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  1. I'm still groking large parts of the book. It just feels good/bittersweet that it's finally over. The actual end of the book...I can't say I hate it. Not even sure I dislike it. I do wish there was like a book sized Epilogue of its own about what happens after.
  2. I'd have personally wanted him to finish at least mapping out the last three novels before doing prequels, planning Outrigger novels & such.
  3. http://xkcd.com/977/ I choose A Globe. Easier to store my booze.
  4. A few. Traveling, stasis boxes, and that little fat man ter'angreal that is said to contain thousands of books. "I got time. Let me pull out my WoT Fat Man Kindle here"
  5. In my experience, there's surprisingly little stretching. That's what I said: "Of course you're not going to have magic and monsters in a western or mystery novel (or even a fantasy novel), but you are going to have the unexplained and the foreign." Exactly what I've been trying to say. You've put it a bit more eloquently though. You do have to make allowances... :) I still disagree with you about Steerpike--my understanding is that the setting of the novel was, for lack of a better term, the court. Yes, the kitchen (where Steerpike worked) existed, but it wasn't really part of the setting. This is only because of how narrowly the setting is defined by the author. My question is whether I've got the right impression of how the book starts out? If the setting is larger than the wikipedia article makes it seem, then I'll concede the point. I wish I had more time for my "to read" list. Boring. You can have Fantasy & Westerns mix. The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. Also adds mystery & even elements of espionage. Also starts with neither a Hero leaving town nor a stranger arriving.
  6. Everyone in every genre and every fictional medium copy each other to some extent.
  7. We could also add parallels with The Matrix to both. The general fantasy architecture is what all are built on.
  8. It didn't feel slow to me. Every part of it was interesting and laid important groundwork for the series. And if I had heard it I'd respomd like I do when people critisize Stephen King novels or starting slow. "He lays out alot of descriptions, details & builds the story before things really take off"
  9. It's been a while since I've read the relevant section, but wasn't residue-reading implied to be much more common amongst the Aiel Wise Ones than Aes Sedai? Aviendha didn't seem to consider it a Talent at all, more like a specialist skill. Yes. Any woman who's good with needlework etc., can be taught according to Avi. Begs the question why a Maiden of the Spear would be good with a needle, of course. BTW, this implies the Cadsuane can unpick weaves with a disdainful sniff and a wave of her fingers. Sewing up wounds from battle of course. They're not all bloody sides of beef!
  10. Tbh I'll say their future is as a counterpoint/balance to the White Tower. Maybe like the Jedi were to the Galactic Senate.
  11. Except when Rand killed him in each of the first three books... The only Forsaken who hasn't been killed or hit with negative attention from the DO is Demandred and he's been way too much of a non factor to be considered most evil. Why has everyone been saying that Mesaana is behind the Schism? I remember she was there when they took Siuan but I always thought it came about simply from Elaida's power hungriness and Alviarin's manipulation, not Forsaken intervention. Yes but Mesaana was almost certainly controlling Alviarin.
  12. I'd have thought "The Way I Am" by Eminem would be more their speed ;)
  13. I want more insights into the various creatures in The Blight.
  14. Wrong. I know one author that re-released a book. Stephen King did with "The Stand (Complete & Uncut Edition)" It added like 300+ pages.
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