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  1. Just fyi, still working on it. Haven't had time the last two days with having to coach high school football, but I'm hoping to get something in tonight/tomorrow.
  2. I'm back, sorry! Check the new entry for details if you guys still check these
  3. Hey all, been a rough couple of months for me. First, my laptop finally died (was old), and I had a new one ordered and delivered. Got it all set up and was about to start the blogs back when we got word of Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, I got stuck right in the middle of things and my brand new laptop was ruined. I've since gotten a replacement and all is good now. Oh, and we were in the process of getting ready to move, which we have successfully done now. So after all that, I think I've had enough problems for the year and I should be good to continue with the blogs if there is a
  4. I agree, and I've had my fair share of times where I've been irritated with her. Maybe it's just the fact that she is being a know-it-all with other Aes Sedai. I'm not irritated over that as much as I would if she was doing it to the three boys, or Elayne/Nynaeve.
  5. Chapter 8: The Figurehead If anything, this chapter title makes it pretty clear exactly what Egwene’s role was “meant” to be. It looks like the Salidar Aes Sedai are well on the way on their travels north. Someone mentioned this in the last blog, but why don’t they just travel? It would save on a hell of a lot of supplies and time. Anyway, Egwene is meeting with Sheriam and Siuan in her study. They are going over some random reports of supplies and such, and trying to figure out what to do about it all. Sheriam is still attempting to keep Egwene as a figurehead, but with the help of Siuan’
  6. No not really, but that's what makes it kind of funny. I just want to see the explosion that comes with Perrin suggesting it. She'd tear his eyes out
  7. That makes so much more sense now, maybe Perrin will end up with both of them? If Rand can juggle three women, why not Perrin
  8. It's hard for me to tell if he's insulted or just pissed off like he always seems to be. There doesn't seem to be very many tender moments between Rand and him haha.
  9. I hadn't realized how important that bowl thing was yet. I thought it was just something to control the weather in a larger area then one could do unaided. I figured it would help with the unnatural weather, but how big of an area are we talking about? Would you just take it city to city to fix the weather as you go? Did I miss something in Ebou Dar about the Sea Folk? I may not have gotten there yet, but last I heard was Elayne and Nynaeve were searching for this bowl in disguises. I had forgotten about the two twin Aes Sedai giving them some trouble, and we did see the Black Ajah presen
  10. Chapter 6: Old Fear, and New Fear Rand leaves with the rest of the group who stayed behind, which leaves Faile and Perrin to finally be able to talk. Faile is still a little uneasy, and it comes out that she was afraid they had come back under Aes Sedai control. I guess they could have compelled them, but I would think you would be able to notice. You would think Rand's reaction towards Colavaere would have been enough to convince her otherwise. Other than that, there isn’t really a weave to be able to control someone is there? You can maybe add the Warder bond in a sense, but that’s a dif
  11. Here's the one I was going to get up yesterday. I figured I should put it up before you all thought I forgot again I'll have another one up at some point tonight/tomorrow morning hopefully. Chapter 3: Hill of the Golden Dawn Rand waits as everyone else prepares to travel, and opens up a gateway for everyone to travel through. We see a little of Rand’s thoughts as the procession goes past, and we see Rand trusting less and less people. This Dashiva guy appears on the verge of madness. Either that or he is just one odd human being. As the last of the group finally crosses through
  12. I was in the process of going through a write up when I got a call from my buddy. It's his last night in town before he moves to a new state (I thought it was last night). So I got guilt tripped into a part two of his going away party. So bad news is I won't finish and get this update in tonight, but I'll have a good 6-7 chapters for you tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  13. I think it was Isgrimner who suggested this, but working in a Word document first really makes this a lot easier. Thanks for the suggestion! Chapter 1: High Chasaline We start off with Perrin, post Dumai’s Wells. He is going over some different things in his head as he tries to avoid looking at the death and destruction below. You can just sense the somber mood in the camp as Perrin looks at all the graves (I like how the Aiel are buried standing up facing the sunrise) and remembers the Aiel singing their funeral songs. With as much of a deal that has been made over their singing, t
  14. Thanks for all the responses. Part of the reason I have not done it daily is because I didn't always get 5-6 chapters in. So my next question is; I could probably do a daily blog of 2-3 chapters, would that work? They may not always be as long, but if I'm only doing a couple chapters I could do a better write up overall and not have to worry about rushing things. It probably would also help so I don't get too far ahead in my readings. Also, it's a lot easier going into writing the updates knowing I only have to do 2 chapters, verses 6. I will say this, though. I coach football on the HS le
  15. Ahhh great, rookie mistake and I accidentally deleted what I had written so far, which was a good 20 minutes of work. Oh well. Anyway I wanted to get you guys something tonight, and see if there was any feedback on ways I can do these write ups better. As most of you have probably noticed, my English/grammar is average at best. I tend to write how I talk, and once I get into the mood of remembering what happened in these books and my thoughts on them, everything I was taught seems to go out the window and I just type. I don't have a whole lot of hours to go over them either each day, s
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