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  1. Just fyi, still working on it. Haven't had time the last two days with having to coach high school football, but I'm hoping to get something in tonight/tomorrow.
  2. I'm back, sorry! Check the new entry for details if you guys still check these
  3. Hey all, been a rough couple of months for me. First, my laptop finally died (was old), and I had a new one ordered and delivered. Got it all set up and was about to start the blogs back when we got word of Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately, I got stuck right in the middle of things and my brand new laptop was ruined. I've since gotten a replacement and all is good now. Oh, and we were in the process of getting ready to move, which we have successfully done now. So after all that, I think I've had enough problems for the year and I should be good to continue with the blogs if there is anyone left looking for these things. I know it's been a while, so I'm not going to be surprised if there's no one that even notices this! In the off chance someone does, I have finished A Crown of Swords, and about halfway through The Path of Daggers. A LOT has happened. If people still do want me to continue, I'll figure the best way to catch everyone back up. Hope everyone is doing well!
  4. I agree, and I've had my fair share of times where I've been irritated with her. Maybe it's just the fact that she is being a know-it-all with other Aes Sedai. I'm not irritated over that as much as I would if she was doing it to the three boys, or Elayne/Nynaeve.
  5. Chapter 8: The Figurehead If anything, this chapter title makes it pretty clear exactly what Egwene’s role was “meant” to be. It looks like the Salidar Aes Sedai are well on the way on their travels north. Someone mentioned this in the last blog, but why don’t they just travel? It would save on a hell of a lot of supplies and time. Anyway, Egwene is meeting with Sheriam and Siuan in her study. They are going over some random reports of supplies and such, and trying to figure out what to do about it all. Sheriam is still attempting to keep Egwene as a figurehead, but with the help of Siuan’s teachings, Egwene is slowly gaining her power. The biggest trouble lies with Romanda and Lelaine, but luckily for Egwene they fight each other as much as they fight Egwene. I didn’t realize those two were also the next two strongest after Egwene. That, along with their age, definitely makes them a dangerous opponent. As the conversation is diverted, Egwene is able to force the information out of Sheriam on why ten sisters left Salidar soon after its forming. They were sent back to the White Tower as spies! Their main goal is to keep the story about the Red Ajah and Logain circulating around. It’s during this conversation when the thing we’ve been fearing would happen, happened. Technically we did already saw this happen, just from a different POV. Egwene feels the jolt of pain from a male channeler, as he (or she in this case) breaks the necklace off Moghedien’s neck! Egwene frantically leaves and goes to her tent, only to find it empty. She really did run headstrong into this. Egwene could have been torn up by just one of those two forsaken, not to mention both of them. So in the end, I’m glad Moghedien was forced to leave so quickly. It doesn’t make me feel any better about Halima, and I’m curious to know what exactly her plans are now. Chapter 9: A Pair of Silverpike Egwene meets with Siuan and Leane, and tells them the news. Naturally, they freak out a little. Egwene has Leane ask around the tent and see if any males were seen entering. Of course they won’t, Halima is a chick! That resurrection into a chick’s body is really turning out to be a huge advantage. Leane leaves and Egwene offers to intervene with Bryne for Siuan. She declines – are we starting to see a possible relationship between those two? From what I remember, Bryne appeared to have the “hots” for her when he decided to leave his manor and chase after her. For as much as Siuan acts like she hates him, RJ keeps throwing these subtle hints of her slowing starting to like him. As Egwene then takes a walk around camp, we see the traveling station that has been opened up. Before Moghedien escaped, Egwene was able to figure out skimming from her, which makes it possible for the Sisters to travel back to Salidar every night. Again, this leads me to ask why they don’t travel to their destination? Does it have something to do with the Sisters dragging their feet? Anyway, Egwene ponders over not hearing more word from Merana in Caemlyn. It’ll be interesting to see her reaction to the news of Rand’s capture/escape. Lastly, we see Nicola and Areina try to blackmail Egwene! The two try to use the leverage of overhearing Elayne and Nynaeve acting as full Aes Sedai (before Salidar) to get a little promotion themselves. I really like how Egwene reacted to this, and puts the fear of God into the two. She could have reacted different, or gotten nervous, and we may have seen some bad results. I’ll tell you all, I really like the recent developments in Egwene. She certainly appears to be growing into this Amyrlin role, and isn’t backing down like a normal 20 year old would. I have to take a step back and remember that she is barely out of her teens, or is she in them? She acts and seems so much older sometimes.
