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  1. I don't think they were bubbles of evil.
  2. Was it ever explained what the ripples were? The ones that happened to Perrin and Faile when they were separated. I've read the theory that this was the seals being broken. But that doesn't hold for me. That theory was written before the last book came out. Before it was revealed that the seals were actually still whole until the last book.
  3. I am placing this question here, as it happened in the tower. I'm trying to understand what happened when androl made that gateway to catch balefire. From what I understood based on previous events, balefire is the most dangerous weave because it unravels the pattern on impact. The only time something else happens was when it collided with another balefire and the flame of tar. why would it go through a gateway instead of burning it out of the pattern? Am I missing something?
  4. This is probably a stupid question, but why does he rafo some questions? Isn't this the last book?
  5. Yes, you're right, the way that question was phrased... Lol thanks, suttree !
  6. I know that they staged a conversation for him to hear, and during it she was asked if he could hear. She said no, straight out knowing it to be a lie. She didn't try to evade at all. I think the oath should have held, to me similar to the experiments to try to evade the rod. What would not make it hold this time? by everything we've seen so far, balefire isn't effected by other weaves, it effects them by unraveling the pattern. The only exception is the new weave. I am as glad as anyone that gateways are finally being used in more creative ways, but it shouldn't make the most dangerous w
  7. I hope this is the right thread for these. 1. In the black tower Pevara(I think was the name) was asked to to loosen the captive's weave so he could hear. Afterwards she was asked if he could hear them and she said no. Is this a writing mistake? 2. How in the world could a gateway catch baelfire? the only thing I can think of is the weave was very weak.
  8. The dark tower was good, not crazy about every book there. Not sure if anyone mentioned Ursula k Leguin's earthsea series.
  9. Varg

    Bin Laden dead

    Exactly! Investigate building 7. The presence of military grade explosives all over the site. The fact that the plane crash debris was all small pieces, blown all over a large area.(PA) The fact that you can't fit a 757 into the hole made in pentagon. It was a lot of firsts on that day. Norad failed for the first time, because they were doing war games of that same exact scenario. 3 steel structured buildings fell due to 'fire' for the first time in history only burning for a few hours. Destroyed evidence, etc etc.... There is also a video of bush saying that he was watching the first plane h
  10. So we know that he embraced the wind. We heard it from rand himself that he will not hear the voice of the kin slayer again. We can see from other pov, including bonded, that his temperament has changed. It even seems like the sickness is gone. But do you think that some great danger to his sanity still remains? I think this is possible but only because we did not get any pov from rand in tom, except from the dream in the end. Or is this because the books where split? If i recall, we hardly had any if at all, from elane in tgs. Has brandon said anything about this?
  11. oh wow, i didn't expect moiraine :0 but don't we already know who killed him? I believe brandon told us in the last book.
  12. Oh, thats an awesome explanation. Altho i don't understand the following. is sherlock someone's username or somethin?
  13. thats what i thought, but i didn't catch that detail the first time around. I only listen to the audiobook, i didn't know about the glosary. thanks.
  14. Sorry, what i meant is that my post didn't have any spoilers. But a post may have one eventualy. i do not mind spoilers, but others may disagree so i was being cautious. I thought it was suggested in tom that she killed someone else in addition, and i was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this. And what they were.
  15. How ,ummm..., helpful! :) do we know who? Do we dare guess?
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