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  1. Oh yes been doing alottt of browsing in the discussions and come across alot of good ones and learnt some things as well. Haven't made it over to the RPing side of the site but i'll be making my way there shortly. Gonna post up my original question on here in discussions and see what reply i get from the rest of the community.
  2. GAh and this morning I just had another dream this time I was Matt! then it turned into some Mortal Kombat stuff cause i was just watchin that movie last night lol. Jeeze next I guess i'll be Perrin
  3. Of course I love the main character but Im more of a Matt fan though, I like his attitude the most and he makes me laugh more then any one else. Factions i've never really thought about that to much..You have given me something to ponder
  4. My nickname is Big Yak. Cause my name is Jacob and my friends and some of my family called me Yakob turned into yak and sense i'm a big guy turned into Big Yak and 88 is the year i was born
  5. Yeah sooo I'm a bit obsessed with WOT and I just figured this out this morning because I had a dream I was Rand.. o.o bit weird...Anybody else have any WOT dream stories they wanna share? This is my first post on here figured this would be an intresting topic to begin with! yeah...i'm done now.....
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