  6. No not really, but that's what makes it kind of funny. I just want to see the explosion that comes with Perrin suggesting it. She'd tear his eyes out
  7. That makes so much more sense now, maybe Perrin will end up with both of them? If Rand can juggle three women, why not Perrin
  8. It's hard for me to tell if he's insulted or just pissed off like he always seems to be. There doesn't seem to be very many tender moments between Rand and him haha.
  9. I hadn't realized how important that bowl thing was yet. I thought it was just something to control the weather in a larger area then one could do unaided. I figured it would help with the unnatural weather, but how big of an area are we talking about? Would you just take it city to city to fix the weather as you go? Did I miss something in Ebou Dar about the Sea Folk? I may not have gotten there yet, but last I heard was Elayne and Nynaeve were searching for this bowl in disguises. I had forgotten about the two twin Aes Sedai giving them some trouble, and we did see the Black Ajah present, but nothing (that I can remember) has happened as far as a confrontation between them. Although I think it's safe to assume the Black Ajah won't just sit around. It really wouldn't be fair for Nynaeve to be left alone, but when I wrote that bit on Elayne, I hadn't realized how important this bowl was. Also, valid points on Rand. He is a dick sometimes, well a lot of the times. I've just given him a little leeway since I like him. On the flip side, as far as I know he is the worlds only chance of winning, and he still isn't exactly proclaimed as the hero he should be (granted there is that male channelers going mad issue**). So I figure if people are being a dick to him, and trying to use him, he can be a little nasty in return. I do think he needs to be a little easier to work with, though. Primarily those who have already earned the right to be trusted by him. He is literally the most powerful man in the world, in every way. That much power and responsibility is enough to change and way down on even the nicest of people. I just think back to how nice and somewhat quiet he was back in the first book. **I'm waiting for this to become an issue. For as big of a deal that has been made about men going insane and destroying the world, we haven't really seen any word of it here.
  10. Chapter 6: Old Fear, and New Fear Rand leaves with the rest of the group who stayed behind, which leaves Faile and Perrin to finally be able to talk. Faile is still a little uneasy, and it comes out that she was afraid they had come back under Aes Sedai control. I guess they could have compelled them, but I would think you would be able to notice. You would think Rand's reaction towards Colavaere would have been enough to convince her otherwise. Other than that, there isn’t really a weave to be able to control someone is there? You can maybe add the Warder bond in a sense, but that’s a different situation. Anyway Perrin seems to be catching some of Rand’s ideals in refusing to kill women. He refuses to let Faile and Dobraine kill Colavaere. Later on Perrin also stands up to Rand when it sounds like he may let the Aes Sedai prisoners be killed. More on that later. Selande and her group try to follow Perrin and Faile around until Perrin sends them off, but not before Faile nods her head. I'm not positive yet, but it seems like Faile is leading this group. She has formed her secret spy group of sorts. She always talks about doing it for Perrin, and I doubt him telling her "no" is enough to stop her. Back in their rooms, it looks like Perrin has finally satisfied Faile’s jealousy until Rand busts in. He mentions Berelain is staying on the Sea Folk ship. Oh Rand, you need to be a better wing-man than that. Faile obviously has a spike of jealousy, and that whole situation is starting to make me wonder more. It seems the whole Faile-Perrin-Berelain triangle has lasted a decent amount of time. It started a couple books back, before Perrin left for the Two Rivers. Something has to give here soon; one of these two girls has to win. It’s pretty clear, as of now, that it will stay Perrin/Faile, but I’m waiting for the big bang to happen. I’m going to be annoyed if nothing happens and I have to spend the next 6 books listening to Berelain flirt with Perrin, and Faile getting jealous. Back to the story. Rand asks Perrin one last time if he will think on leading the army against Illian. It leads to that scene where Perrin stands up to Rand about not harming the Aes Sedai. What is confusing is Rand says he won’t harm any Aes Sedai who does not deserve it. I know he is increasingly hard against Aes Sedai, but he couldn’t even kill them right after he broke free from his crate. His rage and hate had to be at its highest then, yet he kept it in check. That along with his personal rule of not harming women makes this confusing. Is he making an exception for female Aes Sedai? Anyway Rand leaves and