his hand to being freedom to Him who will Destroy, the last days of the Fallen Blacksmith Pride shall come. I was missleaded by this inisialy becasue i listened to the audobook before reading it and i confused mourning for morning. The One-Eyes fool is obviously Mat. Imo in a aMol, Mat will suffer a great loss mabey the death of Olver (he was left in a very sticky situation) Either way something most likely casues Mat a great emotional pain. The First Among Vermin is either Fain or Rand.
  12. So this is my theory. I do not think that rand will kill the DO (Dark One). if you go back to when he went though the dorway tir'anragal they told him to live he must die... This is reminiscent of Lews Therin, living on in rands mind... But if rand kills the DO then there would be no need for the Pattern to spin out another Dragon for the 4th age. so he will die forever and not live again as a voice in the next Dragons mind. This seems like something that should be discussed
  13. *shuggs* I guess it's mainly "if you tug that bloody braid one more time i swear to the light and my hope of rebirth and salvation..." Nah. It's the "wool-headed men" attitude she had in the early books I think. Thanks for the welcome.
  14. Hey fellow Aei Sedai, Asha'men, Dragonsworn, Aiel, Trollocs, Forsaken (or chosen). I've just finished The gathering Storm and just started Towers of Midnight. I've also been lurking here since i found this site all the way back after I finished Crossroads of Twilight. Matrim Cauthon is my favorite character Nynaeve al'Meara my least favorite My favorite book is Shadow Rising and my least favorite is Lord of Chaos. I think thats all you need to know as most of of are massive WOT fans and could most likely get and understand my entire personality from that.
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