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  1. Franz Ferdinand - Take me out you should definately check sony bmg's musicbox out http://www.sonybmg.com/musicbox/mb2/home.html
  2. Knocking on Heaven's door - U2 (Live in LA)
  3. At The Sign Of The Prancing Pony - Howard Shore Probably not really nwe to you guys though :roll:
  4. If they would go along the technology road they just as well couldhave stolen some raken :roll:
  5. It's meditation in general, meditation is about making your head clear of thoughts, which sort of is the void. Not exactly but how it's first explained it's like getting all your thoughts emotions etc burned up by a flame in your head, which is a way of meditation. and sure i tried. not often and i did not yet get to it, but i'll keep trying :)
  6. it would be cool to bring a 'one hundred dollar pc' which can run without power (you've got a lever to the side to charge the battery ^^) well furthermore i'd bring the usual stuff i guess. Come to think of it, most things i use use electricity... hmmm... i could offcourse make sure the pc has a usb so i can take my mp3 player with me for the music :roll: no I don't think i would take it. I don't think you need to bring too many things cause you'll have to adopt to the world totally anyway so most things will be useless.
  7. me too... i guess, i might be a little absent, but that's just mentally :roll:
  8. I'm using this name on boards for centuries :roll: hehe, I don't even recall how i got to it...
  9. I agree with details. The only thing is that it would be quite stupid if Dumbledore would be alive suddenly. I mean he isn't supposed to live beyond a avada kedavra curse. Unless he uses a Horcruxe himself like tessa said. It's quite long ago that i read it. So i'm not sure if that possibility could be ruled out. But unless he had one of his own he shouldn't live in my oppinion
  10. well i'm only at book 9 and in the end they get less irritating, but before that, with zaida etc it's like... :P
  11. I really hate the seafolk people, but just saying that is a huge compliment to Robert Jordan. I'm so involved in the story that i can feel the hatred towards them by Nyneave, Elayne and the other Aes Sedai that have to teach them. (it's their own fault sort of but still...)
  12. At the momemt i'm still in high school, but after this year i'm going to study industrial design at the university of Delft and i'd like to be like head-designer for philips or the sort ^^ hehe... i'll see, first i'll have to study.
  13. Kijuri


    Thanks all for the warm welcome :) and i'm sure i will enjoy myself.
  14. I've not even read it once in total, and i seem to be in the minority here. Not really suprising but still :P As I allready said in my welcoming thread, yes i'm new, i am obliged to read dutch literature books... so
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