says he could use Perrin in another spot if he won’t do Illian. Perrin and Faile then get some much needed alone time.. Chapter 7: Pitfalls and Tripwires Once again, Rand tests the limits of his sanity as he walks around holding saidin to his fullest. He wonders over Berelain, and about her hiding Annoura's identity. It’s a valid question, and only adds to his problems. We also hear about another group of Aes Sedai who have just arrived. Sulin arrives and it brings Rand out of his thoughts. She has a group of maidens, as well as three Asha’man, who will travel with Rand on his three stops that night. First, they head to Caemlyn where they are snuck into the Palace. I was confused at first as to why he needed to be bound like a prisoner. We find out later it was in order to not alert Elayne to his presence (if she would have been there). I guess he is still trying to keep that clean break from her, but I’m just waiting for her to get his hands on him. Once inside the Palace, Rand meets with Bashere and Bael (and their wives). Rand confirms that they are still supportive of him, and denies attacking the White Tower. Again, we find a gathering of Aes Sedai in the city. Is this another Elaida plot? Why do they all seem to be gathering in the cities Rand controls? Another thought is these could be Aes Sedai who came to the city in order to control events after Rand was taken. His recent return just put a damper on those plans. Word had also arrived of Colavaere’s coronation, and two nobles declared for the throne in Caemlyn. Luckily, it looks like Dyelin is legitimately behind Rand in his statement for Elayne to have the thrown. Dyelin has had the others arrested for treason and been made somewhat of a steward until Elayne returns.* Rand leaves one of the Asha’man in disguise in order to have messages sent back. He then travels to Lord Semaradrid and the High Lord Weiramon and leaves the other two with them. It sounds like the attack is about to start! * My recent bone to pick is with Elayne. Yes, they found this bowl that "may" fix the weather or something like that, but why hasn't she left that for Nynaeve to figure out? She talks a lot about her people in Caemlyn, and was upset over Rand "giving" her the thrown. Why hasn't she jumped at the opportunity to head back there and set things straight? My only idea is that she thinks this will serve the greater good of the whole world or something. The longer she makes everyone wait in Caemlyn, not to mention Cairhien, the harder I think it will be for her. She either needs to find this bowl ASAP, or give it up and have Mat bring her back as quick as possible. I think Rand wins the "for the greater good category". So her job needs to make his life easier, and take care of at least one of those cities for him.
  11. Here's the one I was going to get up yesterday. I figured I should put it up before you all thought I forgot again I'll have another one up at some point tonight/tomorrow morning hopefully. Chapter 3: Hill of the Golden Dawn Rand waits as everyone else prepares to travel, and opens up a gateway for everyone to travel through. We see a little of Rand’s thoughts as the procession goes past, and we see Rand trusting less and less people. This Dashiva guy appears on the verge of madness. Either that or he is just one odd human being. As the last of the group finally crosses through the gateway, a maiden is spotted running towards them. The Wise Ones go out and meet her first, and then bring the news to Rand. Bair and Megana had set watchers out to wait for his return, and the reports of what have been going on are not good. A good majority of the Aiel now believe he works for the Aes Sedai, and they want to attack the White Tower. Meanwhile the other half fall to the bleakness due to Rand “betraying them”. To make matters worse, Colavaere has been crowned queen, and urging the Aiel to move south. There is some other political news about some other Cairhienin nobles declaring Colavaere a usurper, but basically everything Rand has worked towards is now ruined. Anyway Rand orders the Aes Sedai to be taken to the Aiel tents in order to make it look like they work for him. Not sure if that will work but it’s the best idea I’ve got. Maybe he could get the Aes Sedai to say it outright that they work for Rand. Perrin also hears word of Bain and Chiad being with the Maidens, and he freaks out a bit about Faile. Rand finally gathers a small group and starts to head the last leg toward the city. Chapter 4: Into Cairhien It was interesting to see Rand ride into Cairhien the way he did. It may have been good as far as his image was concerned, but I loved this scene build up. It’s like the skinny kid just blindsided the big badass with a kick in the private parts, and everyone is waiting for the retaliation. The Aiel obviously have their own opinions, and things definitely hang in the balance with them. As for the rest of the people, all the nobles (especially Colavaere) assumed Rand was not returning. I can just imagine the look on their faces as Rand crashes on their celebration party. One thing is for sure, the mood is pretty somber (at least in the outer part of the city) for celebrations of a new queen. I’m getting a little ahead of myself, though. We see these chapters through the eyes of Perrin, and he grows increasingly worried about Faile as they travel towards the Palace. One side not, but based off the emotions he smells of Dashiva, he concludes he is mad. I see a problem growing with him down the road. Back to the story, though, and the group meets up with this society of girls playing at Aiel, and it is here that we find out Faile is one of Colavaere’s attendants! I guess it’s good to know that she is safe, or appears to be. It is then that they travel to the Great Hall, and crash their little shindig. Chapter 5: A Broken Crown I was excited going into this chapter, and it didn't disappoint. Rand enters the Grand Hall with a purpose, and no one stands in his way as he approaches Colavaere. Faile is indeed one of the attendants, and stands by the throne. Rand confronts Colavaere, and I love his demonstration of what is done can be undone (Taking her crown, breaking it and then fixing it with the power). Perrin then accuses her of murdering Lord Maringil and the High Lord. Unfortunately he has to follow it up with asking about Berelain, and I had to laugh a little at that. I don't think Perrin has any feelings for her aside from physical attraction (he is a guy after all, a young ripe 20+ year old too), but that was probably the worst thing he could say in front of Faile. I can only imagine how jealous she will get now. Faile seems to ignore it, for now, and accuses Colavaere of treason. Berelain's adviser, who happens to be Aes Sedai, also supports these claims, and Rand brings down the hammer on Colavaere. He still can't kill a woman, so he strips her of her titles, and exiles her to a small farm. From the reaction they all have, this may be worse then death in their eyes. Another side not, but I also loved when the Asha'man were revealed. Rand then asks Annoura to take him to Berelain. Say what you want about Berelain, but I had taken her as one who was loyal to Rand. Maybe she is, but this secret Aes Sedai adviser she's been having is not something you want to have pop up at a time like this.
  12. I was in the process of going through a write up when I got a call from my buddy. It's his last night in town before he moves to a new state (I thought it was last night). So I got guilt tripped into a part two of his going away party. So bad news is I won't finish and get this update in tonight, but I'll have a good 6-7 chapters for you tomorrow. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  13. I think it was Isgrimner who suggested this, but working in a Word document first really makes this a lot easier. Thanks for the suggestion! Chapter 1: High Chasaline We start off with Perrin, post Dumai’s Wells. He is going over some different things in his head as he tries to avoid looking at the death and destruction below. You can just sense the somber mood in the camp as Perrin looks at all the graves (I like how the Aiel are buried standing up facing the sunrise) and remembers the Aiel singing their funeral songs. With as much of a deal that has been made over their singing, this is a scene I really wish I can witness one day on the big screen. The situation is obviously tense in the camp between all the different groups. I think the biggest trouble comes from one group of Aes Sedai being prisoners, and the other group technically not prisoners. It doesn’t help that the Aiel view on them seems to have changed. They no longer fear them, which is NOT good for the Aes Sedai. Will for will I don't think they can match these Aiel Wise Ones (aside from a select few). Of course, given everything that just happened, the Aes Sedai are at a disadvantage. I'd pay to see a meeting between the top 5 Wise Ones and top 5 Aes Sedai. Chapter 2: The Butcher’s Yard Now this scene really gave me goose bumps. I’m only reading about it, but as always RJ gives a clear picture of all the dead bodies just torn up. With as hard as Rand is growing, I can understand him being able to go through it all. He's focused only on finding and remembering every female who died for him. I’d hate to be all the guards that are forced to travel through the killing grounds with him. You can tell just how bad it is when even a few Aiel throw up. Kiruna appears as Perrin is watching all this, and Perrin goes off on her for not obeying his orders and entering the fight. She smacks him right back down, though, saying the only way she could have done anything useful is if she were in danger. My personal opinion is that the time for the three oaths is over. It was definitely a good idea, and with good intentions, but you see the real drawback here. It appears the Black Ajah do not have to follow the 3 oaths, so it’s almost pointless to have them. All you are doing is restricting the good guys. Of course we can’t have humans fighting humans at this point. When it comes down to fighting the black wave of Mordor, I mean shadowspawn, the Aes Sedai will be able to fight from a distance. "EDIT" I just remembered that not all Aes Sedai really acknowledge the Black Ajah exist, right? That may play a factor here. I also got chills as Perrin recounted his meeting with Rand the night before. Rand sitting there with all his pain and anger as he recited all 150+ names of the women who have died for him. It’s ripping Rand apart, I just wish there was someone who could put him at ease over it. Rand finally returns to the camp, and we have a tense moment as Rand decides who to hand over the “good” Aes Sedai too. He finally gives them to the Wise Ones as apprentices. Ohhh boy, I’m curious to see Egwene’s reaction to that one. Elaida’s reaction will obviously be furious, as well as just about every other Aes Sedai. Egwene on the other hand, knows a little of what is was like and seemed to do her some good. Anyway, Rand also lets Alanna heal him, and she’s starting to grow on me. We don’t really get much from her, but in every scene she is in, she appears to be all in Rand’s corner. Not sure if Rand should trust her exactly, but maybe give her more leeway then the others. He is bonded to her after all. I’m afraid if Alanna dies and Rand experiences the pain that goes along with those deaths, he’ll jump over the deep end rage quit on the world. Regardless, I’m happy to see that he is taking some Asha’man with him. I think it’ll be good for Rand to have some other male channelers about. They all share the unique bond of having to live as male channelers after all. Lastly, Min has a viewing of Taim that basically says he is a dangerous man. It’s pretty clear that he is, but I’m not sure exactly how to take it at this point in time. I do think Rand needs to spend more time at this Black Tower. With Taim being called the M’Hael (leader), it makes me feel that Taim is building this army for himself. Even if he doesn’t get all the recruits to work for him, a split in the Black Tower could end up FAR worse than this White Tower Split. As much as the Sisters are working to not start a war, you would have to quadruple that effort to try and stop these men from tearing up each other. We haven't even see the appearance of Logain yet! A 3 way split in their Tower would cause a second breaking. It ends with the group traveling back to Cairhien.
  14. Thanks for all the responses. Part of the reason I have not done it daily is because I didn't always get 5-6 chapters in. So my next question is; I could probably do a daily blog of 2-3 chapters, would that work? They may not always be as long, but if I'm only doing a couple chapters I could do a better write up overall and not have to worry about rushing things. It probably would also help so I don't get too far ahead in my readings. Also, it's a lot easier going into writing the updates knowing I only have to do 2 chapters, verses 6. I will say this, though. I coach football on the HS level so there will be some days I have no choice in missing (Friday nights for example). At least you would then get a daily dose of things (for the most part). I may try that for now and see how it works out, assuming there aren't many people who hate this idea. So going along with that, I have some good news/bad news. From now on, my goal is to try to get you guys a daily update, or at the worst every other day. It'll be no less then 2 chapters, but most likely no more then 6. Most my reading comes at night, so no matter how much I want to keep going, I risk having the next day be hell trying to stay awake. The bad news is I won't be able to get a write-up in tonight. Some family issues came up and I barely have time to respond here. I'll respond to more specific comments when I get a chance, and I will definitely get a blog in tomorrow (I "could" have had something for you tonight, but there is still one more chapter I need to get in. Plus some editing and looking over). Doing something every day will also help in me being able to have less grammatical errors. For those who do notice it and voted on more revising, please send me a private message with things I have wrong. Whether it be each day after an update or in past blogs. It'll help me in the future to catch things. Thanks again! It definitely is tough keeping up with the blog and I've thought about stopping it more than once. I do enjoy seeing your comments, though, and they help out more than you can imagine in understanding what's going on. Just keep responding and telling me to keep going and my guilt won't let me stop until we've finished. p.s. I do get on the forums almost everyday, so I will definitely let you all know if there are any updates/changes as to when a blog will come in from now on.
  15. Ahhh great, rookie mistake and I accidentally deleted what I had written so far, which was a good 20 minutes of work. Oh well. Anyway I wanted to get you guys something tonight, and see if there was any feedback on ways I can do these write ups better. As most of you have probably noticed, my English/grammar is average at best. I tend to write how I talk, and once I get into the mood of remembering what happened in these books and my thoughts on them, everything I was taught seems to go out the window and I just type. I don't have a whole lot of hours to go over them either each day, so I figured you guys would be happier with a good size blog every couple days (with the possibility of some mistakes). That plus every hour doing this is an hour I could have been reading! I know there are those out there who see these mistakes and have to point them out. Just let me know if I should review more. I won't be offended, I promise :) Also, I've noticed I go up and down on my blogs as far as detail on the chapters. Some chapters I write mostly on what happens, while others I go on a long rant about one thing or another. Reading back on one, I realized that I summarize the events greatly, and for someone who didn't read the chapter recently, they'd have little clue to what I was talking about (Well maybe not for most of you). Either way, I was trying to decide if I should stick more to details on each chapter and what goes on. I don't have the skills to flourish my words and paint a picture, but I'll do my best. There was something else I meant to mention but I'm drawing a blank. Anyway I just want to do this right for you all. You all take the time to read what I write, and I just am curious as to what you think after 6 books. As I said when I started this way back when, this is my first time doing a blog of any kind. I'll take any criticism, so don't worry about hurting my feelings. I think I allow for multiple answers in the poll, not sure if that means you can vote more then once or not but you'll figure it out. Just elaborate in the comments if you feel the need. Prologue: Lightnings Once again we begin with a prologue that throws many POV’s at us, and catches most of the other characters up to date. We start off with Elaida, and I immediately pointed an imaginary finger in my head at her and said “Ha, sorry about your luck sucker!”. I can’t wait until she finds out her glorious plan to capture Rand failed. She really does seem to think a lot of herself, even to go as far to build herself a new palace. Granted, in her mind it is for the Amyrlin, but I doubt she would have supported it if she wasn’t the Amyrlin. Elaida then goes through her reports and we hear news of two sisters who are in Ebou Dar with Elayne and Nynaeve, but they haven’t reported in a while. Finally, Elaida ponders over the rumors of Morgase with the Whitecloaks, but doesn’t believe them any more than Elayne does. Elaida decides to send 50 Aes Sedai and 200+ soldiers to the Black Tower to take care of that nuisance. Ha! For those Sisters sake, I hope word of Dumai’s Wells returns before they leave. Otherwise they’d be traveling to their death. Alviarin has arrived by this point, and based off their interactions, I’m pretty confident that Elaida is not Black Ajah. She really does hate Alviarin, but Elaida can’t do anything about it at the moment. She is conveying some more rumors and news, when Elaida has a foretelling! “The White Tower will be whole again, except for remnants cast out and scorned, whole and stronger than ever. Rand al’Thor will face the Amyrlin Seat and know her anger. The Black Tower will be rent in blood and fire, and sisters will walk its grounds. This I Foretell.” I don’t like the sound of most of that. The White Tower being whole and strong again definitely seems like a good thing for the good guys, but the rest looks bad for Rand. We’ll see how it turns out. Sevanna is next, and we are back in time just before the fight at Dumai’s Wells. I have no idea how the other Wise One’s let her get away with half the stuff she does. Well I kind of understand why they do now, but not how they let her get away with it before she had them kill that one Wise One. She acts completely out of character for an Aiel, and just about gets them all killed. Sevanna is so confident of their victory that she orders an all-out attack on the Aes Sedai wagons. She realizes Rand’s Aiel have arrived, and still forces the Aiel forward. We see the process of Rand breaking free, followed up by the bloodbath the Asha’man cause. It really is terrifying from her point of view, and she barely makes it out alive. What is this device she keeps referring too? We jump back to Alviarin as she is leaving Elaida’s rooms. She is a little worried about Elaida’s foretelling and what it might mean, and is a little shook up all the way back to her room. She doesn’t find any peace there, though, as Mesaana appears! It’s led to believe she is disguised as one of the sisters in the Tower, or at least Alviarin thinks so. Mesaana has made it impossible to see her weaves or sense her ability, though. She has Alviarin report everything that Elaida said, and then delivers her own orders. It’s clear that Alviarin has had her meetings with many of the Forsaken, but in the end Mesaana tells her to serve only her. The big kicker here is Mesaana teaches Alviarin how to Travel! I don’t like this at all. The Whitecloaks also suffer a huge loss in this chapter. Pedron Niall is playing stones with Morgase, and it appears some political game is going on between the two. Either way it’s unimportant as Omerna comes in and kills Niall! You kind of saw this coming, but not from Omerna. Valda is smart, though, and sets it up this way so he can show up and kill Omerna and wash his hands clean of the assassination. Asunawa then enters and it’s clear that he and Valda don’t like each other either, but there is nothing stopping Valda from becoming Lord Captain Commander now. Valda doesn’t seem to have the qualities Niall had, and the Whitecloaks just went from bad to worse. Things just continue to pile on as Niall’s secret informer sends a message confirming (what I take for the Seanchan returning, but it is lost in blood. I’m starting to get a bad feeling here. Lastly, we see our boy Gawyn in the aftermath of Dumai’s Wells. He’s still being sulky over not being able to kill Rand. He sees an Aes Sedai fall from an Aiel bow, but isn’t able to save her in time. They are attacked by a group of Aiel, and manage to fight them off. We end with them making camp and Gawyn planning on returning to Tar Valon ASAP. Look for more tomorrow!
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